An Anniversary Present

by grizzley123

it was our 16th anniversary and I was relatively excited about it. Our mostly tame sex life had been picking up recently. Now that our daughter was older it was easier to have the time and energy for some fun of our own. The only problem with this new freedom was it brought back an old problem; my small dick and clumsy technique was not very satisfying for my wife. I am always willing and try hard to please her but most of the time I am quite sure she is only partially satisfied. I love her deeply and have always regretted not being a better lover. I am a great provider, handy around the house, excellent with our daughter, and very attentive to my wife in general. But when push comes to shove, I am a dud in the sack.

As we had been having sex more often this problem started to bug me even more. I even started to wonder if I should just let her have a lover to take care of her needs in bed. I would generally laugh at those thoughts as my wife was very conservative and would never agree, not to mention there is a huge difference between being disappointed in your own sexual prowess and letting another man pleasure your wife. But as our anniversary approached these thoughts wouldn't go away so easily. I wanted so bad to give her a great weekend of sex as an anniversary present.

The big weekend was upon us and we drove about an hour north and checked into the hotel. I didn't waste any time and came on to my wife. Before our bag was unpacked we were groping each other and falling onto the bed. I worship my wife on many levels and one of those is how much her breasts turn me on. I began to fondle and suck on her wonderful C cups and she was definitely enjoying it. We continued and soon I was inside her plugging away. While she was moaning I could tell she was frustrated. My dick just wasn't doing it for her. After a few minutes I hit my climax and came vigorously. She held me tight and we cuddled. But it was never more obvious that I just didn't satisfy her.

The pressure of this situation was too much. I blurted out "I don't satisfy you, do I?"

Now in the past when we would discuss this, she would quickly profess her commitment to me and how I was a great lover and generally minimize the fact that she rarely had an orgasm. But this time it was different. There was a long pause, and then she started to cry and said, "I wish it weren't true, but you really don't satisfy me."

As soon as she said it she started to add, "but you are a good father and provider, and I am happy with that."

I held her a bit longer and then I said, "I would understand, and even approve if you took on a lover."

She jumped on that comment and professed she would never do that and such.

We laid there a bit longer. Finally I said, "I love you completely, and I appreciate that you say you wouldn't want a lover, but consider the offer as a standing offer. I just want you to be happy."

She kissed me and said "I love you and you're the best. Let's get dressed and go out and have a great anniversary."

We got dressed. She wore a great outfit that showed off her toned body but did so in a dignified way. I once again considered how lucky I am to be married to such a perfect woman. We headed out and I couldn't have been happier.

We went to our favorite bar complex and sat at the bar debating whether to move on to the comedy club or the piano bar after dinner. We sat at the bar and ordered food and drinks. We like to do this as it made us feel younger as we did that a lot as a young couple. After a while I had to use the men's room and I left.

When I returned there was a man chatting up my wife. He was a bit younger then us and was really well built. I smiled thinking that I was married to a woman who still attracted other men. As I got back to my seat I could sense that my wife was enjoying this man's attention. Her body was leaning towards him and she had a easy smile on her face. I had to clear my throat to get noticed again and then my wife straightened up a bit and awkwardly introduced the man.

Hs name was Steve and he was a commercial real estate broker in town. He was supposed to meet an out of town client and thought my wife might be that woman. Or at least that is the story he told my wife. After this introduction, he reached out his hand and shook mine. His grip was firm and he came across as possessing great confidence.

He stuck around and took the seat on the opposite side of my wife. He was charming and pretty much had my wife entranced. I ended up looking mainly at the back of my wife's head as she faced Steve for most of the next 45 minutes. I drank two beers quickly and had to go hit the men's room again. I left and did my business quickly. When I returned, Steve announced he needed to do the same and left.

My wife turned to me, there was a long awkward pause, and then she spoke. "Remember what you told me earlier? About letting another man satisfy me, well I really didn't think I would ever say this, but, I want that to happen."

I was shocked. The idea sounded so generous and even arousing when it was just an idea. But now my wife was telling me she wanted to make that idea a reality.

"Steve is so gorgeous and charming and, well I would like to be satisfied tonight, and he certainly has a better shot of doing that then you do."

Just as those harsh words settled in, Steve came back and stood behind my wife and looked directly at me. My wife turned her head, gave him a kiss. He put his arm around her, and said to me, "can I have the room key? I understand your wife is looking for some real satisfaction tonight."

I tried to say something, but nothing came out. Steve broke my trance; "the key please."

I opened my wallet, pulled out the card key and said, "Room 452."

Steve took the key and then told my wife to take a powder and meet him at the front door in just a minute because he wanted to have a word with me.

My wife, hesitated, then gave me a quick peck on the cheek, said "I love you" and headed to the ladies room. Steve then stepped towards me and spoke. "You wife is very hot and I plan to give her the satisfaction she deserves. You are not welcome back at the room until I say so. When we are both completely finished, we will call you and maybe you join in some how. But for now, stay here, watch TV, have a few beers and know your wife is in very good hands."

With that he left and for the next two hours I was a wreck. I found out later that so was my wife, but that was because Steve brought her to the type of climaxes I had never even gotten her close to. He was a skilled lover and had a long, fat cock that filled and pleasured my wife in the ways I could not. She told me later that he met her at the door, told her not to look back, and then said nothing until they entered the room. There he took her over to the middle of the room and standing in front of her kissed her gently while he pulled her close. She melted in his embrace and when he asked if she wanted to receive the pleasure she deserved she stammered out an "absolutely" and became his to enjoy.

Steve slowly and even in a teasing manner, stripped my wife down to her sexy black undergarments. She looked especially hot in that level of undress. Steve then took his shirt off and my wife kissed and caressed his muscular chest. He stepped out of his pants and then asked my wife to remove the boxer briefs that were between her and her first night of real sexual pleasure in a long time. She got down on her knees, gave Steve a sexy look and finished stripping him. Her breath was taken away. Steve's semi-hard cock was bigger then mine in both length and especially girth even compared to when I had an extreme hard-on.

My wife didn't really know what to do as she rarely performed oral sex on me. But Steve guided her to his growing manhood and she responded by trying her best to please. Steve was gentle and my wife told me later that she fell in love with his cock right there and then. Soon he told her he wanted to cum in her mouth and she was pleased. She so wanted to make Steve happy so he would use his wonderful dick on her. He soon stiffened and started to pump his seed into her mouth. My wife rarely tasted my cum but she treated Steve's like it was the nectar of a god, and in many ways it was. It was this god that was going to take my wife to new places in sexual pleasure.

Steve let his cock soften in her mouth and finally caressed her cheek and asked her if she was ready to become his. Through a mouth full of his sweet tasting cum she answered to the affirmative. She swallowed his cum and kissed his cock and then he guided her back onto her feet. He kissed her and fondled her breasts. He stepped back and told her to finish stripping. She slowly did so and presented herself to Steve. He led her to the bed and began to ravish her. She told me she had never wanted something more. He kissed and touched her and she just absolutely buzzed with lust. Soon he was positioned at her cunt's entrance and he teased her with the tip of his cock. He asked her what she wanted and she said in a determined way "I want you to fuck me in any and every way you please."

He continued to tease and asked "but what about your husband?"

"I do love him, but screw him, I am yours to fuck."

With that he entered her slowly and deliberately. He slid into her and helped her experience fullness for the first time in close to 20 years. He then pulled all the way out and again asked her what she wanted.

"Fuck me with that perfect cock of yours"

Again Steve slid deeply into her and then help his place slowly rocking his body. It was absolutely glorious to my wife. At this point he knew he had a willing and loyal new lover. He decided to finalize that status. ****************************************************

I had not been a good evening for me. After watching my wife walk away without even looking back I had returned to just staring at my food and the TV, not really interested in either. I was lost in my thoughts. She won't go through with it I kept telling myself. But I couldn't help picturing him fucking my wife. These mental images had caused me to get aroused and soon I had to place the napkin over my lap to hide the problem.

In the middle of all of this I was brought back to reality by the ringing of my cell phone. I looked and it was a call from my wife. I answered quickly and said, "Honey?"

Steve responded, "she's my honey tonight. I am fucking her right now and wanted to be sure you knew how much she is enjoying it." With that he gave the phone to my wife and she let out a ""oh baby are you there" in between moans.

"Are you OK?" was all I could get out. I could hear her body telling me that she was more then all right.

"Thank you baby, this is the best (moan). Steve is the best lover I have ever had (oh god). I can't believe how good this feels (oh, oh oh)."

Steve's voice was next, "and I have jut begun. But I will stop if you tell me to." I could hear my wife moaning "oh god you CAN'T stop now, tell him it's OK, baby, I NEED this."

"Hear that, that is your wife of 15 years begging you to let me continue to fuck her on your wedding anniversary! But you need to give me the green light. Tell me you want me to keep fucking your wife."

I could continue to hear my wife both plead with me and moan with pleasure. I couldn't believe I was in this position. Steve put the pressure on, "Ok I will take your silence as a request to stop. I am pulling out now so...."

Paula grabbed the phone from him: "Tell him you want him to fuck me! I have to have his cock. I cannot live with just your tiny little dick. His dick is perfect, I need it. Just tell him before you ruin the best night of my life....."

"Last chance buddy" Steve intoned.

"Please fuck my wife" I said meekly.

"Louder, and say it like you mean it."

"Please, fuck my wife" I said with more conviction.

In the background I could hear "yes baby, put it back in me, take me, fuck me, I am completely yours......"

"I am going to do what you ask, and after tonight I would expect that she will never want to go back to sex with you. Is that right baby?"

He held the phone to my wife's mouth and as clear as a bell she said, "That is so right, I am yours now, how could I ever go back. Just promise to fuck me with the big cock of yours."

"There you have it. My big cock wins out over your 15 years of devotion. I am going to take her places you can't even begin to imagine all because you and your tiny dick can't do the job. Give us a couple hours and then come to the room, say right about 9pm. Gotta go now, I think her first orgasm is kicking in."

With that I entered my new life as a cuckolded husband. I slumped down on the bar and ordered a drink; it was going to be a very long 2 hours.
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