daughter's coming out

growing up I knew I was not your typical young teenager,I was sort of confused as to my sexuality. I liked boy's and I liked girls,but with girls it was mostly touching.I talked to my Mom about being Bi-Sexual but she was no help,she said I should speak with Dad since he could relate with my feeling's,which i found to be odd.One day while in my room relaxing ,Dad came in and said Mom had spoken to him and he should have a talk with me.I told him about my feeling's and confusion.He said he could relate because he too when younger felt the same way,at which time he said he was Bi-Sexual and Mom knew. he handed me some Polaroids and it floored me to see my Dad sucking his friends cock. he said he enjoys both pussy and cock.Wow I was stunned, but at the same time turned-on as I looked at the pic's.Dad said i should enjoy sex with guy's or gal's,we spoke a bit more and he left. as the day's passed Dad and I would talk more openly. Mom was not home during the week,as her work was over 50 miles away and she thought it best to stay at Grandma's and come up on the weekends.Dad would come home from work a couple of hour's after I got home from school. I was really fascinated my guy's cock's, am not sure what it was about a cock .anyway One day Dad had just got out of the Shower,when I walked into his room,He was Toweling off and saw me staring .He asked what's up and I told him about my fascination ,So he walked over to the bed were I was sitting and he said to Look and Touch if you want.Hearing that just sent a jolt thru me,I was nervous and turned-on, I could feel my young pussy
start to get wet.i reached out and held it,pulled it ,flopped it around I was so amazed and a turned-on,my pussy was super drenched in my juices I could feel it starting to run out of my panty's. Dad laid down on the bed and say to stroke it let me feel it grow in my hand,which i did and it came to life, it got real hot and hard. Dad's cock grew to about 6" and fat,to my surprise I bent over and licked the tip and then I slowly put my lip's over the head and slowly started to suck,I was in heaven giving my first attempt and sucking cock,I almost didn't her my Dad say STOP I'm going to CUMMM .I pulled off and said what's wrong ,nothing said my Dad but your sucking got me excited I was about to blow in your mouth.Oh wow!! I don't think i was ready for that yet!.i left the room and when to mine were I rubbed my wet drenched pussy to a tremendous orgasm thinking about my Dad's cock in my mouth....Later that evening we were watching TV and flipping the channel's when came across some watered down porn movie.I asked If it turned him on and he said sometime's so I asked if he was hard,I said that I was turned-on and my pussy was wet. He laughed and said I was young to be wet.I said no way ,I reached into my jeans and wiped some juice and showed him.He was stunned at the amount of cum juice on my fingers,so I got off the loveseat said walked up to him and dropped my jeans and panty and said Feel.He reached out and felt how wet i was ,he fingered me a bit and it felt sooo good. he stopped and got up from the lounge-chair and pulled down his short's to reveal his hard cock.I said Dad I want to see you cumm,so i led him into my room ,Dad laid down on the bed and started stroking his cock and I stopped him and said let me do it,it felt hot and hard as I stroked it, with-in minutes Dad gave out a low moan and spurted gobs of his seed all over his stomach. I licked off some of his sperm and tasted it, it was mild and somewhat salty, Wow my first taste of cum.I cleaned up Daddy and then I said I want to know what it feels to have my pussy eaten.I have already dropped my jeans and panty so I laid back in bed and spread my leg's,Daddy got down and lifted my legs up and started to lick my virgin pussy.at first he licked up and down and then around,he flicked my Clit and stuck in a few fingers into my drenched hole,"God" I was in heaven,I never knew this feeling was so good,then I felt a finger go into my virgin ass,that did it ,I lost control and orgasmed like I had never done before. I almost passed out,I laid there for a while and Daddy said Thank's Baby your pussy tasted so
honey sweet and then he left...day's later with new found confidence and what my Dad had told me about being BI. I ventured out and found a few willing Girl's and Guy's at School to lick pussy and suck cock. I rather enjoy eating pussy a lot and found many willing teenage girl's who let me.I sucked a few cock's but it didn't get me off as eating pussy .so I have gone from being BI to a full fledged lesbian.
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3 years ago
lucky dad
3 years ago
You really need to try your dad, he sounds like a great guy to talk so openly.
3 years ago
Great story but before you claim to be total lesbian try a cock or two, maybe with your dad first then see how you feel.
3 years ago
hot story..just go easy on the apostrophes
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks.
3 years ago
mmmm nice one there loved it