The factory installation - 1

When the she knocked at my door to ask me to help her with her laundry she never thought the day would come when she would be laundering the soiled linens of our passion :) She further didn't know that I would make her an object of my latest fantasy. Read on to see what it was...

She is curvy, in her mid 40s with striking confidence and great conversation skills. She might come across as snobbish and reserved at first sight but i saw the passionate and the smartness she had in her. Yes I get turned on by intelligent women who can carry on a good conversation. Her tits were big enough, plump enough to show the maturity and nourishment it had for those years.Her neck, flowing to lovely curve to her shaped shoulders. The shoulders I noticed the first time I saw her with her shoulder exposed top.

Her waist line had the kind of curves i love. The hourglass waist flaring out to plum hips and round handful ass! I so felt like reaching out and grabbing them instead of the clothes from the machine while we were at the laundry.

Weeks passed by and I started volunteering to help her with her laundry.Till one day we found ourselves kissing as the clothes were getting tumbled in the machine. "We need to get back to my place now" she said picking up her red laced panties to feed into the machine. I grabbed it from her, sniffed it and said " then we better hurry up now, we will do the rest tomorrow" She stared at my sniffing her panties and gasped as she saw how I sneaked and flicked my tongue over it slightly tasting the salty flavor of her fluids - juices or urine- I wouldn't care.

We hardly made it to her door as she tore my t and grasped my back running and scratching my back with her fingers. Grasping my lateral muscles and mid section back muscles and cupping my shoulder blades as if hanging on to them. I had her slightly off the ground, lifting her up to my 6 ft 2 frame to be able to kiss her
To be able to get those lovely lips enough as i love kissing. I so love kissing that me and my partner usually have to come up for air , gasping which usually makes the experience even more passionate. I pushed her against the wall, her hands spread on the wall, my body pressing against her back as i tear open her top as ai notice she was not wearing any bra inside. I kiss the back of her neck, tease and nibble on her ears, and she turns her head to meet my lips ad we kiss. I trace the back of her back down kissing. And I get even more turned on as i notice her removing her jeans down herself and pulling down the back of her panties to willingly expose her gorgeous ass to me. As if presenting it to me.

Little did she know what was coming in store for her....Neither did I.....

To be contd...
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