A Man, Two Women, and a Cuckold

by grizzley123

We had become friends because our k**s go to school together, now it seems I am the one getting taught a lesson. My wife has just cuckolded me, and I think that is only going to be the start. I am reaching out to help her off the floor where she sits naked and slumped against the wall full of another man's cum. I have 20 minutes to help her get ready for round two with this man.....


Suzie, the mom, is hot with a body that is firm and buff. Steve, her husband, is not only a successful doctor, but has a chiseled body. My wife is also pretty damn fine, less buff then Suzie, but her curves are in all the right places. I am the weakest link, although I am fit and a relatively successful college professor. For about six months our friendship has grown and we have found ourselves socializing with Suzie and Steve more often.

While this friendship expanded I could sense a couple things. First, my wife was definitely attracted to Steve, and I was pretty hot on Suzie. Second, I could sense a superior vibe coming from Suzie and Steve. It was subtle, but always present. And it wasn't like they didn't deserve that vibe. Steve was a "real" doctor, I just had a Ph.D., and Suzie was a regular faculty member, while my wife was just a part-time instructor. They went to the top school in the state, while we went to the second tier one. They lived in a bigger house, drove a nicer car, and their son even outperformed our daughter at school. And even though these things were occasionally referred to, neither Suzie nor Steve really rubbed anything in. However, at times this superior vibe would play out such as the key weekend in this story, where it played out in an extreme way.

The k**s were off to the big end of the school year weekend camp, so both households were going to be empty. We decided that we would invite them over to the house, but Steve casually, but firmly changed the plans to their house. Julie and I told them no problem and we even agreed to stay the night so we didn't have to worry about driving home. Julie wore a great black top and jeans and looked hot. I made a wise-ass comment about her outfit being too hot for a night in, and she just gave me a raised eyebrow, and said, "I bet Steve will like it!"

I laughed at her comment but I could tell she was excited to be sexy in front of Steve. I was OK with that as my wife deserves to show off a bit and some good flirting is a healthy thing. Plus I was no alter boy; I was hoping Suzie would look just as hot.

We arrived and immediately started to have a good time. We drank and ate a great meal that they had cooked. After dinner I volunteered to help Suzie in the kitchen while Steve and Julie hung out in the living room. Julie was relatively d***k and I thought it best she stay away from the good china. She and Steve excused themselves to the living room while we headed to the kitchen. I was actually having a great time helping Suzie and enjoying her company when she turned to me and said "should we check on those two k**s, we don't want them doing anything they shouldn't!"

I was surprised by the comment as I was never really worried about their behavior. But now I was curious; could they be taking flirting a bit too far? I decided to check, but did so slowly and quietly. As I came around the corner I could see Julie laughing and smiling as Steve sat snuggly with her on the couch. They were deep in conversation, and there was a great deal of body language that indicated a very high level of flirting. I noticed his hand on her thigh. Suzie came up behind me and whispered in my ear, "I think he is making his move. Are you going to stop him?"

I was shocked by her comment and definitely concerned about Steve's advances on my wife, but I just couldn't move or say anything. While I should have been getting angry or defensive, I was getting aroused. It was like watching it happen to someone else. Suzie pressed into me from behind reached around and squeezed my obviously hardening cock and said, "it seems you are not only going to let him seduce your wife, but you are enjoying the show!"

I turned towards her to start to protest and she just held up her finger and said "don't fight it, just watch; he will take your wife places she has only dreamed about."

I stopped my protest and resigned myself to the situation. I just couldn't argue with Suzie, or stop Steve. All of those little mentions of their superiority had primed me for this moment. I couldn't stop them. I was humiliated, but also very aroused. Suzie continued to rub my crotch and press herself against me, so it wasn't like I was being all that innocent either.

As I watched, Steve continued to charm my wife. Soon his hand rose off her thigh and cupped one of her breasts. And instead of protesting, Julie just moaned softly and shut her eyes. Steve smiled as he knew he had broken through. He continued to fondle her breast and soon his lips found hers. Again there was no protest from Julie. Her mouth received his advances and soon opened to allow him to kiss her deeply. They continued to kiss and he continued to let his hands roam over her body. I was riveted to the scene and I don't think my cock could have gotten any harder. I was watching them kiss and could see there was a great deal of passion coming from my wife. She was definitely letting herself go with Steve.

Suzie whispered in my ear, "when was the last time she kissed you like that?" She made me realize the answer was 'not in a long time.' As I was contemplating this truth, Steve was ratcheting things up. He pulled her top off practically without breaking off the kiss. Soon he was undoing her jeans. He whispered something in her ear and she got up and slowly wiggled out of her jeans. Next came her panties and bra and at that point my wife was standing naked in front of Steve. He stood, kissed her again and ran his hand up the length of her body stopping at he ass, her breasts and finally her head. At that point he said loud enough for me to hear, "I want you to suck my cock."

Julie and I have always had a solid sex life, but the thing she has never been fond of is oral sex. So I almost blurted out a "no way!" but Suzie put her hand on my mouth and held me tight. Then, to my shock, Julie smiled, licked her lips and dropped to her knees. She undid his pants, and soon freed a rather large cock from his boxers. She was acting like a porn star and I was left to wonder why I never got that treatment. My answer came almost immediately as she told Steve, "I don't like to suck my Husband's cock, but how can I say no to someone as successful as you, especially with such a beautiful cock. I will not only suck your cock but I hope you will let me taste your cum!"

I literally almost fell down. My knees were weak and my head spun. My wife never talked like this and here she was behaving like a slut for Steve. Suzie laughed in my ear and said, "Looks like we found a new talent in Julie. My husband often brings out the best in people!"

I was unable to muster any kind of response. A real man would have put a stop to all of this, but I felt so inferior that I was frozen in place.

Julie, however, was not frozen. She was unleashed! She began sucking Steve's cock like there was no tomorrow. She sucked his cock, teased his cock slit with her tongue and used her hands to caress his balls. Her efforts were working as Steve was enjoying the experience immensely. He was encouraging her throughout, calling her a great slut and cocksucker. Finally I could see his body tense and soon Julie's mouth was filling with his semen. Steve kept repeating "Swallow it baby" and then in a shock to me, turned towards me, made eye contact and said, "Enjoy a real man's cum!"

And enjoy she did. She continued to suck him off and swallow his cum. She immediately started to get him hard again. She got him fully hard and then stood in front of him and asked him, "Will you please fuck me?"

Steve kissed her and his finger found her wet pussy and he immediately started to finger fuck her. She was crazy with lust and was moaning and writhing under his touch. He quickly spun behind her, still keeping his fingers in her sopping wet cunt, Ran his hand over her chest up to her chin and then grabbed her and pointed her face towards me. While this was happening, Suzie had unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out. However, she then ducked behind the corner, and when Julie saw me, I was alone standing there with my dick as hard as it could be.

"You want me to fuck you in front of your husband?" Steve asked.

Julie looked at me with half pity and half disgust, and said, "From the looks of it, not only do I want it, but he's happy with the idea too."

With that Steve lifted Julie up and in one swift motion impaled her on his cock. She screamed as he stretched her farther then I had ever. He mini-stepped his way over to the wall right next to where I was standing and began to fuck her up against that wall just inches from my face. I am not even sure if she knew I was there as she was in complete ecstasy as Steve fucked her. But Steve certainly didn't end up there by accident, he was showing me his conquering of Julie. Soon Julie started to scream and buck and she had an orgasm that rocked her world, just as Suzie had predicted.

Steve was still going though and kept pounding away on her. This brought her to a second and third orgasm in a matter of 10 minutes. The whole time, I was frozen in place as this man pleasured my wife in a way I had never come close to. During this time, Suzie walked past me and got snug up behind her husband. She was completely naked and she started to grind on her husband from behind and encourage him to fuck Julie.

"Go ahead baby and fuck that bitch. Her wimp of a husband isn't going to stop you and she is going to be forever in your debt as she has never been fucked like this before."

The whole scene was surreal. The only one who didn't seem to care was Julie who was too busy having multiple orgasms to notice what was going on. Finally Steve tensed again and he started to pump his seed into my wife. Suzie encouraged him, "fill her good; make her realize what a real man's ejaculation is all about!"

And Steve didn't disappoint. He must have jerked five or six times as he filled her to the max. Cum leaked out her pussy as he held Julie strongly against the wall and gave her three to four final thrusts. The final couple of thrusts brought Julie to a fourth orgasm. As this unfolded I found myself ejaculating. I hadn't even been conscious of the fact that I was stroking myself, but I was and my ejaculation was the best one I had had in years.

Finally things settled down a bit and Steve pulled out of my wife and lowered her to the floor against the wall. She was completely spent and completely satisfied. She just sat there with her legs wide open, cum leaking out her stretched cunt. Steve turned to Suzie and started kissing her. They kissed and rubbed each other with both passion and familiarity. Finally they broke it off and Steve turned towards me and spoke.

"After she recovers a bit she is going to want more. And I plan to give her more. She is my lover now and there isn't anything you are going to do about it, is there?"

"No." was all I could meekly get out.

"Good, then let her recover a bit, then clean her up and send her up to our bedroom for some more fucking. However, before you do that I think you need to clean your pathetic load off our nice clean floors. I suggest using your tongue."

I stood in shock for a moment but then Suzie grabbed me by the head and pushed me to the floor. She was strong enough that even if I had any resistance left I would have ended up on all fours anyways. As it was, I was thoroughly defeated and humiliated and thus I started to lick my own cum off the floor. As I finished, I saw Suzie smiling and looking down over me. She laughed and said, "good job cuckold. Now get her ready for Steve. And no cheap thrills on your part, she is Steve's property now, just clean her up and bring her up in about 20 minutes."

Suzie then bent down and addressed Julie directly, "that is correct isn't it? You are Steve's bitch now, aren't you? You will gladly be his fuck toy, won't you?"

Julie raised her head and finalized my cuckolding by saying, "Absolutely. I am his fuck toy."

I looked down at Julie and she looked back at me intently and said, "Well cuckold, help me get cleaned up, I need to be ready for Steve again in 20 minutes!"

With that Steve and Suzie headed up stairs, laughing and playfully pinching each other as they went. I reached out my hand to Julie...
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