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From:Denton, Texas, United States
Languages:English, Hillbilly/texan
Personal Information
Kids:No, but may be want some
Occupation:profesional student
Education:Current college student
Star sign:Libra
Physical Information
Body type:Large
Height:5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Hair length:Medium
Hair color:Brown
Eye color:Brown
About Me
I live with my Fiance, so, he may be watching at any time, I'm an opinionated intellectual snob hillbilly who enjoys theatre and fishin. i read rather than watch tv. i fucking hate shopping. unless its for books. i collect rocks, minerals and fossils. i prefer dogs to cats, but i like all critters. even snakes. I love chocolate
i love to kiss and cuddle. but if you want to kiss and cuddle me you better damn well have brushed your teeth and showered. i am allergic to cigarette & pot smoke. asthmatic. bad combo. i love to meet new people. very friendly. I do not tolerate rude people well
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28 days ago
yes hope your ok
1 month ago
hope you are ok....sexy
1 month ago
how would you like to be please?
1 month ago
Welkomm have nice day ;-)
1 month ago
Hey just wanna say love the profile and mmm hot pics
1 month ago
Hi Sexy hope all is well we would love to play
1 month ago
fine to have you back here.....wish you a happy new year...kisses from germany
1 month ago
Thanks for adding me as a friend!
1 month ago
Thank you for adding me as a friend
1 month ago
thank you for the add great profile please keep up the great work
1 month ago
Very sexy I bet your really tastie
1 month ago
Your very cute
1 month ago
no, im sorry, I dont travel. no car
1 month ago
thank you! that pic is very old, though, about 100 pounds ago
2 months ago
wow you look great, 26 m in denton here
2 months ago
انا كرميللة 34 سنة
احب يكون ليا صديق واحد او اتنين على النت اكلمهم طول النهار بس مش كام ولا تليفون شات بس

ودة اكونت حبيبى هو جنتل اوى اللى حابب ممكن يكلمة لانى مش بأمن لحد غيرة
بيحب يتنده بأسمى المتخصصس
3 months ago
Do you ever come to San Antonio?
3 months ago
add me please
3 months ago
love your smile :)*
6 months ago
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░░░░░░ /░ /██

7 months ago
I would like to join you. I would love to chat with you on YIM; swampwolf58
7 months ago
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9 months ago
hey there gorgeous ;) just wanted you to know that you are one of the sexiest women i have ever had the privilage to talk to, have a hot and sexy day baby ;)
10 months ago
thanks for friendship. (:
10 months ago
Thanks for the add! Kiss...
10 months ago
thanks for the add xxxx
10 months ago
Thanks so much for the add love the bod
10 months ago
Thanks for the add! sexy body
10 months ago
thanks for the add!
10 months ago
Thanks for the add. :)

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