my mother

this is a true story..

i grew up realy attached to my mom. my dad left her for her cousin. i know, scandalous stuff. so, my mother was devastated, she started thinkng sexualy about everything..everyday. this happen when i was 12yo. my mom always walked around the house even greet my friends in a skimpy tanktop & realy trashy panties. she would sit on the sofa, light a cigarette & just leave her legs wide open. me & my cousins & some friends would enjoy telling stories bout our moms & i would let all of them jack off while looking through the window. one rainy night, i got d***k & a little wasted off of hard drinks i decided to lay next to mom & just start touching her. she was sl**ping with one boob hanging out her shirt. i started touching it then when i couldnt help it no more, i sucked it hard!! she woke up and yelled at me to stop!! i did..then she looked at my hand around my 7inch cock & asked me to just lay next to her & rest. i then fell asl**p. woke up to my mom moaning. she was right next to me fucking my cosin's brains out. she commanded me to watch cause i supposedly caused i did. my dick was raging hard. my mom didjt even take her shirt off so her dd's were flopping out of her tanktop. her eyes were locked on me. screaming "fuck me!! fuck your mom!!" after my cousin sprayed his cum on my mom's tummy i asked him to stay & watch me fuck my mother. she layed down beside me calling me "anak" son in filipino..i pulled her towards the window & started eating her big mature pussy. she then yelled out **** me anak!!! fuck your mother hard!! then she picked up the phone & called my dad!! she said she wanted him to hear this. so i grabbed her tits hard & stood by the front window of the house & stuck my dick in my mother's cunt. she said, " look at me and fuck me anak!!! **** me anak!! " so then she wanted to go on top so i let her!! i kept staring at my mom's face, sweaty, mad, horny..she then cried out loud..fuck me hard anak!! i'm your mother!!! so i started shouting "mama oh..mama!! " she pulled away finger fucked while staring at her son then came in front of then i took her to her room & made her call her s****r & friends while her son fucked her..she was soaking wet looking at her baby boy..then yelled mama i wanna cum in you!! she replied do whatever you want anak..**** my pussy anak!! she pulled my head up close to her face & kept saying..i am your mother..anak..fuck me..i screamed mama!! mama!! she came again this time with me..
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2 months ago
Well, I enjoyed it and their is such a thing as poetic licence....
It did however have a ring of truth to the basic story line.
1 year ago
Very badly written, what a load of garbage,12 year olds don't have 7 inch cocks wake up and live in the real world
2 years ago
What a load of shit
2 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
good one
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago
Oh wow