Gluteus Maximus - Chapter 17

Previously in "Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter Sixteen

The cock in my ass must've cum, cause I felt it leave and another one take
its place. This one was bigger and I momentarily caught a glimpse of Harold
the bartender pumping into me calling me a "fucking cum slut".

I remember looking up at the ceiling to see George and two other guys
jerking off over my face and descended into darkness.

I don't know how many guys fucked me that night. I like to think it was
only three or four, but it was probably eight or ten.

At a certain point I heard a scuffle and people yelling, pushing and
screaming. I think I heard George yelling "Papi!"

I was in and out of consciousness. I was aware of being lifted out of the
"hammock" and then leaning against the passenger side window of a car as I
was driven away moaning.

When I woke up the next day, my head was throbbing with the worst headache
I ever had.

I had a hard time getting my eyes to focus and had no idea where I was.

I heard someone say, "Stupid fucking ho" and when I managed to regain my
senses, I saw it was Ray, sitting in a chair next to the bed, staring at me
with a hard scowl and a bruised eye.


"Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter s*******n

I tried to focus on Ray through my fog. I was totally confused. "Ray? What
am I doing here?" I said haltingly. I looked around and realized I was
naked in his bed covered by a sheet.

Ray was sitting next to the bed on a wooden chair, shirtless and wearing
only a tight pair of jeans. He folded his massive arms across his chiseled
chest and just gave me a hard, disgusted stare.

I rubbed my head, "What... happened?" I asked groggily.

"What fucking happened?" he bellowed. "What fucking HAPPENED?" I cringed at
his sudden volume.

"I had to pull your ass out of a GANGBANG you fucking stupid bitch!" he
yelled, his voice trembling with emotion.

Oh my God. The club. My eyes opened wide in my throbbing head. I suddenly
realized my ass pretty sore and I was sitting in a wet spot. "But what were
you doing there? I don't understand..."

"I went down there to find my cousin George, motherfucker owes me money!"
he yelled.

"George?" I asked confused.

"Yeah bitch, my cousin George!" Ray was getting louder.

Oh my God. George is the gay cousin Ray told me about.

He continued. "When I get there, they tell me he's in the back gangbanging
some cum slut white boy, boy can't get enough black cock, came in here
begging to get fucked!"

Ray chest was heaving now as he continued glaring at me, anger and hurt
covering his gorgeous face.

I rubbed my head again. "But I don't know what happened," I protested
weakly. "I just had a couple of drinks..."

"Oh, I'll tell you what happened," Ray said as he suddenly stood up over me
menacingly, his sinewy muscles rippling. "Fucking Hector was talking about
FIST FUCKING you when I came in!"

Oh my God. My eyes opened wider. "Hector...?" I squeaked.

"Yeah fucking Hector – that piece of shit motherfucker." Ray spewed and
then tailed off, "Motherfucker's gonna need some new fucking teeth..."
Guess that accounts for his puffy eye.

I cringed with the sudden realization of what happened. How many guys
fucked me? They were going to fist fuck me? What did I do?

"Ray, I'm sorry!" I pleaded. "I don't know what happened! I just went with
them for a couple of drinks, I didn't want to..."

"Bitch don't fucking lie to me!" He screamed. "They fucking told me they
already fucked your ass before, at some fucking orgy..."

Oh my God. Dev's house. I never did tell Ray about Dev.

"...and that you a dirty fucking slut, fucking cum dump stupid bitch!"

I was on the verge of tears. Did he really just describe ME?

"Ray, I'm sorry," I begged. "I didn't want this to happen. I would've told
you about those guys, but I..." I realized how bad this sounded.

"But you didn't want me to know what a fucking slut you were!" He looked
like he was ready to cry. "Man, I thought we were gonna be boys man..." he
said, his voice cracking.

Hearing the emotion in his voice brought me to the verge of tears as
well. I sat up in the bed and pleaded with him. "Ray, please, it's not what
it looks like, I can explain. We are boys, please!"

He violently grabbed the bulge in his tight jeans. "Is this all you care
about? Is this all you want you stupid bitch?"

"No! I..." I really didn't know what to say. I looked at his bulge then
back up to his face.

"If that's what you want, then fucking get it bitch!" He grabbed the back
of my head with his two powerful hands and mashed my face into his bulge.

I tried to pull away but I couldn't. "Ray, no, please..." I protested

"Get that dick out ho." He instructed. "Come on, get it out!"

My hands frantically undid his pants and his massive semi popped out into
my face. He took his half hard cock in his hand and roughly slapped my face
with his hefty tool, holding the back of my head with his other hand.

"Yeah, that's what you want bitch." He said condescendingly. "Fucking slut
can't get enough dick, can you?" He continued slapping my face with his

"I... no... please, Ray." I whimpered as he rubbed his ever-hardening cock
all over my face.

Suddenly he reached down and ripped the sheet away from my body. We both
looked down to see I was rock hard. I couldn't help it. His cock was just
too much.

He looked at me with disgust. "Fucking slut. Now get on that dick!" he said
as he shoved his cock into my mouth.

I couldn't stop myself from gobbling it up with a moan of satisfaction. He
stretched my mouth wide with his thickness and jabbed my throat with his
length as he started to face fuck me.

I loved it.

"Suck that dick, bitch" he said, disdain dripping from his voice.

He grabbed my hair and ripped my head back to look at him.

"You a fucking slut?" he said coldly.

"I, uh, I..." I didn't know what he wanted me to say.

Slap! He whacked my upturned face with his fleshy club of a penis.

"Tell me what the fuck you are bitch!" Whack he hit me again with his hard
cock. "You a fucking dirty slut?"

"Yes, I'm a fucking slut", I said desperately.

"That's right," he said rubbing his rod all over my face. I couldn't help
but moan and follow it with my lips trying my best to lick it and get it
back in my mouth.

"You want this cock bitch?" he said as he slapped his meat on my face

"Mmmm, yeah I do, I fucking love your cock..." I said shamelessly, as he
teased me with it.

Suddenly he released his hold on me and backed away, stuffing his engorged
meat back into his pants. His bulge was obscene.

I looked up to his face and was greeted with the coldest, deadest look I've
ever received. "Get the fuck out."

"What? I? Ray, please..." I muttered helplessly.

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, his powerful voice
causing my whole body to move backwards.

"Ray, please man, let me explain," I begged.

He threw my clothes at me violently and glared at me with a deep burning
intensity. "Just leave."

His look told me all I needed to know. I put my clothes on in a daze, aware
again of the tender soreness in my still squishy ass. I looked back at the
bed as I was buttoning my shirt and saw a large wet spot on the sheets. How
many loads did I take last night?

I self-consciously looked up to see Ray shake his head with
sadness. "Stupid fucking ho..." was all he said.


I made the long walk back to my house in a mournful daze, whimpering the
whole way.

I felt lower than dirt, utterly empty inside except for a deep burning in
my soul that cried out for Ray.

Ray. That gorgeous guy, who surprised me with his tenderness, showered me
with kisses and made love to me with incredible passion. He made me feel so
whole, so complete and now he was gone. I blew it.

My mind kept replaying the scene over and over again. Ray calling me the
dirty slut that I was, my upturned face begging for his big black cock, the
disgust in his face when he told me to leave.

He was right. I was a slut. My desperate lust for cock had taken me
over. Here I was, waking up after getting gangbanged by a bunch of
strangers and I was more upset about getting caught by Ray than actually
being used as a cum dump.

Even though I was mortified, deep down I also couldn't deny that being used
like that was so dirty, so hot, that I loved it.

The original pleasure I only got from getting my ass stuffed with cock had
morphed me into a submissive bottom and slowly transformed me into a
desperately needy cock slut. I loved getting fucked, I loved sucking cock,
I loved tasting cum and loved getting used like a bitch.

But I also loved Ray.


I burst into tears the second Dev opened his door and collapsed into his

I needed to talk to someone and he was the only one I felt I could turn to.

He brought me in, made some tea as I sobbed uncontrollably on his sofa and
tried his best to calm me down.

I hysterically told him the whole sordid tale about Club Mystique, Ray
being George's cousin and my ruined life.

"I told you not to go down to that club, man!" he exclaimed.

"I don't know what happened, man," I sniffled. "I don't really even
remember how it all went down."

"Don't be such a stupid bitch Josh!" he said somewhat incredulously. "They
fucking ruffi'ed your dumb ass"

Of course, I was a stupid bitch.

"What? They would do that?" I asked. "I thought they liked me."

"Oh yeah, they like you. They like your slutty white ass." Dev said almost
amused. "Hector is a piece of shit and George ain't much better. They
pimped your hot ass out."

Even though I knew this was the truth, I was still stunned. I couldn't
believe these guys would do this to me.

"But they're your friends, I thought they were cool." I looked into Dev's

Dev shook his head. "Man, there's a lot of shit you need to learn about
this fucking world. Not everyone is Little Bo Peep like you baby." He
tenderly put his hand on my shoulder.

"They're sharks, I'm a shark, you just a innocent horny white boy with a
fucking hot ass that can fuck for days. Sharks eat that shit up." He said
with a smirk. "They're not really my friends they're more like

I fell back into the couch feeling like the dumbest person on the planet,
"I thought they were my friends."

"Friends? Why would you think that? All they knew is that you were a
fucking cock hungry slut they met at my place." Dev unceremoniously pointed
out. "I mean, you weren't shy about giving up your ass to me, Hector AND
George the day you came over here."

He raised an eyebrow. "You are kind of a slut you know."

I shot him a hurt look and he gave me a smile. "Come on Josh... you are
kind of a slut."

I couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah I guess you're right." We both gave a good
chuckle and he gave me a hug and a kiss.

"It's okay to be a slut baby, I like you that way. But you gotta learn that
you own the pussy," he gave me another tender kiss. "You be a slut when you
want to be a slut – you got the power."

He grabbed my ass, "And you got this fucking booty." I moaned as he gave me
a passionate kiss. I was instantly hard as a rock.

"Man, you are fucking bad," he laughed. "I bet you would still want to get
fucked now wouldn't you?"

I looked into his eyes and hesitated. Of course, I wanted to get fucked,
but my sore ass and lesson of the last day made me think better of
it. "Naw, I think I should take a break."

"Good answer Josh" he said with a smile as he grabbed my hand and placed it
on the ample bulge in his pants. "How about a blow job?", the little devil
asked with a twinkle in his eye.

I was between his legs bobbing my head on his gorgeous dick within a

But this was different. I really wanted to give Dev a blow job. He was so
sweet to me I wanted to show my gratitude. It didn't hurt that he had a
beautiful piece of meat and that I was really, really getting into sucking
cock and eating cum. I wanted it. And I was okay with that.

He egged me on, "Oh, yeah baby, suck that black dick, baby, you like that?"

"Fuck yeah," I said enthusiastically as I pulled off for a second. "I love
this cock" I dove back down on it slurping it as deep as I could.

His pre-cum was flowing and I could feel him getting close.

"Yeah, give me that fucking cum, man, feed me" I said breathlessly.

"Oh, you are such a fucking hot slut." He groaned appreciatively.

He rubbed my bobbing head and I felt him spasm. My mouth filled with a huge
load, his babies swimming on my hungry tongue. Mmmm, I loved it.

"Thank you." I said with a smile as I came up licking my lips.

I was as hard as a rock and needed to get off. Dev's cock looked so good
glistening in front of me, I couldn't help it.

"Hey man, I gotta sit on this shit, I fucking need it," I said
unapologetically and he laughed.

"Be my guest," he answered, somewhat surprised at my aggressiveness.

Sure, I was sore, but I needed my ass filled. I needed to get that deep
orgasm that turned me into a babbling idiot and made me scream like a bitch
in heat.

Dev fucked the shit out of me and soon enough I was screaming and shooting
a load without even touching my dick. I was in heaven.

As I lie back cuddling with Dev in post coital bliss, I giggled a little to
my horny self and couldn't help but thinking, "I have the power..."


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