true..recent story..

mum, now 55yo juz arrived from the philippines a week ago to come live with me here in l.a.

this story happend it juz ended.

m ryt now layin down wit my mum n s*s..
mum juz arrived today from philippines. she got to my house thinkin i wouldnt find her attractive no more now that shes 55yo. my s*s pikd her up from the airport.
as she entered the door i hugged her n felt dat her tits were a lot bigger n dat she felt awkward..aftr talkin over dinner..she went to change her clothes..i then ran to my s*s wit my hard on n demanded a quiky..she pulled away so i had to get tougher..i grabbed her threw her on the sofa n tore into her new skirt..she then sed, u like it that mama is here huh?? u want her to see us in action huh..?? ok baby b*o..lets put on a show!! gave me an evil look then pulled my 9 iron out of my boxers. my s*s has a baby face tho shez older..her cunt was soaking we both stood up. i lifted her up n fucked her cunt back to the wall. she kept moaning..sayin, "mama..mama..fuck me lil b*o" staring at me n saying, i wanna get caught b*o...but, lets make it seem lyk its our 1st time (tho mum has watched us on line but never in person)!!!

i was fucking my older s*s hard wyl lookn @ my mums refdtion across the room talkin on the phone wyl changing..then my s*s sed, u think i look like mama?? i sed yes..she sed, "can i kol u papa..i alweiz dreamt of fuckin him..." man ryt then i sat on the table put her on top both facing my mums room..she kept yelling.."oh daddy...i been wanting u..watchin u..fuck me papa...!!!!" mum heared her, rushed out to catch her k**s having hard sex...she demanded we stopped!! i told my s*s to hold her down for me!! mum tried to resist..saying, no more!! then my s*s hugged her from behind n sed...u wanna watch ma?? inserted her fingers in mums panties..squeezed mums tits n told her to watch us fuck..i was in awe!! my mum n s*s!!!

so, s*s slowly let go of her telling her its ok..then ran to me commanding me to fuck her lyk how i wanna fuck my mum!! "u wanna see this ryt ma? i used to watch u n dad fuck for hours..." then i shoved my dick in my s*s ass n moaned hard!! fuck me lil b*o..mamas watchin u now..then my mum came n stood beside us saying, "i wanna get ****d by my k**s..thats my fantasy.."

so my s*s held her from behind fingering her hard wyl covering mums mouth wit her other hand. my s*s told my mum to suck her sons cock in front of i then shoved my cock in her mouth fucked it hard wyl my s*s kept shouting **** mama b*o..oh this is so good..i layed s*s syd by syd wit mum n told dem both to seduce me...mum got up & finger fucked s*s n s*s did d same..lookn @ me jackin off..
then i sed mama i wanna see u make s*s cum!! so she started finger bangin her wyl lickin her..s*s going insane!! wen she came mum told me to lay bak cuz now s*s is goona sit on me wyl mum rides my cock..they were both goin nuts!!! spittin in ea thers mouth wyl pulling on ea others hair...

then, the backdoor opened!! twuz my b*o in law!! mum tried to run n hide wen i told my friend to go get her n fuck her!!! my s*s screamed for him to get as we watched mum gettin fucked hard, my s*s then told me to fuck her besde mum..
my s*s was telling b*o in law to look @ us wyl fucking mum..."fuck mama hunny...u remind me of my dad!!" then we switched me n mum facing them s*s shouting " papa please fuck me..please fuk ur baby.." mums cum drippping down my legs..told me to fuck s*s in the butt wyl her hubby was doin her pussy....

after my s*s came nearly passed out..i had b*o in law watch wyl my f****y helps me cum....

aftr we all got off..we all took shots n exchaged secrets n stories wyl jacking ea other off...

n now..wyl m writing this..m watchin my mum get fcked besyd my sl**ping s*s...

its hot cuz its real...time for round two...questions anyone..??

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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
spelling dont matter good story its not a paper for school lol
4 years ago
can you write it english so I can read it
4 years ago
Spell checker probably useless in this case lol.
4 years ago
use spell checker next time