FALL 2007

3 o'clock in the morning,the streets of Long Island suburbia are deserted.It's not cold,but the breeze is enough to at least harden any dude's nipples without their consent.But that didn't stop me,didn't stop us..to do what our young minds would normally consider unthinkable...Wait,scratch that,what MY young mind thought was unthinkable.

IT all started during the end of the Summer,when my boss ask me to be in charge of the restaurant for a few hours one day,the last bartender/cashier he trusted resigned and since i was the closest employee around,(my boss was my neighbor so to him,the possibility for me make stupid decisions like stealing from the register is non-existent) i was his immediate choice.Of course,i didn't mind guarding the fort.An extra 5 hours goes a long way for a Rookie waiter.
Started my new unusual shift at 2pm and Damn was it slow!...Not a lot of people drink in the afternoon.A few hours pass before SHE walked in, my first costumer for the day,both as a waiter and a bartender(I was the only person on the floor for that shift) the thing you would notice after her height(around 5ft) are her gorgeous almond shaped hazel eyes,who,after detecting me, triggered her beautiful thick lips to stretch a gorgeous smile. while getting closer she then asks me in her caribbean accent if they were hiring.Not knowing that they were,i promptly picked up the phone,dialed the boss number while assuring her that i will find out for her.. She let escape a subtle giggle. .Maybe it was the way i sprung into action after her question..I suppose timing is key in comedy...

she returned a few weeks later, this time,with the waitress attire(she was hired) instead of the almost baggy set of clothes that she wore before,complementing her slim figure without being revealing.Consisting of a long sleeved white dress-shirt,complimenting her dark skin, and her almost skin-tight pants.Which brings us to what got the attention of me and my male co-workers,this chick had the ability to,even with a slim figure,carry THE BIGGEST ASS i have seen at that time,so naturally everyone was trying to "bag" her number, staff and customers..At the exception of me and and another co-worker.Although my co-worker's reason was quite logical (his girlfriend comes every once in a while in the restaurant to get a drink or to order some food to go)..Mine was because of my insecurities,it is quite intimidating for a naive 19yr old boy to see how quickly and effortlessly an attractive young woman dismisses the advances of men that he thinks have a better chance then him( Even tho I'm a somewhat attractive guy,6ft 2in,with an average body)...So i kept my mouth shut,masking my fear of rejection with a stoic,job-oriented persona

That all changed at the end of the month when my co-worked revealed to me that she has been giving me the "eye" for a while now..And that she was asking him questions about me on the low,since he and i are buddies and all. This felt like a boost of confidence that pushed me from engaging in non-work related conversations to starting walk her home every night,since she lived 5 blocks away from work. I've learned that she lives with her aunt and s****r,she is single,fresh from a turbulent relationship,not looking for anything solid,but willing to explore other territories than the standard procedural formula of dating. Now I'm no Casanova,nor Don Juan, but i do have way with words,once i get in the mood...So that led into a good night kiss in her front porch one night,then to a really long french kiss the next night,and that,my dear reader, was when we started our daring adventure....

It was a fairly good night at work most of our staff members,since we each walked out with at least $230 worth of tips...SO,with the permission of the boss and under the watchful eye of the new manager/bartender, we all stayed after closing to relax and drink a few shots(cranberry juice for me though,i don't drink) safe to say that most of staff left in a cab,except of course for yours truly..And the woman of the hour,who was a little buzzed(or was faking it) after a few long island ice teas...So i decided to walk her home,leaving the manager to serve the last costumers in the bar which was still open btw,but there was no need for the waiting staff to stay,since the kitchen was closed ...It was 2:55 am...

AND HERE I AM,3 O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING,holding hands with this beauty,enjoying the cool breeze and continuously french kissing her whenever i found a dark spot in the street.I swore my dick grew a inch each time i kissed those juicy lips of hers...She slowly rubs the bump in my pants before grabbing it and letting out what i think was " i want you" so without hesitation i took her by the hand and led her to this dark corner of what seem to be shadow casted by both a huge tree and the back of a large pick-up truck.Perfect fuck spot. Without any delay, she leaned,unzipped me letting out my cock and starts frantically sucking it..All while using her free hands(yep no hand blowjob )to unbuckle that pesky belt of hers,i could barely stand as she started to move her head back and forth. Her tongue was wrapping around my cock as soon as she placed her hands on it,with my eyes rolled back,i tilted back my head with joy as i experienced this noisy,sloppy and gripping blowjob. she periodically takes my dick out so she can give the tip of my dick the tongue treatment. Only to engulf it right back in her warm mouth. I was already hard as i could get when she finally let go and stood up... Up until now i forgot that she pulled down her pants while she was sucking me.She turned around,placed her hands on the back of that truck. What i saw was an image that is engraved in my head till this day. a massive,smooth,round,naked black ass was right in front of my throbbing spit covered dick. Hiding beneath that glorious ass was a shaved,almost swollen pair of pussy lips dripping out pussy juice...i quickly slipped my emergency condom on,till this day i dunno what came first; her telling me "fuck me" or me sliding my dick in that juicy pussy like my life depended on it...All i know is as soon as i got in there my hips almost started moving on their own...She lets out a cute moan on my first thrust,but it grew louder each time i firmly shoved my tool in that pussy.At a point she sounded like a a****l..Almost like a female creature in heat.Each stroke would make her butt cheeks bounce like rubber but what was incredible was that she firmed them up once i grabbed them...That of course trigged me to go quicker than before, making that clapping sound even louder than it already was..."stick your fingers up my asshole" she said in between two moans...As soon as i jammed my middle finger in there the walls of her pussy tighten up,she abruptly stopped moaning for few seconds,starts vibrating like she has been electrocuted then breaks her brief silence with the release a very long and deep moan...I was already at my limit so i let out a " SHIT..I'm coming" right before i released my warm jizz in the condom...I removed my dick from her wet pussy ,helped her pull up her pants,and with her help carefully remove the condom,tie the knot and throw it in the next trash can we saw . We continued our little walk, each sporting a satisfying smile on our faces. The sun was already rising, it was 5:04 am

We shared a kiss when we arrived in her front porch...She whispered a "later" then we parted...
I could assure you that that was the beginning of many great sexual adventures...
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2 years ago
Whoa! Hot story, dude. Got me a little giddy.