black bang part 4 (bisex black-white slam down)

When he was nice and hard and happy with the attention that Michelle had
paid to my ass. He moved us around the bed like pawns in own little sex
game. He had me sit at the head of the bed and he put Michelle on her
knees just like I was a moment or so ago. He jammed his dick in her pussy
while he fingered her ass. She moaned in pain and pleasure while she
gobbled on my penis that was smaller than Wills. Will looked at me
defiantly and I must say I could not look him in the eye. He had made me a
bottom bitch in one day and here he was fucking my girlfriends friend in my
bed. I knew full well that it would not take long for Joanna be in town
before she would be in same place as Michelle or worse. There was still a
couple of days between now and when she would be here.

Michelle brought me back to the present when she pushed one of her fat
fingers in my hole. She made me squirm wishing it was Will or one of his
black friends or anyone with a big black cock...

Black Bang #4

Will would pull his cock from her pussy and slowly push it into her ass.
She breathed, "oh god, oh god" several times as relentlessly pushed his
dick in her ass. She exclaimed that it was too big and she wanted him to
pull it out, but he would not. He hardly gave her time to get used to his
fullness before he started to pump his cock in and out of her. She quit
finger banging my tail as took his cock hard and deep in her own. He
fucked her for what seemed like hours as he had already came a couple of
times. He was not going to take it easy on her at all. I secretly wished
it was me.

He pulled out her and I thought I was going to get another length of dick
run back in me, but be flipped her tubby ass over and fucked her some more.
I took that opportunity to squat over her face and let her rim and suck my
ass clean of his cum. I was no fool I wanted some anal attention to my
ass, and I knew she was willing to give it. She licked and sucked and
fingered my ass for as long as he fucked her. My cock was rock hard again.
So, she and I took turns jerking it.

I got my wish, when Will noticed my stiff cock. He pulled out of her and
f***ed her face down. He pulled me over and made me stick my cock in her
well fucked ass and then he got on top of me. I admit her ass felt good on
my cock and I fucked her and as I did I fucked myself back on Will's
throbbing slab of love. I was in hog heaven with this pig underneath me
and this black god creasing my ass. I jacked fucked her as hard as I
could. I was mad at her for leading me down this path of cheating on my
girlfriend with her and then some how we were going to get her involved in
getting fucked by as many black guys that were going to fuck us. I wanted
her to pay and I hammered her but thole. I wanted to drive my cock through

Will sensing my angry fucking took over and pinned me to her and made me
kiss her as she turned her head to meet my lips. He slammed in my ass
calling it his new boipussy and how he and his boys were going to be
breeding all of us soon. He could not wait to get all his niggas in the
house. He wondered out loud how many of us white mother fuckers were
around craving black cock. He sped up his thrusts into my now tender hole.
He was close to cumming as was I into Michelle's fat ass. I hoped to time
our cumming perfectly as Michelle frigged her cunt and Will plunged his
cock as deep as he could go into my ass and he unleashed a hot torrent of
cum into my boicunt, as he called it.

We all three came with me flooding her ass more than that I thought I would
and her gushing all over my sheets. Will pulled out of me first and I could
feel the cold air rush into my ass and I did the same to Michelle. She and
I both oozed jizz out of our holes. Will ordered us to clean up after
ourselves. We got into "69" position and we licked and sucked and tongued
the white slimy goo out of the others hole. Will got up and pout his
clothes on and told me he would be stopping by tomorrow for a lunch time
treat. We should both be there and ready.

Michelle smiled at this thought and I did as well. I was going to ready
for more cock soon. And, I secretly wished he would bring some friends.
Michelle asked me to shower with her after Will left and I did. She warmed
up the water and I showed Will the door. I noticed it was after 3 AM. I
was wiped but a good shower would do me some good. I had a nice size
shower for being a college apartment, but with Joanna's dad footing most of
the bill nothing was too good for his little girl. Michelle had already
got into the shower and I got in behind her. We had one of those multiple
head showers. So, no matter where you stood you got water.

Michelle got this devious look on her face and she said that the noticed I
manscaped a little and I agreed I did. She said it was time we were twins.
She knew that Joanna trimmed up and from time to time shaved her shit, and
Michelle said if I was going to be getting anymore cock they are going to
love a shaved bitch. She lathered me up and took one of Joanna's razors
and started to swipe the pube hair from around my cock. She delicately
shaved my balls and then spin me and around and did my ass. She smiled and
said that my pussy matched hers. Bare. I had to admit that it was a new
feeling, but I had been shaving my chest about ever since I had hair on it.
My cock got hard again with the attention she was giving that area, but she
told me to wait and she got out of the shower. I took her advice, and I
just let the water run down my body.

I shut the water off and toweled off. I was tired. I was just wiped out.
I had arguably some of the best sex I ever had. I had been fucked and I
wanted more. I came out of the bath and was greeted with a cold beer and
freshened up Michelle. She looked good for a chick that just took two
cocks. She was like me. I am sure she could go for a few more. The bed
was neatly made and she asked if she could sl**p over. I agreed. I really
did not want to sl**p alone. She slipped into bed naked and I crawled up
to next her. She pulled my head to her to her shaved snatch and said give
it a good night kiss. I could still the straggles of my cum leak from her
and kissed it good night and then licked it. She cooed at the warmth of my
tongue on her dampness.

I found myself attached to her and I ate her till she came and then I ate
some more. She flooded my mouth with her pussy juice, and I fell asl**p
with her fat snatch around my head and her completely worn out from having
cum a dozen or so time today. I know at some point in the night I crawled
off between her legs and she snuggled around me and we slept that way for a
few more hours. It was close to 10 am when we woke up and I was awaken to
one of her stubby fingers jabbing in my ass as she sucked my cock. I had
the morning wood really sporting that morning and I was not sure if I had
to pee or cum. She was getting me closer and closer and I erupted flooding
her mouth with my white hot cum.

She pulled her digit from my ass and crawled up to my face and snowballed
me swapping cum into my mouth. We kissed for several minutes nearly
gurgling my cum before we each swallowed our share. I told her I had to go
pee. She said she did too. I begged her to let me go first, but she had
another idea. She pulled me into the shower and got on her knees and opened
her mouth. She told me to pee, ut my body froze. I did not know what to
do. So, she jerked my cock and I unleashed a nights worth of piss and cum
on her coating her face, hair and into her mouth. When I was done, she
stood up and f***ed me down to my knees and did the same to me.

She told me it was time to experience what made her and Joanna such good
friends. I, almost,opened my eyes on that one. When she was done she
flipped on the shower to let the piss and cum flow off of us. I shivered
when the cold water hit me at first, but it soon warmed up. I stood to my
feet and asked her what the fuck she meant by that. She told me the story
of her and Joanna, they had known each other since they were seniors in
high school, used to piss on each other. I asked how it started and she
said after a track meet. It was Michelle that introduced Joanna to it, but
Joanna really took to it.

We finished our shower and we decided to run out to a pizza buffet for
lunch. It was still wicked cold and we made the short walk to the place
and ate. She talked about our wild day that we had yesterday and how
exciting it was to watch Will bang my ass and how he filled her up. I
asked her to keep her voice low, but we were nearly the only ones in the
place as the snow storm was blanketing the campus and we still had another
day or so before anyone would be back from break. I missed Joanna and I
was not really wanting her to be a part of my activities, but the way
Michelle and Will was putting it. I had little to no choice, and as I sat
there. I could feel my ass twitch in anticipation of some more fun today.

I got my answer...the door swung open and in walked Will and two friends,
both black. I could feel my cock grow in desire for his thick rod invading
my ass or either one of his two friends or all of the above. When Michelle
saw them she immediately waved them over and they took up seats with us at
our table. Will sat next to me, one of the guys next to Michelle and the
other pulled up a chair at the head of the table. We talked about the
apartments and classes and when we were the only ones in the place when the
other patrons left. Will started in about last night, telling his buddies
what all we had done the night before. I was embarrassed how open he was
and how vocal he was being about it.

He looked at Michelle and me and said, "which of you want to suck my cock
now?" I looked at Michelle and she looked at me and I sank under the table
and fished out Will's big black snake. I could hear him brag to the others
and how lewd they were getting with Michelle. I bobbed my head on Wills
cock and he told me to go around the table and please all of his guests..
I moved over the one next to Michelle, he had his hands all over Michelle
pinching her tits and rubbing on her jeans covered pussy. She did her best
to repulse his advnces on her. I think she had her eyes on Will and not
being a part of the larger picture that Will had in his head. He pulled
out his thick long cock and fed it to me under the table while he pursued
Michelle and ate his pizza. I slurped up and down on his member while I
could hear him tell Will how well I was doing under the table.

After, I had gotten a taste of all three men, Will ordered me off of the
floor and told Michelle and I had to head back to my apartment and get
ready for them. They were headed to get some quick groceries before the
snow storm got much worse and nothing would be open. I pulled myself off
under the table right in front of the waitress who I had in a couple of
classes. She smirked at me and moved on to the back of the restaurant. I
could just hear her blabbing about me under the table to her girls in
class. Michelle and I headed back to the apartment, she nearly skipped in
glee. I was nearly redy to do that same, but I was a little more in

We got back to the apartment and Michelle wondered what we should do to get
ready for them. I thought we should go to the bathroom and then get our
asses open a little. I had a little tryst with a gay man in the last year
and he had told me that is what he had done when he knew I was coming over,
but I was not about to tell her that. However, she persisted and she
finally broke me down to tell her that I had been bi for sometime, but was
mostly a top and what Will was doing to us was certainly a first. I went
into the whole thing about how Will found out that I was willing was when
he found my porn on my computer and so. She had me on my back and was
lubing my eager ass with some lube that I kept around the house, She had a
finger and was inserting a second in me when we heard a knock on the door
and in walked Will and his two buddies from the pizza place.

I was on my back on my couch with a naked Michelle finger fucking my ass
when they walked in and Will mocked me saying, "I told you he was a bottom
bithchboi, he can't wait to get our nigger cocks in his ass!" Michelle
chimed in and reminded them of her. Oh, I had a suspicion they were not
forgetting about her. I had a feeling we were going to be fucked the rest
of the day. Will laughed out load when he saw that I was freshly shaved

They made their way across the room and stripped as they came. One shut,
the door and made sure the blinds were closed, Will pulled Michelle to her
feet, she stood naked in the middle of the room. He f***ed her to her
knees. I knew she had a defiant streak in her and I think it was about to
come out. She was not as eager as she sounded. She wanted a relationship,
but Will and his friends wanted a whore. She started to speak out, but he
f***ed his hardening cock in her mouth and he told her to shut the fuck up.
I was hauled to my feet and I led them to my bedroom. I was more eager, my
spirit was broke by Will with the help of Michelle. My desire for cock
moreover black cock was overwhelming and I was driven to get more.

I could hear scuffling in the other room, but I paid it little to no
attention as a black cock was soon pressed to my lips and hungrily took it
in. I heard a heated discussion in the other room. I think Michelle had
designs on being more of a partner of Wills and not being his slut. I was
sure she was willing to be both, but not one with out the other. He had
other ideas. The cock in my mouth was soon replaced by the other and my
legs were raised to let them have access to my hot horny hole. He pushed
his over-sized cock in me thankfully Michelle took the time to properly
lube me up. He slowly sank his cock in me without stopping and thankfully
he let me get used to his thickness when he hit bottom. I had one in my
ass and one straddling my chest feeding his big cock.

I did not hear any more noise from the other room for a while, and for a
brief moment I was a little concerned. That all came to a screeching halt
when the guy fucking my ass really started to pound into me. The cock in
my mouth pulled out and went into the other room. He looked at me and told
me he wanted to some pussy before he got some ass. I paid him little
attention as my cock was raging hard and I was loving the pounding I was
getting. He told me to call him, "Jayson" and he rolled me over on my
knees without pulling his long dong out of my ass. I was on my hands and
knees in the middle of my bed for the second in less than 12 hours with a
second black cock banging away at my ass.

In the other room, Michelle was pretty putty in their hands with Will
banging her ass and the other guy in her pussy. I could hear her moaning
into an orgasm. They must have done what they had to do to break her will.
It took a strong Will to break her will. She cried for more cock and Will
told her that she would get plenty as they had all day to give it to her
and that bottomboi in the other room. Jayson pushed me forward on the bed
with my legs spread wide and he kept his hard cock slamming into my ass. I
asked him through my breathless moans to fuck me deeper and to breed my
white ass. I pulled my ass apart to give him all the room to jam his 9
inch cock in me. He was the one that sat next to Michelle and f***ed his
attentions on her and now he was breaking me in good.

With the guy under her and Will above her, she had little leverage and they
scooted her knees all over the rug. They were banging her in tandem and
they were not being kind as it was her firt DP action. She moaned in pain
and pleasure as they each jammed their huge darrk sauasages in her shaved
snatch. She was their sandwhich, two dark rye and white chicken meat. I
tired to fight back on orgasm as Jayson creamed my shaved hole. I
unleached and came all over my clean sheets. I lost count the amount of
times I have came in the last 24 hours, let alone coming without touching
my own cock. I laid in bed as Jayson pulled his cum covered cock from my
ass and ordered me to clean him up. I attacked his cock like a starving man
on a turkey sandwhich.

He left the room and I just sat there fingering my hole trying to fish some
more sperm out of me. I was licking my fingers clean when the new guy came
in the room. He told me it was his turn and instructed me to straddle him.
He got up on the bed and I sat on his cock. He was not as long as Will or
Jayson but he was a tad thicker, and it hurt like hell to sink down on his
overly thick 7 inches. He must have felt that I was going too slow. So,
he jammed his cock in my ass and I nearly jumped off of the bed., but I
stayed impaled on his thick dick. I would pull up till I could just feel
the tip of his cock in my ass and I would drop down where I could feel his
trimmed pubes tickle my ass. I placed my hands on his muscled chest and
rode his cock for several minutes.

When he grabbed me by the hair and pulled over on my back where he pummled
my ass like he was mad at me at me. He held me by head and steadied
himself and just fucked me as hard as he could for as long as he could. I
held my legs up and wide to give him all the room I could as he chipped
away at me. He brutally fucked my hole. He jammed in and out of me and I
just laid there and took it all like a good little bitch. He was getting
close as he switched up and while he was still jamming me hard, his strokes
were shorter and a bit more intense. When he came I could feel my ass fill
with his thick jizz and he let our a howl or success like he would make on
the basketball court after he stuffed some guy. Funny, I was the one being
stuffed full of black cock.

When he was done, he pulled out of me and rolled over to my side of the bed
and just laid there. I, instinctively, got up and sucked his cock clean
without being told to. I licked the cum that he pulled my ass as his and
Jayson's cum co-mingled on his dick. I could feel the cum leak from my
whole and I so wish I could reach around like a dog and lick my own ass and
clean myself. I got the next best thing....

More to Cum >_<
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