Mothers day

Tommy arrived at his mothers house early in the morning. It was mothers day and as well as a fresh bunch of flowers Steven handed his mother a card. Mary was delighted to open the card and find her son had bought 2 tickets to the concert she had been talking about. "Thanks son but I don't imagine your dad will have any interest in coming along." Stevens dad quickly made an excuse about being busy that night and headed out to the garden. "Well son it was a nice idea." Tommy put his arm around his mum "don't worry mum, I never expected him to be interested, I'm taking you." Mary's face lit up, delighted that her son was being so thoughtful. "We have to leave son though mum, it's a 3 hour drive and I will have to drive carefuly in this weather."

Mary got showered and dressed and headed off with her son. The weather was taking a turn for the worse and Mary suggested heading back home. Tommy knew how much his mother wanted to see the concert and was determined not to let her done. With the weather being so bad they made it just in time. Mary had a fantastic time watching the show and told Tommy it was the most fun she had in months. They were shocked to leave the concert and notice the bad weather had turned to a full scale blizzard. They overheard another couple talking about a road being closed and sure enough it was the only road home. They spent the next half hour phoning round the local hotels which were all full due to the road being closed. Finally Tommy found a place close by that had 1 spare room. They left the car in the car park and walked.

The hotel manager told them they were lucky to get a room as they had filled up fast because of the weather. They went up to the room which was small but warm and Tommy said he would sl**p on the floor as there was only 1 bed. "There is no way I'm making my son sl**p on the floor after you have been so good to me. It's a double bed Tommy, there is plenty space for the 2 of us." Tommy replied "well if you don't mind mum.Go for a nice shower mum, your clothes are soaked, i'm going to get us a drink from the bar." Mary stripped off in the bathroom, the weather was so bad that even her bra and knickers were soaked from the short walk to the hotel. The hot water from the power shower felt great on her skin, she could have stood there all night but she knew her son must also be soaked through. She walked back into the room to see Tommy shivering and drinking a beer. "Get in the shower son, u need to get some heat."

Tommy realised when he was showering that they had not packed any clothes as they had not planned to stay. He dried off and picked his wet boxers off the floor, placing them on the bathroom radiator. He picked up his mums knickers and bra to put them on the heater radiator, thinking at least they will have dry underwear. When he picked up his mum's knickers he found himself doing something he hadn't done since he was 15. He pressed his mothers wet knickers to his face and inhaled deeply. He could feel his cock growing so he quickly placed them on the radiator as he only had a towel to cover his manhood. Tommy went back into the room with the pile of wet clothes. "I put our underwear on the radiator in the bathroom mum, i'll hang our t shirts on this 1. Once they are dry i'll hang up the rest of our clothes, hopefully they will be dry by the morning."

Mary smiled "you're such a good son Tommy, you're father is never this thoughtful." Mary's eyes followed Tommy across the room as he hung up their t shirts. "Have you been working out Tommy?" Tommy blushed a little and replied "I felt very self conscious when my ex finished with me, I've been going to the gym 3 times a week." He felt a little embarrassed but also happy that his mother had commented on how good he looked. Mary climbed under the covers and took off her towel. Tommy looked on not knowing what to say. His mother broke the silence "well son I usede the towel to dry my hair so it's soaked, we can't sl**p in a wet bed all night." Tommy replied "I suppose you're right mum" as he got under the covers. "Mine is soaked too mum, would it be weird if I took mine off too?" Mary started laughing "I'm your mother Tommy, don't be so silly. Let's get a good nights sl**p, we can get up early, dry off thye rest of our clothes and be on the road by mid afternoon."

Tommy and his mother drifted off into a deep sl**p, both tired after a long day of travelling. Mary woke up at 3 am and headed to the toilet. She felt very aware that she was naked but it felt very liberating. As she reached for the toilet paper she noticed the bidet and realised she had never used one. She turned on the water and was surprised at the sensation she felt as it splashed between her pussy lips. She adjusted her position slightly and let the water blast onto her clit. She was loving the feeling this was giving her and adjusted her position once more letting the water splash her ass. As Mary was now in a sexless marriage she had been regularly masturbating but now was not the time. What if Tommy woke up and wondered what she was doing.

Mary got back into bed with Tommy. Tommy snuggled into his mum, still sound asl**p and snoring lightly. Mary thought about pulling away but her son was so warm and the feeling of another mans skin against hers felt so good. She felt her son wriggling and holding her closer and she felt tingles that she hadn't experienced in a long time. She pressed back and could feel her son getting hard as his cock pressed against her ass. Tommy began breathing heavier and grinding his hips. Mary began to rub her nipples and opened her legs slightly allowing her sons cock to touch her pussy. She thought her son must be having a dirty dream as his groans got louder and the thrusts got harder. Tommy was now fully erect and twice the size of his dad even in his younger days. Mary adjusted her position so her son's cock was rubbing between her pussy lips and clit with every thrust.

Then it happened. Tommy's cock slid inside his mother's pussy. Just the head at first but as Mary pushed back she could feel a good 4 inches of her son inside her, with much more still to go. Surprisingly she felt no guilt and felt completely natural, knowing that if he woke she could pretend to be asl**p. Mary opened her legs allowing her son to slide fully inside her. She was now pushing back and grinding hard. All of a sudden Tommy woke with a fright "Oh my god mum I'm so sorry, I must of been having a dream and....................."Mary cut him off "It's ok son." Tommy was in a state of shock "but mum, why didn't you wake me?" Mary started to cry now wracked with guilt. "Oh son it's been so long since i've made love, you've been so good to me today and it just felt so right." Tommy took his mum in his arms and kissed her on the head. They lay together and Tommy was rubbing his mums back. He kissed her head again and told his mum that he loved her.

"I love you too soon" replied Mary and kissed Tommy on the lips. Tommy kissed her back, like he never had before. Tommy pulled his mum closer, his hard cock pressed against her pussy. They kissed again this time with tongues. Tommy moved his hands to his mum's ass and they began grinding hard together. "I need you inside me son, I want you to make me feel special." Tommy laid his mum on her back and started kissing her body. "No son I need u inside me right now." She grabbed her sons cock and rubbed it on her clit. Tommy didn't feel a shred of guilt as he thrust inside his mother. Mary wrapped her legs round her son and they kissed passionately, thrusting together and reaching a mutual climax." They lay together not saying a word, Tommy still semi hard inside his mother. "I really do love you mum" Tommy said. Mary replied "I love you too son, this has been the perfect day." Tommy and Mary drifted off to sl**p in each others arms both hoping that the weather would mean they had to stay for another day.
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1 year ago
awesome & yes more
1 year ago
Thanks for sharing the story, it was a pleasure to read it! Just like the other commenters, I hope to find a continuation.
1 year ago
Great story babe xxx
1 year ago
wonderful story. hope there is more.
1 year ago
Very hot story...hope there's more to cum!
1 year ago
great story. I also had sex with my mom. I black mailed her but she did not made a fuss about it
1 year ago
Good but what happend did the weather change or did you get the wish
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Great job!
1 year ago
very nice
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