mother in law

well ive been picturing my mil in a new light after i visited her in midweek,we were chatting as normal,when i was about to leave she said well you know if ive lost the plot cause ill be wearing a miniskirt and stilletoes when you see me next and then she just laughed it off and i left,ive never thought of her sexually before,shes 67 but i suppose still haves a good figure,well ive been dreaming of her in a different way,i cant wait til my nxt visit,well a week went past and i went to my mils for my weeky visit,when i arrived,she made me a cuppa,i did notice though that she was in her house coat which seemed to cover everything,we sat down and started chatting,when i had to say that her comment last week had me dreaming of her in a different way,she looked at me and said i was hoping that comment would get you thinking and im glad that it has,she stood up, and just undone her housecoat to let it fall on the floor revealing her atire,i was glad i was sat down,my mother in law was stood in front of me in a very short miniskirt,white blouse,i could see her black bra underneath her blouse,stockings, well what could i guy do,so i stood up pulled my mil towards me and started kissing her,boy was she rampant,my hands were all over her,i undone her blouse to reveal her lacy bra,to which she unclipped letting her breasts free,i would say she aws about a 38c a little saggy but boy they felt good in my mouth,i couldnt wait anylonger i wanted to fuck my mil so i pushed over a arm of a chair,made her bend over revealing a nice damp patch in her knickers,my hand was rubbing her slit and i started inserting a finger into her waiting cunt,she moaned as i fingered her,my cock is now hard waiting for my reward of having my mil bent over in front of me i hitched her short skirt up pulled her knickers aside and started pushing my cock deep into mils cunt,i didnt take me long to explode and shoot my cum deep into her,i wiped my cock on her knickers as i withdrew from her very wet cunt,she then told me to lie on the floor to which i did ,not knowing what she was about to do well she started to straddle my face and told me to lick her clean,well how can i refuse an offer like that,she tasted devine along with my own now looking forward to visiting my mill everyweek now,and seeing her in a different light.
75% (24/8)
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2 years ago
very nice :)
2 years ago
She's a good one,,enjoy.
2 years ago
mmmm sounds greeat
2 years ago
Wow,,mils are hot ladies,,especially one over 65