Martys Massage

by lingus

Marty's Massage

I had a problem. Not a big problem but a problem nonetheless. It
would turn into a big problem if I didn't come up with something
soon. My wife Marty's birthday was just ten days away and I didn't
have the foggiest idea of what to get for her. What made matters
worse was that Marty absolutely refused to give me any hints.

A few years ago Marty and I stopped telling each other what we
wanted for our birthdays because we were getting in a rut. We both
always seemed to ask for the same things year after year, and
opening our present just wasn't very exciting anymore. It was a lot
harder to think of something the other would like but it was also
a lot more fun getting the presents. For example, for my last
birthday Marty gave me a hot air balloon ride. It was an experience
of a lifetime.

I tried very hard for the last several months to watch for any
clues Marty might give as to something she wished she could have or
do. The only things I heard her mention were items of apparel, but
we'd agreed many years ago to never buy the other something to
wear. It just never seemed to work out. Things were either the
wrong size, the wrong color, the wrong style or the wrong something
else. I got very frustrated knowing that she was exchanging all of
her gifts. She felt the same way. The only thing I ever had any
success with was lingerie. I bought her some special things like
crotchless panties and the like that she got a kick out of, and we
both enjoyed her wearing them when we were "in the mood".

Finally in desperation, I called Pat, Marty's s****r, to see if she
had any ideas.

"Gee, Cal, I'll have to give it some thought," she said when I told
her of my dilemma. "I know she's awfully hard to shop for. I have
the same problem. That's why I've taken to getting her gift

"I'd sure appreciate your help," I replied. I hung up the phone
feeling very disappointed. If Pat didn't know what to get her, how
was I going to think of something.

Two days later Pat called me back.

"Cal, I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but I think
I have the perfect gift," she said excitedly when I picked up the

"That's great Pat," I answered breathing a big sigh of relief.
"What is it?"

"A full-body massage. Jerry gave me one of those a few months ago
for our anniversary, and, believe me, it was great."

"A 'what' massage?" I queried.

"A full-body massage," she repeated.

"What in the world is that? It sounds a shall I say
this...risque, I guess is a good word?"

"Oh, no Cal. It's nothing like that. It's a regular massage but it
includes such things as the hands and fingers and the feet and
toes. Mine even included my ears. It was incredibly relaxing. I've
never felt so good."

"Hmmm, that does sound like a good idea. Marty has been pretty
stressed lately and I'll bet she'd like some relief. Where do you
find such things?" I asked my s****r-in-law.

"I got mine at a place down on Grant Street," Pat replied. "I'll
check to see if I can find the name of the place. I'd really
recommend them. I'll see if I can find the name of the masseur who
I had. I think it was Bob, but I'll check for sure. I took one of
their cards when I was there. I'll just have to find it."

"Pat, that's terrific," I exclaimed. I hung up the phone feeling
very relieved and even a little excited. I just knew that Marty
would love this gift. I had no idea how much she would love it, or
even the real reason why. It's a good thing I didn't because I'd
never have gone for it if I'd had any notion of just how far my
wife's full-body massage would go.

Pat called me at work again the next morning. She'd found the
business card of the place she'd gone to and the name of the guy
who'd been her masseur. The place was the Millfield Health Club and
the guy's name was Bob just as she'd recalled. She gave me their
address and phone number.

"Be sure to ask for Bob," she emphasized. "I really enjoyed his

"Thanks again Pat. You can be sure I'll ask for him," I concluded
with delight.

I decided to stop by the place on the way home from work instead of
just calling them for an appointment. I wanted to make sure I was
comfortable with the place. I pictured some sleazy dump like the
massage parlors I recalled having visited back in the sixties. They
were little more than whorehouses although I did get a pretty gogd
ass ge er ttyegooe
ome Iageaalfew.tim
s bwfore I got laid.

uT turned out to be a very attractive
facility on the second floor in an area of trendy boutiques and
coffee houses. At the front desk I was met by Joe who introduced
himself as the manager. He was a trim muscular black man who looked
to be in his late twenties.

"How can I help you?" Joe said as I looked around the room. The
walls of the reception area were covered with photos of sunbeds,
massage tables and steam and sauna baths. I assumed these photos
must represent the facilities available within the bowels of the

I introduced myself and said "I'm thinking of giving my wife one of
your full-body massages for her birthday which is next week. Her
s****r had one here a few months back and she said she loved it."

"Well, I'm glad to hear that. We have lots of satisfied customers.
In fact more than half of our business these days is by referral,"
Joe boasted. "So tell me, when would you like for her to come in?"

"Her birthday is next Friday," I replied. "If possible, I'd like to
make an appointment for that evening. Oh, and my s****r-in-law says
I should ask for Bob if he's still here and available."

"Yes, Bob is still with us. Let me check our schedule to see what
if he has any openings then." Joe sat down at a computer and typed
in some
information. "It looks like you're in luck. Bob is actually not
scheduled to
work Friday night so he doesn't have any

"You mean he'll come in special?" I asked somewhat surprised at
Joe's answer.

"Actually, Bob is scheduled to get off at six o'clock that night,
but he's a college student and can always use the money. I'm sure
he'll be happy to stay a little later. By the way, if I may ask,
what is your s****r-in-law's name?"

"Pat Collins," I replied.

Joe entered a few more keystrokes into the computer. "Oh yes. She
was in the first time in February."

"You mean she's been in since?" I asked.

"Yes, it looks like she's been coming in two or three times a month
since," Joe replied. "I guess she really does like our massages."

I didn't say anything to Joe, but I was quite surprised at this
revelation because Pat had said nothing about any subsequent
visits. "Well, I guess he's right. At least she must really like
the place," I thought to myself.

"So should we make an appointment for you, Cal?" Joe asked.

"Yes, let's do it," I replied.

"What's your wife's name and what time would she like?" he asked.

"It's Marty...Marty Evans," I answered, "and let's set it for nine
o'clock. By the way, how much will it be?" I didn't want to sound
cheap but I figured it best to get the business details out of the
way now to avoid any embarrassing surprises Friday night.

"We charge fifty dollars for a regular massage which lasts about
thirty minutes. For a full-body massage we charge one hundred
dollars. It usually takes about one hour. In each case an
appropriate tip is in order, and in both cases the use of our sauna
and showers is included. I guess I should also mention that we do
have a 'club plan' which is one hundred fifty dollars per month and
entitles the member to weekly massages of which ever type they
desire. We let our first-time customers try one massage first
before joining the club, if you or your wife are interested later."

"Sounds like Pat is a club member," I thought to myself. I had no
idea at the time what that might mean.

"OK, well, as I said I want Marty to have the full-body massage."

"Yes, I have that down," Joe replied. "Now it will be helpful to
Bob if you let us know before he begins if you or your wife wish to
place any limitations on the extent of the massage."

"Limitations?" I said sounding puzzled. "What sort of limitations
do you mean?"

"Oh, like some people are uncomfortable about being touched in
certain places or have different senses of modesty than others.
Actually a lot of guys who make these appointments for their wives
just let their wives decide."

"That sounds like a good idea," I replied. I was beginning to sense
that things could get more involved than Pat had explained, but I
figured I should let Marty do what she wanted since this was her
present. Nothing too far out could be happening or Pat wouldn't be
a part of it or recommend it," I thought foolishly.

"One last thing Cal," Joe continued. "Will you be coming here with
your wife on Friday?"

"Yes, I plan to. Why?" I asked.

"If you'd like to watch Bob massage your wife, we have a special
room just for that," Joe replied.

"That sounds sort of interesting," I answered. "How does that

"Come with me and I'll show you," Joe said as he got up from the
computer. "It's this way," he went on as he led me toward the back

On the way down the back hallway, Joe pointed out the various
facilities of the club. On the left were the showers and saunas. On
the right was a room which apparently held bays of sunbeds. Further
down the hall were the massage rooms. He led me to a door marked
'Private' at the end of the hallway. He unlocked the door and let
me in. The room was very dark and at first I couldn't see anything.
Soon my eyes became acclimated to the lack of light.

"Over here is a one-way window which lets you watch what's
happening next door," Joe whispered. As I turned to look I saw an
attractive brunette lying on the table in the next room. She was
lying on her stomach and there was a towel d****d over her bare
buttocks. A well-built young man was massaging her thigh. As I
watched it appeared that his fingers must be coming very close to
touching her crotch.

"That's Bob," Joe whispered. "He's very popular with many of our

I wanted to see where this sexy thirtyish woman's massage would
lead, and I would love to have seen more of her great looking body,
but I heard the phone ringing in the office. "We'd better go back
up front," Joe whispered. "We don't normally let anyone in here
unless they're the husband or boyfriend of the person getting the
massage. I didn't realize that Bob was using that room. Usually he
uses the one across the hall if there is no one along to watch."

Back in the front office, Joe picked up the phone. I realized that
just that brief glimpse of the nude woman being tended to by Bob
had given me a raging hardon. I tried to hide it from Joe by
keeping my body turned away from him.

"I'll see you Friday night at nine," I said as I headed for the
door. Joe waved at me as I let myself out.

"This could is going to be one helluva lot of fun," I said to
myself as I drove home. I thought of calling Pat on the car phone
and telling her about my plans, but decided to wait and tell her
about it later. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to avoid mentioning
that I knew she went there a lot more than she'd told me. I decided
to wait and see if she brought it up again. Then maybe I'd mention
what I'd found out.

I didn't tell Marty anything about her present, but I did tell her
we were going to our favorite restaurant for dinner at six-thirty
Friday night. That would leave us plenty of time to get over to the
health club in time for her appointment. When she was getting
dressed for dinner, Marty asked if I had plans for after dinner.

"Yes. I'm going to give you your present," I replied.

"Oh. Where are you planning to do that?" she asked. Her curiosity
was aroused.

"You'll find out after dinner," was all I'd say. "I think you'll
like it."

I had a hard time containing myself that evening. I was very
excited about Marty's gift thinking that she was really going to
like it. I also felt quite turned on although I couldn't figure out
why at the time. I dismissed it as a reaction to seeing that woman
getting a massage from Bob. Marty kept pestering me about what her
present was and where we were going later. Finally I promised that
I would tell her more about it while we were eating dessert.

When the waiter finally brought us our dessert Marty reminded me
that now was the time to tell her what was going on. I hadn't given
this moment much thought and suddenly realized that explaining what
was about to happen wasn't going to be as easy as I thought. Marty
might very well have the same reaction I did when I first heard the
term "full-body massage." If she thought I was trying to pull
something kinky on her, she'd probably get upset. I had to prepare
her for the news first.

"Well, I've noticed how hard you've been working lately and how
tense you seem to be a lot of the time. I wanted to find a way to
help you relax. I mentioned this to Pat and she had a brilliant
idea," I began. It sounded good so least to me.

"Sounds interesting," Marty replied. "So what is it? A vibrating

"No, that's not it," I said with a laugh. Marty was always poking
fun of the ads for these chairs on TV.

"Pat told me that Jerry gave her a great massage for their
anniversary," I continued.

"You mean you're going to give me a massage. Is that it?" Marty
sounded disappointed and slightly annoyed.

"No. That didn't come out right. Jerry arranged for her to get a
massage at a place where they do your fingers and toes and even
your ears. She said it was incredibly relaxing. I think she called
it a full-body massage."

"Oh, I've heard of those," Marty said as her face brightened. "One
of the gals at work mentioned she'd had one. She did say it was
terrific. That sounds like fun. When is this supposed to happen?"

"I have an appointment for you at nine tonight," I replied.


"At the Millfield Health Club. It's the same place Pat went and
it's with the same masseur. She recommended him very highly."

"Are you coming along?" Marty asked. "I would feel a lot safer in
a place like that if you were there in case anything weird
happened, especially since it'll be a man giving my massage."

"Yes, I'll be there in the waiting room." I didn't want to admit
that I'd actually be in the next room watching. That might upset

"Well, I'm ready to leave whenever you are," Marty concluded. It
sounded like she was getting excited about the idea. I was relieved
and pleased. I paid the check and in twenty minutes we were walking
in the door of the health club. We were ten minutes early.

"Hi. You must be Mr. and Mrs. Evans," Bob said when we walked in.
"I'm Bob and I'll be doing your massage this evening, Mrs. Evans."

"Hi Bob," Marty replied. I noticed the look of surprise and delight
on my wife's face when she realized that this cute guy was going to
be taking care of her. "This looks promising," she whispered to me
as Bob turned to take care of something behind the desk. "I think
I like it already."

"Whoa babe," I said with a grin. "Don't get carried away so soon.
The massage hasn't even begun." I wondered how Marty would feel in
a few minutes when she was lying completely naked on the massage
table with her most private places hidden only by a towel while Bob
worked his magic on her body. I also wondered how I was going to
feel when I saw it actually happening. It seemed like a lot of fun
in my imagination. I hoped it turned out that way in reality too.

"We ask all of our clients to take a quick shower before we begin
the massage," Bob explained. "That way the massage oils that we use
will have greater effectiveness." If you'll follow me I'll show to
the lockers where you can put your things and give you a robe you
can wear while you're in the back." As Bob opened the door to lead
Marty toward the back he turned to me and said "I'll check back
with you in a minute, Mr. Evans, to see if you need any coffee or
anything while you wait."

"Have fun sweetheart. Happy birthday. I love you." Then I gave her
a kiss as Bob led her away. I didn't realize at the time how much
different our lives would be when I next talked to my wife.

Bob reappeared in the office in just a couple of minutes. "You have
a very beautiful wife, Mr. Evans," he said as he entered. "I'm
going to really enjoy doing her massage."

"Thank you," I said.

"There are a couple of details we need to take care of while she is
getting ready. I believe Joe explained that the cost of the full-
body massage is one hundred dollars. Right?"

"Oh, yes," I replied as I reached for my wallet. I pulled out a
hundred dollar bill and handed it to Bob.

"Thank you. I also want to ask again if there are any limits that
you want to set for this massage. Joe said he already asked but I
just want to be sure."

"No, I told him that I'd let Marty set the limits since it's her
birthday. I'll stick with that."

"That's good then," Bob replied. "This type of massage can get
somewhat intimate sometimes, and I don't want anyone to be
surprised or upset."

I was about to ask him to explain that last remark but decided
against it. Again I figured that if Pat was getting these massages,
there must not be anything too bizarre going on. If Marty's breasts
or bottom got touched accidentally I guess it wouldn't be too
upsetting to me. Marty would probably object, but I'd let her take
care of herself. After all she is a mature fifty-one year old

Just then I heard a buzzer. "That means she's done with her
shower," Bob explained. "I'll take her down to the massage room and
while she's getting herself ready there I'll be back to take you
down to the 'gallery'."

"That's an interesting but appropriate name for it," I thought when
Bob spoke of the room where I was to sit to watch my wife's
massage. I wondered how many husbands or boyfriends used that room.
I wondered if Pat's husband Jerry had ever used it. Somehow I
couldn't picture him doing that, but who knows. I was surprised to
hear that he'd even suggested something like this massage thing.

I felt a sudden rush of butterflies in my stomach as Bob opened the
door and beckoned me through.

"When you're back here it's best that you keep your voice down and
make as little sound as possible," Bob whispered. "I have music
playing in the massage room to help hide any noise you might make,
but it's still best to be quiet. You may move around as much as
you'd like. It is impossible to see into that room through the one-
way glass, but the sound does travel somewhat. Oh, and it's a lot
easier to see what's going on if you keep the lights off in here.
Otherwise there's a bad glare. OK?"

"OK!" I confirmed as we approached the 'gallery'. Bob unlocked the
door and let me in. The light from the hall revealed two easy
chairs in the room. I headed for one of them and sat down.

When I was comfortably seated I looked into the next room for the
first time. There just five or six feet away lay my wife. Like the
woman I'd seen earlier in the week, she was completely nude and
lying on her stomach. A small white towel was d****d over her ass.
This was the only thing providing her with any modesty at all. I
noticed that she was lying with her head turned toward my side of
the room...just as if she was looking at me. That made me very
nervous at first until I saw her reach down and tug the towel
further down on her butt. She was using the mirror side of the
glass to check herself.

I ought to tell you more about this sexy woman I was viewing
through the glass. Marty, as I've mentioned, is fifty-one. She has
been diligent over the last several years to keep herself in good
shape. She eats carefully and works out regularly. She is not very
tall...five two is all...and she's never had very large breasts...
she wears a 32b bra and that hasn't changed since I met her. She
weighs about one hundred twenty-five pounds and there is no flab
anywhere on her body. Those ass cheeks that she was trying to keep
covered are as firm as a high school cheerleader's. She has dark
brown hair which she keeps cut quite short. It has no natural curl
so it hangs straight in what she calls a "page boy" look. I think
it's very cute.

As I watched I realized that I could clearly hear the music that
Bob mentioned would be playing in the next room. It was very
soothing jazz. "A nice touch," I thought. Then I heard a knocking
sound. It was Bob checking to see if Marty was ready.

"Yes, I'm ready. You can come in," I heard her say. Obviously the
sound system picked up the sounds in the massage room and carried
them into my watching room. "Another nice touch," I thought.

Bob stepped into the room and immediately proceeded to remove the
warmup suit that he'd been wearing. He stripped down to a boxer
style swimsuit. Bob moved in front of me so he was in Marty's line
of sight.

"All right, Mrs. Evans, are you ready for me to begin?" Bob
politely asked. "By the way, would you like to be called Mrs. Evans
or Marty?"

"Oh, please call me 'Marty'," my wife replied, "and I'm ready
whenever you are."

"Great. 'Marty' it is then. I'm going to begin, Marty, by massaging
your neck and spine. Then I'll work my way out your upper limbs.
When they're feeling nice and relaxed, I'll work on your head and
hands. Finally I'll do your legs and then your feet. Then I'll go
back and hit any spots that still feel tight. If I do or touch
anything you aren't comfortable with, please let me know. OK?"

"Sounds good, Bob," my wife replied.

For the next twenty minutes or so, things in the next room went
very much as Bob had described. There was nothing happening that
gave me any clue as to what the ultimate outcome of this evening
would be. The only excitement was when Bob asked Marty to turn over
on her back so that he could massage her chin and face. He offered
her a towel, but Marty declined.

"Oh, it's OK," she replied. "I'm sure you've seen lots of boobs in
your line of work. There's nothing special about mine." Then she
turned over trying to be careful to keep the towel covering her

I felt a twinge in my cock when my wife's bare breasts came into
view. "I'll bet she'd die right now if she knew that I was
watching," I said softly to myself.

I was startled when I heard the door to my room opening.

"Cal? Are you in here?" I heard Joe whisper.

"Sure am," I replied softly.

"Mind if I join you?" he continued.

"No not at all. Your timing is perfect. It looks like the fun is
beginning," I said thinking about my wife's display of her chest.

"Hey, she's really a great looking woman," Joe exclaimed when he
took a look into the next room. "She's very nice indeed."

"Thanks," I replied proudly.

"Actually I'm not in here to see your wife. I'm really here to
watch how Bob handles this new client. I had a call yesterday
complaining that he'd taken liberties with someone's wife and the
guy didn't appreciate it at all."

"Oh, Oh! That could be a problem," I said absentmindedly. I was too
engrossed in watching Bob's hands as they appeared to caress the
outer edges of Marty's breasts. I sort of expected her to push his
hands away a couple of times, but she seemed oblivious to the
intimacy of his touch. I smiled as I recalled getting my
face slapped for touching her like that when we first started
dating. "Times have changed," I mumbled.

"What was that?" Joe asked.

"Oh, nothing," I answered. "I guess I was just thinking out loud."

Bob concentrated his attention on Marty's chin, cheeks, forehead
and ears. Then he ran his hands down the outer edges of her chest
past the outside of her breasts. When he pulled them back he ran
them directly over her breasts and paused ever so briefly to cup
each of them in his hands. I watched for an objection from my wife,
but instead I heard a soft moan. Bob heard it too and must have
taken it as a sign of approval. He massaged her breasts gently
before taking each nipple between his fingers and rolling it like
a marble. He appeared to squeeze but not hard enough to cause pain.
Marty started raising her hand, perhaps to push him away, but Bob
quickly pulled away.

"Time to work on your legs and feet," Bob commented as he moved
around and stood at the foot of the table.

"You'll need to move down this way a bit so I can reach you," he
said. Marty quickly obliged. "That's far enough," he advised. Then
he took her feet in his hands and lifted them a few inches apart.
Marty had previously kept them tightly together, I'm sure to
preserve her modesty. She didn't seem to resist his movement,
however. I wondered how much of her he could see right now. "I'll
bet he can see her brown beaver," I thought to myself. Since, at my
insistence, Marty kept her beaver trimmed quite short, the guy
could probably even see her slit from where he was standing. Oddly
I didn't feel any jealousy. Instead I felt my cock getting hard as
I imagined his view.

Bob began his work on her legs by massaging her thighs. I watched
closely to see just how high his touch went. It was obvious that he
was staying at least three or four inches below her pussy. His
strokes were forcing her thighs further and further apart, however.
Marty was watching him intently through his reflection in the
mirror. Again she showed no signs of objecting. I wondered if she
was getting as turned on by all of this as I was.

Bob worked for several more minutes on my wife's thighs and calves
and then moved his attentions down to her feet. He even gave each
of her toes a good workout with his strong fingers. Marty looked
very content as I studied her face. Her eyes were now closed and
she was smiling.

"Time to turn over again," Bob said softly as he stepped back from
the table. He held the towel in place while Marty turned over. It
seemed to me that he now had the towel positioned a little higher
than before, but I couldn't tell for sure.

When she was comfortably in place, Bob again turned his attention
to her thighs. This time he appeared to rub a quite a bit higher
than before and I was sure he was only a fraction of an inch from
touching my wife's cunt. Her feet were now spread to the edges of
the table. Bob had to have a fantastic view of my wife's slit. I
envied him because that view was my personal favorite. This was
also the position the woman was in when I'd peeked into the room
the day I'd come in to make the appointment. "I wonder how many
pussies he's had this view of?" I thought to myself.

I watched Bob's movements carefully now because he appeared to be
so close to Marty's pussy. Suddenly she jumped slightly and gasped.

"Oooh," she said softly as Bob continued to rub the inside of her
thighs. He must have touched more than her leg but she didn't seem
to have any negative reaction. Bob took this as permission to
continue and again his hands moved up toward's Marty's cunt. This
time he obviously reached the top and I could see his hand moving
up and down as he ran his fingers through her slit. She must have
been dripping wet by now.

As he rubbed I heard my wife begin to moan softly.

"Ummmmm, that feels nice," I heard her say. I couldn't believe it.
Just a few feet away my wife was being felt up by a young
stranger and she seemed to be really enjoying it. There was another
stranger sitting beside me watching. I felt like I ought to object
but somehow I was transfixed and speechless. I was also as hard as
a rock. The motion of Bob's hand suddenly changed and it appeared
that instead of running his fingers up and down the length of
Marty's slit, he was now finger-fucking her. Her moans grew loader.
It sounded like she would cum soon if he didn't stop. In a way I
felt I should stop him, but again I couldn't bring myself to
action. Instead I began to rub my cock.

"Aggghh," came a louder moan from the other room." While I watched
my wife's body first went rigid and then began to shake in the
obvious throes of orgasm.

"Holy shit, Joe. Did you see that? Bob made my wife cum," I blurted
out...perhaps loudly enough for Bob and my wife to hear.

"I know, Cal," Joe replied. "That's what it's all about, isn't it."

I suddenly realized that my original thoughts about a full-body
massage were right. While I tried to comprehend this fact, Bob
stepped back from the table. As I watched he slipped down his
trunks revealing a huge erection. It must have been nearly eight
inches long and very thick. It stuck out at ninety degrees
from his body.

"Oh, don't stop now," Marty begged when she noticed that his hands
were gone. While I watched, Bob crawled up onto the table with his
knees between Marty's spread thighs. He reached down under her hips
and lifted her up onto her knees. Suddenly my wife's wet opening
was directly in line with Bob's hard tool. He plunged forward and
impaled her on his cock. In spite of his large size, he went all
the way in with one stroke.

"Oh my gawd!" Marty exclaimed when she realized what was happening.
She immediately began to rock back against Bob's thrusts.

I was in a daze. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Here just a
few feet away my wife of nearly thirty years was being fucked by
another man. To my knowledge he was the first guy to have her since
we got married. She was obviously loving it...and so, I had to
admit, was I. I now had my cock out of my pants and was pumping it

"Careful not to waste that," I heard a voice say as I was about to
cum. "Save yourself for a minute and then we'll go in and help Bob
finish the job. OK?"

I quit my stroking and concentrated very hard on not cumming.
Fortunately I was successful. I looked back into the other room to
see my wife turning over onto her back while Bob crawled up over
her. Then he reentered her and began to pound furiously into her
inviting cunt. Marty's hand went down to her clit and I watched her
begin to rub herself while Bob's thrusts continued. Bob must have
been thinking of us in the gallery when he lifted up Marty's right
leg so that Joe and I had a perfect view of his cock slamming into
her. In just a few frantic minutes first Marty came again and then
Bob's body stiffened as he pushed himself deep into her and held
himself there. My wife's vagina had just been filled with a load of
a stranger's hot cum.

"OK, Cal. Now it's time for us to help Bob finish the job," Joe
said as he stood up and began stripping off his clothes. I numbly
got up and followed his example. As soon we were both naked we
slipped out the door and into the massage room. In the light I
instantly noticed that Joe sported a monster tool that was at least
an inch or two longer than Bob's and was as black as coal.

Marty saw us enter the room and momentarily panicked.

"Oh Cal!" she exclaimed as she sat up and tried to cover herself
with her hands. "I don't know what came over me. I just..."

"Don't worry about it, sweetheart," I assured her as I walked up
and gave her a kiss. "Bob and Joe and I are here to make sure that
this is one birthday present that you'll never forget."

While I spoke Joe took Bob's place between my wife's thighs. She
had tried to pull her legs together but Joe firmly spread them back
apart and moved up placing the dark head of his cock at the
entrance to Marty's love tunnel. I stared at his large appendage as
he got it into position and then slowly f***ed it in. Marty was
watching too. I don't think she believed what was happening to
her...or how large Joe's cock was. Once Marty had taken in several
inches of Joe's cock, she laid back down on the table and started
enjoying being fucked.

At first she began moaning, this time much more loudly than before.
Then she began telling Joe to "fuck me. Fuck me with that thing.
Fuck me, Joe." Fortunately I don't think there were any other
clients in the club by this time or they would have gotten their
ears filled with sounds of raw lust. I'd never heard my wife being
so vocal before. Joe had worked most of his pole into Marty but he
didn't try to go too far. Then he gently started rocking in and
out. I watched as her lips stretched in and out following his
motion. The sight of that dark cock entering my wife's pink cunt
was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. I'd heard about this
experience before but always doubted the stories as pure bullshit.
Now I knew. The reality was even more of a turnon than they'd said.

It didn't take Joe long to cum. As I watched I saw his cock begin
to pulse and then I saw cum oozing out of Marty's cunt around Joe's
cock. He and Bob had filled her to overflowing. He held himself
there for a minute or two before pulling out. His cock was still
huge and hard. I debated whether to take a turn now myself, but was
afraid that Marty was temporarily stretched so large that neither
of us would feel anything. I decided to wait until later.

Joe took charge of the "massage" at this point. He instructed Marty
to suck him until he was hard again. She eagerly complied although
she could only get a little more than the head of his cock in her
mouth. He got hard quickly anyhow. The sight of my wife sucking on
that big black lollipop kept me hard. Only Bob was showing signs of

"There is still one more part of you that hasn't been massaged,"
Joe said to my wife, "and we're going to take care of that right
now." He then arranged us so that the three of us men could fill
all of Marty's openings at once. I laid on my back on the table
with Marty lying on her back on top of me. Using the cum and juices
from her cunt along with a little KY jelly as lubricant, I got to
fuck my wife's virgin asshole. Marty sucked Bob while Joe again
filled her cunt. Because of our positions, Bob's cock was entering
my wife's mouth just inches from my face.

"No one quits until everyone has cum," was Joe's final instruction
to all of us. Given the tightness of the opening I was using along
with the view of my wife sucking another man's cock just inches
from me and the fact that I hadn't cum yet the first time, I knew
I couldn't last too long. I closed my eyes and held on until I felt
Joe cumming. Marty had already cum once so I decided to let it go.
I shot the first ever load of hot cum into my wife's rectum.

When I was finished I reopened my eyes and watched carefully as
Marty sucked and licked Bob's large hard cock. It was an incredible
sight. She is very talented at giving head and it didn't take much
longer for her to succeed. I watched eagerly as Bob's cock shot its
load of cum down Marty's throat. Within just a few seconds my wife
had taken loads of cum in her cunt, her throat and her ass. When
Bob was done Marty collapsed on me. Joe slowly climbed off and Bob
stepped away. They both disappeared, I guess to get dressed.

"Happy birthday, my sexy wife," I whispered in Marty's ear. "I hope
you enjoyed your present."

"Cal, darling, it was wonderful," she whispered. "I can't imagine
anything better."

Marty rested for several minutes before getting up.

"You are welcome to take another shower or even a sauna if you'd
like," Joe said as he stuck his head in the door.

"Thanks, but I think I'll just get dressed and go home," Marty
replied. "I feel like sitting in the tub for a while and then
jumping into bed."

After a few more minutes recovery Marty and I went off to retrieve
our clothes and get dressed. I went to the office while Marty
finished dressing.

Bob had apparently already left for home so Joe was waiting there
alone. I reached in my wallet and pulled out two fifty dollar bills
which I held out to Joe. "One of these is for you and one is for
Bob," I said.

"Oh, no, we couldn't accept that, Cal," Joe said. "We had as much
fun as you and your wife did. We don't get many chances to do what
we did tonight...I mean three men with a woman. Your wife is one
very sexy woman. We'd sure like to have her join our club. Do you
think she might be interested?"

"I don't know," I answered honestly. "Marty really surprised me
tonight. I had no idea that she'd do anything like this. In fact I
had no idea that something like this might happen."

"You're k**ding," Joe said in surprise. "You mean Pat didn't tell
you what a full-body massage was?"

"Well, she claimed that it just was a regular massage with a few
little extras and was very relaxing. She specifically denied that
it was anything sexual," I replied.

"Wow. Well, she sure knows better. I wonder why she didn't tell the
truth," Joe continued.

"I don't know. She probably didn't think I'd go for it if I knew.
To be honest, she'd have been right about that."

Just then Marty came through the door. "Oh, I wondered where you
all were," she said as she spotted us, "but where's Bob?"

"He had to go home and study," Joe replied. "He said something
about having a big test tomorrow."

"Well, I hope you'll tell him how terrific I thought he was. You
and he were the most wonderful birthday present I've ever had."

"Why don't you stop in again and tell Bob that yourself," Joe
suggested. "We'd love to have you join our 'Massage Club'. Then you
could enjoy Bob's special massages as often as you'd like. I and
the other guys here would also be happy to pitch in help Bob
anytime you'd like...and, of course, Cal would be welcome to watch
or help too."

"Oh, I don't think I could do that," Marty said hesitantly. "I mean
it sounds like a lot of fun, but I couldn't mess around like that.
It just wouldn't be right. I couldn't expect Cal to accept anything
like that," Marty went on as she looked at me.

"That's part of your present," I lied boldly as I looked over at
Joe and winked. I certainly didn't have anything like that in mind
when I first came here, but seeing my wife being serviced by other
men's cocks was the most erotic experience of my life. If Marty
asked, I'd have to confess that what I'd just agreed to was as much
for my own pleasure as it was for hers.

Marty came over and gave me a big kiss. "Cal, do you really mean

"I sure do."

"Thank you darling. Thank you for the best birthday present I've
ever had."

"You're welcome," I replied, "but don't forget that this whole
thing was your s****r's idea."

"Oh, that's right. I'd forgotten about that," Marty said as a look
of shock spread across her face. "I remember you mentioning that
earlier, but does that mean that Pat has come here and gotten

"I don't know about the 'gotten laid' bit, but she did tell me that
she'd been here once. Joe said that she is a member of the club,
isn't that right, Joe?"

"Yes, she is," Joe confirmed. "I didn't mean to reveal any f****y
secrets though. I figured since she'd sent you here, she'd told you
the whole story. I guess she hadn't."

"So tell me, Joe," Marty pressed. "Does that mean she's been
getting laid here or not?"

"Oh yes, she has," he replied. "Pat's been coming in here two or
three times a month for the last six months or so. In fact she's
coming in again Monday as I recall."

"Very interesting," my wife mused. "Does her husband come in with

"No. She always comes in alone."

"Does he know?" Marty asked.

"I don't think so," Joe replied. "She's mentioned a couple of times
how much she wishes that he would come along once and watch. It
sort of sounds like she'd love to have an audience."

"Heavens, he could never do anything like that. He's such a prude.
I'm surprised he even suggested a regular massage for her. That
doesn't sound like Jerry at all. He'd have a heart attack if he
knew what she was doing here," my wife continued. "Look, it's
getting pretty late. I've got to take a pee and then I think we'd
better get home."

While Marty went to the bathroom, I told Joe that I'd be in on
Monday to take care of any paperwork for the club signup. I also
asked him to check to see if Pat was coming in Monday.

"Yup, here it is," he announced. "She's going to be here at ten
Monday morning."

"Hmmmm, maybe I'll come in a little after ten then myself."

"You want to watch?" Joe asked.

"Yeah, and I wouldn't mind helping again either," I said with a

"Well, she's your s****r-in-law," Joe said as he shrugged his
shoulders and grinned. "You'd either have a helluva lot of fun or
be in a helluva lot of trouble. I'll tell you though she's a pretty
damn good lay. It seems to run in the f****y."

Just then Marty came back into the room and we left for home. When
we got there Marty ran a tub full of water and spent a half-hour
soaking. It took that long for her to feel like she'd gotten
cleaned up.

"I loved it tonight, but somehow having all of those cocks shooting
cum in me made me feel kinda dirty," she explained. "I guess it's
more mental than anything but somehow the bath helped. Thank you
again for such a wonderful gift. I love you."

"I love you too. Many more birthdays...and many more birthday
presents," I replied as we drifted off to sl**p.

The next night we went over to Jerry and Pat's house to celebrate
Marty's birthday again. Pat fixed a nice dinner, and the four of us
spent the evening talking amiably about the usual f****y things.
The subject of what I got Marty for her birthday came up, but Marty
glossed over it by saying that I'd given her the same thing Jerry
gave Pat for their last anniversary. That seemed to satisfy Jerry,
but after dinner I found myself alone in the kitchen with Pat.

"So tell me Cal, how did Marty like her present?"

"You really ought to ask her, but it seemed to me that she really
liked it. I must thank you for the idea although you really didn't
tell me the whole truth about what was involved."

"What do you mean by that?" Pat responded with a grin.

"As if you don't know," I replied. "She got royally screwed just
like you do every time you go there."

"Oh really," Pat answered coyly. "Now whatever gave you that idea?"

"Joe and Bob both said that you are a great piece of ass. In fact
they said it runs in the f****y."

At this comment Pat seemed stunned and began to blush several
shades of red.

"Look Cal, Jerry has no idea what goes on there or that I've gone
there more than that first time. I figure that as long as I'm
discreet about it, he's not going to get hurt. I don't want to ruin
my marriage."

"Pat, don't worry about it. Neither Marty nor I have any intentions
of jeopardizing your marriage. In fact we're both grateful to you
for the spice that your suggestion added to ours."

My assurance appeared to calm Pat and as she looked up at me with
a twinkle in her eyes and said "good, because if a word of this is
breathed to my husband you can kiss these goodbye." As she spoke
she reached down and grabbed a handful of my crotch. She squeezed
hard enough to make me wince before letting go.

I wasn't about to let such an act go unchallenged. As Pat turned to
walk away I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back.

Putting my hand to my mouth I said "these two lips will be sealed
if I get to taste these two." I reached down and rubbed her pussy
through her skirt and panties.

"Ooohhh," she murmured as I continued my massage. "You want to eat
me? That almost sounds like an offer I can't refuse. I'll have to
think about it." Pat reached up and gave me a quick kiss before
scurrying into the other room.

Nothing more happened or was said about massages or the like until
we were leaving Pat and Jerry's house. Then as Pat gave me a
customary goodbye kiss she whispered "I'll let you know." I was
quite surprised and delighted by her comment.

Pat Collins can easily be recognized as my wife's s****r. She is
slightly taller...maybe an inch, two years older and has blonde
shoulder length hair. The resemblance between the two is remarkable
even for s****rs. Needless-to-say since I think Marty is very sexy
I feel the same way about Pat. What seemed to be happening was very
exciting. I hoped I was reading the situation right. I certainly
didn't want to create a bad f****y scene by trying to seduce a
disinterested s****r-in-law.

As soon as we got in the car Marty shocked me with a very direct

"So are you going to fuck my s****r?" she asked. Her tone didn't
seem to indicate that she was upset about the idea which surprised
me almost as much as the question itself.

"I don't know. Should I?" I asked as I tried to figure out where
this conversation was going.

"Don't know why not," was my wife's surprising answer. "What the
hell. After what I did last night, I sure can't object. Just be
very discreet about it though. OK?"

"Oh absolutely!" I agreed. "I sure wouldn't want Jerry mad at me
either. I'll bet he can get pretty nasty when he wants to."

"Yes, he can," my wife confirmed.

"It's really too bad that he's such a stick-in-the mud," I
commented. "If he was more open-minded, he'd find out what a kick
it is to watch his wife getting laid. It's almost as much fun as
doing it yourself. I'm sure Pat wouldn't care if he had a little
extramarital fun now and then if he'd let her do the same."

"You're right. She's told me that herself. In fact she says she
sort of wishes he would have an affair so she could catch him at
it. Then they could work something out. By the way, do you really
think watching is that much fun?"

"Sweetheart, it's incredible. I could never have imagined what a
kick it was to see you being seduced last night. I got more and
more excited as I watched Bob play with your breasts and your
pussy. Then when Bob's big cock slipped into you the first time I
almost came. The whole experience was just fantastic. Last night
was a real eye opener. I guess we both have Pat to thank for that."

"Gee, if it's that exciting maybe I should find a way to do it
sometime," Marty replied. "I don't want to miss out on something as
great as you say it is."

"By the way, what made you ask me about fucking Pat? Did she
suggest something to you?"

"She told me what happened in the kitchen. She wanted to know if it
was OK with me if she and you got together. I told her I didn't

"That settles it then," I said.

"Settles what?" my wife asked.

"Well, last night I told Joe I would stop in Monday morning to get
you signed up in the club. Then Joe told me that Pat has an
appointment Monday morning for a massage. I suggested that I might
come in just after her appointment started and watch. He agreed to
let me do it. I was really only k**ding because I didn't want to
make Pat upset if she found out I was there. I guess that won't be
a problem."

"No, in fact I'm sure Pat would really like it. I have a better
idea though. I'll come with you and watch too. Then after Bob gets
done with her, you and Joe can go in and surprise her like you did
me. I'll watch all of you doing it. That would be a real show."

"That's a fantastic idea!" I exclaimed. I couldn't wait for Monday

Well, let me tell you, the next week started with a bang. In fact
it started with several of them. Marty and I did go to the health
club together Monday morning. When we arrived Pat was in the shower
and about to begin her massage. Joe was somewhat startled when he
saw that Marty was with me. Any concern he had dissipated, however,
when Marty told him she was there to watch too.

"I want to see my s****r get the same treatment that you three guys
gave me Friday night. Are you up to it?"

"Hell yes!" Joe replied. "What kind of dumbass question is that?
This thing is always up to it," he bragged as he rubbed his crotch.
Then he led us to the "gallery". After he let us in, he left for a
minute before returning and joining us. I found out later that he'd
gone to tell Bob which room to use and to tell him about the plan
to repeat last Friday night's performance. Joe returned to sit with
us just before Bob brought Pat back to the massage room.

Pat was wearing a robe as she entered the room, but she dropped it
as soon as she was inside the door. There a few feet away was my
s****r-in-law in the buff. Nude she looked even more like Marty,
except that her beaver was untrimmed and therefore her slit was
completely hidden by dark brown hair. Her breasts looked exactly
like Marty's including the small brown nipples. They even seemed to
be the same size.

"Hmmm, she has almost as great a body as you do, my dear," I said
softly to Marty. "I wonder if she knows how to use it as well, and
I wonder if her pussy tastes as good."

"Just hold your horses mister," she replied. "You'll find out soon

As Pat laid down in preparation for her massage, Bob stripped off
his shorts and stood before her and us completely nude with his
over-sized tool already standing at attention.

"Oooohh, he sure has a nice one," Marty murmured.

Before he began, Bob looked our way and gave us a "thumbs-up" sign.
I had expected to see him begin by giving Pat the sort of massage
I'd seen him give Marty. Instead he gave her a quick backrub and a
quick rub of her arms before moving down to do her thighs. In less
than five minutes the massage part of Pat's appointment was over
and Bob was busy eating her pussy.

"Get that thing of yours around here so I can suck on it," we all
clearly heard Pat instruct Bob. Marty jumped when she heard her
s****r's voice so clearly through the sound system.

"Oh, so you can listen as well as watch," she said approvingly.
"That's even more exciting."

Bob did as he was told and swung his lower body up over Pat on the
table. Most of his tool quickly disappeared in her mouth. She
sucked him with great enthusiasm. Again she reminded me of my wife.

"Did she teach you how to do this or did you teach her?" I asked my

"She taught me. She's older and she started doing it first. Why? Do
you think I had a good teacher?"

"You must have," I replied, "but I can't wait to try the teacher."

With only a few minutes of foreplay, Bob swung around again and got
ready to mount Pat. Marty and I watched intently as Bob guided his
giant cock into position at the opening of Pat's heaven. As though
she knew we were there, Pat pulled her legs up onto Bob's shoulders
giving us a perfect view of his cock as it slipped into her. It was
a wonderful sight, and I heard Marty sigh softly as it happened.

Bob began to slowly pump in and out of Pat's cunt. I could see her
pussy lips protruding each time they followed Bob's large cock on
the outward stroke. Then they disappeared again when he plunged
back in. He slowly but steadily increased the tempo. Pat looked
like she was thoroughly enjoying her "massage".

"Let me up," we heard Pat say as she reached up and held Bob's
shoulders. He withdrew and got up on his knees while my s****r-in-
law turned over and got on her hands and knees. Then he moved
forward again forcing his cock back into Pat's inviting hole. Now
the pace quickened sharply. He was soon pumping in and our very
quickly and we could see his balls as they slapped against Pat's
ass with every stroke. Pat reached back with one hand while she
supported herself with the other. She began to massage her clit and
also started moaning.

The moans grew louder and more intense until suddenly we heard
"Ahhhggh. Ooohhhh. Oh!" Pat had just reached her first orgasm. I
wanted to keep count thinking she would probably set a new record
for herself this morning. I was right. She came eight times. She
told me later that she'd never cum more than five times before. Of
course she'd never been done by three cocks at once either.

Bob paused only briefly while Pat caught her breath. Then he
resumed his frantic ramming of Pat's cunt.

"Better get undressed, Cal," Joe warned as he stood up and stripped
off his warm-up suit. "I think it's almost our turn."

My heart skipped a few beats as I prepared to take my turn with my
wife's s****r. I had just enough time to get ready when I heard Bob
grunt loudly and push forward on Pat's body. She was being filled
with her first load of cum for the morning.

Joe led me out of the gallery, but before I opened the door to the
massage room where Pat's cunt awaited, he whispered "I'll be in in
a minute. I've got something I need to do first. Go ahead and get

Bob was expecting us to enter and had stayed in place over Pat so
that she couldn't see the door. As I crept up to the table he moved
aside leaving me with a clear view of Pat's swollen and dripping
pussy directly in front of me. I could even see some of Bob's cum
running down from her vagina and along her pink slit. It was a
marvelous sight.

Pat still seemed oblivious to what was happening at my end of the
table, and I was able to climb up and have my face buried in her
cunt before she knew what was happening. Even then she didn't
immediately realize the change.

"Oh, Bob, that feels marvelous," she exclaimed as I started running
my tongue up and down and around her slit. The taste of her juices
mixed with Bob's cum was quite a surprise. I had expected to not
like it, but instead found it to be a strong aphrodisiac. My cock
was so hard it hurt. Since Joe hadn't returned yet I decided to
mount Pat and give her a few pokes first myself. This way at least
her cunt wouldn't be as stretched as Marty's was the other night.

As I climbed up over her body and slid into her, Pat suddenly saw
my reflection in the mirror.

"Cal. Oh my gawd! What are you doing here?"

"I'm fucking you, Pat," I replied. "What does it look like I'm

I wondered what Marty was thinking as I started fucking her s****r.
I hoped she found watching as much fun as I had.

Pat didn't struggle or even protest my presence. Instead she
quickly started rocking her body back and forth meeting my strokes.
Again using her own fingers on her clit, she made herself cum once
more while I kept up my pumping. I was so turned on by this
scenario that I lasted only a few minutes. Then I pumped a second
load into Pat's hot and now very wet cunt.

I hardly had time to get out of the way before Joe was up on the
table and had planted his own tool deep in Pat's loins. She gasped
when she felt him enter. Now she was truly filled and she could
feel it. I watched as her head bobbed up and down as Joe pounded
relentlessly into her. Pat let this go on for a few minutes before
telling him she wanted to change. She laid down again on her back
as Joe reentered her in the traditional missionary position. I
watched them for a minute before I realized that Pat's head was at
the perfect height to give me a blowjob. I moved over in front of
her and pulled her head toward me.

"Suck me hard again, Pat," I commanded. "I want to get this thing
hard and then I'm going to ram it into your ass."

I'm not sure that Pat was thinking clearly enough to realize what
I'd just said, but she didn't offer any objection. Instead she
obediently began to suck my limp dick. I could feel my cock
responding almost instantly. The teacher was indeed as good as her
student. I looked over at the glass mirror in Marty's direction and
gave her the high sign.

Joe was able to fuck Pat for several minutes before he finally
came. When he'd pumped a third load into her, we all took a few
minutes to catch our breath. When we were rested Joe choreographed
a repeat of last Friday's action with Marty. Twenty minutes later
Pat had been filled with three more loads of cum. I'd had the honor
of initiating her virgin asshole just as I'd done with Marty. Bob
had cum in her mouth and Joe came again in her cunt. Like Marty the
other night, Pat looked very well fucked. She laid on top of me for
a few minutes until I slipped out from under her. Then she remained
on the table moaning and mumbling about how great it had been.

I was just thinking about going back into the gallery to get my
clothes and see how Marty had liked the show, when she came through
the door.

"Alright," she began. "Is there anyone in here with enough left to
do me one more time. I've worn this one out." She was apparently
referring to a young guy who was right behind her. He was Ken, a
masseur that Joe had brought back to keep Marty company when he and
I went in to help Bob.

"Marty! What are you doing here?" Pat exclaimed when she looked up
and saw her s****r standing there naked...and also reasonably well
fucked. Pat probably couldn't see the stream of Ken's cum that was
running down the inside of my wife's thigh.

"Same thing you are...or were, s*s. Ken here has just fucked me
twice but I still could use another one. Doesn't look like you
could handle many more though."

"You're right about that," Pat admitted. "This woman is fucked
out...but don't anybody worry. I'll be back. I'll be back sooner
than you think."

Joe surveyed the room. Every cock there was still looking very
limp. "Gee, I'm sorry Marty. It looks like we're going to have to
owe you one...that is unless you want to wait a bit."

"Well, all right then," Marty replied. "I guess I'd better get
ready for work then. I'm already almost an hour later than I'd
planned to be." Marty headed off toward the showers with the rest
of us a few steps behind.

This all happened nearly six months ago. Since then Marty and Pat
have made regular visits to the club and have not only enjoyed many
repeat performances with Joe, Bob and Ken, but they've also been
"massaged" by Jack, Bill and Larry who are new masseurs recently
hired by Joe.

Aside from our club adventures Pat, Marty and I have played a few
times at our house. Pat has really gotten to love anal sex so she
comes over just so she and I can do that together. Marty doesn't
have any problem with my having sex with her s****r and even makes
the arrangements most of the time. She doesn't like anal sex so
much although she does it once in a while on special occasions...
like the times at the club when she does three men at once.

About a month ago one Pete Daniels, of the guys I play golf with,
mentioned that he wanted to get something really special for his
wife, Peggy, for her fortieth birthday. I see Peggy quite often at
the golf course and she's a knockout. I immediately suggested a
full-body massage and specifically recommended the Millfield Health
Club. Pete and Peggy are real health enthusiasts, and he thought it
was a great idea. She must have enjoyed her first massage because
she joined the club.

Pete doesn't seem to have any idea what his sexy wife is doing each
Tuesday afternoon at the club, but I know first-hand. Joe was so
delighted to get this new client that he invited me to watch when
she came in last week. It was quite a thrill to see this sexy well
build blonde getting fucked by Jack and Ken. Peggy is a real sex
machine and made the two of them beg for mercy before they quit. I
got really turned on when I first saw her shaved pussy. I've never
seen one of those before in person, and the sight of two large
cocks slipping between her bare lips was incredibly erotic.

I've seen Peggy a couple of times since at the golf course and have
thought about asking if she enjoyed her birthday present. Sometime
when I can talk to her when Pete isn't around I'm going to do it.
I want to see the look on her face. I suspect from the way Joe said
she acted the first time there...she told Bob that she didn't need
a towel and she didn't want to waste any time on needless
preliminaries...that she plays around. I sure wouldn't object if
she wanted to play around with me.

This coming Friday, Marty and Pat have a big night planned. They
are both going in for massages. In order to let me watch them both
they've agreed that Pat will go first and when she's done, Marty
will have her turn. In order to give them each an "all-holes"
massage Joe has called on two of his friends to help. He told me
that one of them is really hung...about like Joe. The other is
closer to average like me. The two of them and Joe will do Marty.
Pat will enjoy the efforts of Ken, Jack and Bill. She's done each
of them before but never all at once. For me it will be the first
time that I've watched either of them in this arrangement. Every
other time I've been part of it, and I decided it would be fun once
to just watch the action. We are all looking forward to another
exciting "massage" night.
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