mum and me pt2

well as with the ist part,dad worked nights leaving mum and me alone in the evenings, s the weeks went by her flashing was getting more obvious to me ,so i thought i would play the same game,she went up for a shower,and came down in a loose top with no bra on and a short skirt,she had tights on ,and she went to sit in her chair,so i said im going for a shower,after i came out i just put on a pair of my tight shorts which left nothing to the imagination,and i went into the lounge,and sat opposite mum,making sure she could see what i was offering,she never said anything but i could see her nipples under her top which seemed to be errect ,and her skirt was virtually up to her waist with the way she was sat in her chair,im getting excited by looking at mum so i thought ill make the first move and walked towards her and just sat on her lap,neither of us spoke,but i think we had the same idea,i looked at her and moved towards her to kiss her on the lips,she didnt pull away but responded by kissing back and putting her tongue in my mouth,i cupped her breasts with my hand as we kissed,and she moved her hand over my shorts,touching my errect cock through them,i got up and we both moved to the sofa where i laid down first and she got on next to me,she removed my shorts leaving me naked,so i thought i would return the favour i removed her top revealing mums large hanging tits(40"c cup)which complemented her round belly,with the odd stretch mark on her,she stood uoin front of me so that i ccould unzip her skirt,leaving her in just her tights,revealing her wet mound,which was quite hairy,i couldnt believe this was happening seeing my own mum naked and her next to me also naked,seemed quite surreal but it was hot,i rub her mound the her tights making her moan,untill she pulled them off and letting me finger her wet pussy,she also started wanking me which was delightful,it didnt take long for me to shoot my cum all over her hands and belly.although we didnt have full sex that night we did lay together playing/exploring each others bodies till the early hours .
90% (46/5)
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2 years ago
i want to cum..
2 years ago
Good, moms are the best teachers.
2 years ago
lucky boy
2 years ago
This getting good and I'm getting horny.
2 years ago
2 years ago
No nonsense here.
2 years ago
My cock is getting hard.
2 years ago
Nice. I want to hear more.