A creampie made in Paris

We went to Paris last weekend to catch up with some friends of ours, Marc and Johan. Johan loves photography so spent the day out taking shots, while the rest of us went to a café and got through some wine. After a couple of hours John came back and showed us the photos he has taken during the day and boy are they good.

So Marc looks through the photos and accidentally scrolls through some photos of a young girl posing for some nice and naughty stockings and suspenders photos. Johan is a bit embarrassed but the conversation soon moves to talking about how Janina would look in a nice lingerie shoot, and of course with Janinas curves theres no doubt she would be great. Johan says he’d be delighted to make a photo shoot with Janina, and that I could be his oil boy! Janina is clearly liking this, but pretends to be shy and reluctant to get the attention.

After that we take some dinner and then hit one of the clubs for a bit of dancing – Janina is flirting with Marc and Johan as usual and you can see that they’d love to get their hands on her body…dancing close and rubbing against her whenever there is a chance! Of course it makes me hot too…

Eventually we made it back to the hotel and its always time for the absacker! The one for the road. After a couple of cognacs Johan suggested that we make the photo shoot tonight, as he is sure that Janina is wearing hot lingerie from dancing with her. Marc and I agree and start trying to persuade Janina to go for it, as I already know that she has some smoking hot stockings and suspenders on under her little black dress. Janina is also clearly up for it, but kept making lots of deflecting remarks trying to change the topic of conversation, but Johan, I or Marc always bring it back to the photo shoot. After a little while (and a little more champagne) Janina agrees to have her photos taken, apparently only to keep us all from asking again and again, but I know that she is loving the attention - her face is showing it. So we finish up our drinks and head back up to the suite.

We get back to the suite and open up some wine and Johan starts working the lighting to make sure he is getting the best light for the shoot. Janina sat on the couch smiling and sipping her wine, as Johan and Marc pay compliments to her, we’re all pretty excited by now. Johan then takes the camera and takes photos of her face and then some full body ones, showing Janina the photos at intervals. The photos are good and Janina relaxes enjoying seeing the happiness of her boyfriend and friends with the end result. Marc comments that Janinas legs are amazing and so she stands up and Johan takes photos of her from different angles. Marc then suggests that Janian puts her black boots on too, as they are really hot. There is a little persuasion needed but Janina puts her boots on and sits back down.

As she sits down her skirt rises a little, but its just enough for Marc to see the tops of her suspenders. Johan then asks her to cross her legs and the tops of her suspenders are now clearly visible. Johan says that he wants to see what Janina is wearing underneath her dress as he’s sure he can make some hot photos, so I tell him that Janina is wearing some amazing lingerie underneath her dress.

At this stage Johan and Marc are both super horny and ask Janina to take her dress off and do some lingerie shots. Janina then beckoned me over and whispered in my ear, take off my dress honey let them see what they want, I can already see their bulges! So I ran my hands down her back taking the zipper of her dress and slowly pulled it down. I then moved my hands to the straps and gently took them down her arms. I step away and let her dress fall to the floor so that Janina stood there in her lingerie and boots, looking past me and seeing Marc and Johan smiling and staring at her body with trousers bulging.

Johan came over and started taking photos, while Marc and I watch. Janina is a natural and makes raunchy and then naughty teasing poses keeping us all excited as hell. Marc then suggested that Janina take her bra off, because he just has to see Janinas amazing perfectly formed big tits. Janina is enjoying the attention but was a little unsure about taking her bra off – topless shots had not been part of the deal. So I went over to her and this time I whispered in her ear, its okay baby just relax show them what you’ve got…I kiss her and caress her and I can tell she’s not really sure, but I start undoing the clasp on her bra and running the straps down her arms. As I am about to take it off Janina instinctively holds the front of her bra to her chest keeping her nipples covered. She then walked into the bedroom sat on the bed before leaning back still holding her bra and so we could only follow.

I lay next to her and started kissing her putting my hand on hers and eventually I can feel her grasp on her bra loosen, so I slowly moved my hand up and took the bra sliding it off her body. I stroked Janinas breasts feeling her nipples harden and become erect, so I tweak and pinch them a little. Janina giving a little smile sat up and looked at Marc and Johan, her eyes were full of lust and she said how about some photos now Johan? He was so turned on he fumbled his camera but managed to start taking pictures, with Janina posing and playing with us all. After a little while I couldn’t help but start kissing her and so we went back to the bed, passion building inside us.

It didn’t take long for Marc to come over and start running his hands up and down Janinas long legs, he’d been waiting to touch her. Janina looked at him, smiled and then carried on kissing me…I’d been worried about her taking topless photos and she’d clearly been thinking about three cocks! Marc then started taking Janinas boots off and it was clear that she was enjoying the feeling of his hands on her legs. Johan soon joined him no longer interested in being a photographer, his hands wandered up to Janinas buttocks and her stomach, before he started to undo Janinas suspenders. I’m lying next to Janina on the bed feeling very horny, rubbing my penis through my trousers against her. Then Marc and Johan began to slide her stockings down her legs, wanting to feel her naked skin. Janina was smiling watching them and kissing me – looking shy but dirty at the same time, knowing that they had wanted to touch her all evening.

They then took off a stocking each and Marc gently lifted Janina’s head and she smiled at him, while he slipped the stocking under her head bringing the two ends over her eyes and tying them together so that she was blindfolded. Johan then took the other stocking and moved Janinas arms above her head before wrapping a stocking around her outstretched arms, loosely binding them together at the wrists – more for play than bondage but the atmosphere was now fully charged…

Janina was very excited not really knowing what was going on, but loving the feeling of hands running over her body, up her legs and squeezing her plump firm breasts – pinching her nipples. Janina loves the feeling of many hands touching her body, focusing on her buttocks and breasts. I stop kissing her but then Marc moves instantly in and starts slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth, she cant be sure who it is but she enthusiastically responds sucking his tongue and lips. I start sucking her nipples, giving a little nibble as I know she loves this – just hard enough to make her gasp. Meanwhile Johan takes her thong and pulls it down her legs, Janina raises her buttocks just enough to help him get it off.

Johan then runs his tongue up her inner thighs and starts licking and kissing her pussy. I can feel Janina shiver with excitement, Johan starts focusing on her clit and even while she is kissing Marc you can hear Janinas breathing deepen. She’s clearly enjoying it and opened her legs a little to make the sensation even better. Marc and I swap and he enthusiastically sucks her nipples while getting his clothes off, he clearly cant wait much longer to be inside her. As soon as he has his penis out he moves Johan away from Janinas vagina (which holds her from orgasming a little longer!)…

Within a few seconds he is in position and Janina can feel his penis rubbing against her moist vagina. She has no idea who it is but its obvious that she longs to feel it inside her, Marc wants to tease her a little so that she is desperate for him to enter. Janina is now panting in between kissing Johan and me. Soon Marcs penis comes to slide into place and Janina can feel the end of it slowly working backwards and forwards, slightly deeper with each forward motion. She wants it now so much that she opens her legs wider and so his penis slides deeper inside her, the head of his penis enters her and Janina gives a good moan. The length of the penis now slides inside her. Marcs thrusting is rhythmical and soon the pace increases, so that they both start thrusting and pushing and her breathing deepens. Johan and I now watch Marc fucking Janina, I think he is doing a pretty good job!

He then lifts her legs at the knees, really driving his penis deep inside her and she helps him so that he can hold them over his arms while penetrating deeply. The thrusting is pretty frantic and it wont be long before he finishes. Janina then feels his penis shudder and Marc gave a load groan, Janina could feel his orgasm and ejaculation deep inside her, spurt after spurt of hot semen filling her vagina. This made her groan loudly clearly in an orgasmic way. There is sweat all over their bodies as Marc falls on Janina, but only for a moment as Johan encourages Marc to get out of the way and he starts sucking her tits and rubbing her clit again.

Each touch makes Janina shiver as she is fully aroused and soon she starts thrusting her pelvis to Johans stroking and again her breathing deepens. Then Johan rolls Janina over on to her stomach so that her amazing buttocks are facing us. I can tell that Janina is wondering what will happen, but she still has no idea who it is. Janina then feels hands running over her back and down her legs, over her buttocks and between her legs. Johan then starts to lick her buttocks and pulls them apart so that he can get in between and really lick her anus. He simultaneously pulls out his cock, which is a fair size and particularly fat.

Johan licks her anus for a little while, occasionally playfully slapping Janinas arse – which she likes…especially when he starts doing it with his erection. Slowly his penis comes to rest between her buttocks with the tip of the penis working its way down towards her anus. I know that Janina gets a bit nervous about anal, as we don’t do it so often but Johan runs the tip of his penis over her anus and it is clear that he is thinking of trying…after a couple of thrusts he instead lets his penis come to her vagina.

Janina can quickly feel that it is quite a large penis and Marc and I watch as Johan starts trying to get it in. Even with the lubrication of Marcs sperm, we can see that his fat cock is going to be quite a challenge! Johan then pulls Janinas hips up so that she is crouching with her arms held out ahead of her. Now with a better position Johan starts making progress. The head of the penis is large and so a stronger thrust is needed but in it goes, which makes Janina moan but she is clearly enjoying the feeling of his penis entering her as she sucks her bottom lip and pants loudly with every push from Johan. Janina is so aroused now, moist and hot, feeling his cock open her vagina wide.

As his penis enters her she can feel the thickness of his shaft, she matches his thrust so that Johans length finally gets inside her, each push is now being accompanied with a big moan from Johan and Janina. Johan then traces a finger down between her buttocks so that it comes to her anus and massages it. Janina can feel the tip of the finger enter her anus and slip out again, soon the motion matches the thrusting of their fucking. It makes nice little popping sounds – so Johan pushes another finger into her anus really stretching it now. It clearly feels good and Janina is on the way to another orgasm with his penis and fingers inside her. Johan again starts slapping her arse and occasionally reaching down and pulling her long blond hair so that her head comes up.

Johan then pulls her hips up more so that he can enter even deeper, and each thrust brings him deeper into her until Janina can feel his testicles rubbing against her pussy. The rhythm of his thrusts increases and Janina can feel the shaft of his penis hardening, we all know it will be only moments now. The pace of their love making increases and she can feel her own orgasm beginning – her mouth opens wide and she lets out a huge deep groan. Then Johan has his final thrusts as he pushes with all his might inside Janina, his penis rigid feeling like it fills her, and then orgasm. His ejaculation is huge and he groans loudly, Janina can feel his penis pulsing inside her with each ejaculation, this is much bigger than Marcs and much louder. He shoots his sperm deep inside her, so that she now has both mens semen inside her…

As Johan withdraws a wave of semen surges out of Janinas vagina…she rolls over and of course now its my moment… I have been masturbating watching the scene, so I’m already hard and good to go. I quickly get into position opening her legs wide, and driving my penis into her. By now she is in total abandon and each one of my thrusts leads to a moan like an orgasm. Janina is clearly loving every moment of her night of fucking. I can only say that I was enjoying it as much as she was and soon I joined Marc and Johan and began shooting my load deep into her vagina. This was some orgasm – every drop of semen was sucked out of my penis! By the end of it Janina was just totally gone with the amount of orgasms and fucking she has had and she is totally full of cum…and so we lie there - she’s exhausted and so am I, we take off the stocking blindfold and bindings and it looks like things have come to an end…but Marc is hard again and has that look in his eye, so you know for sure that Janina had a long night in Paris…

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2 years ago
Need me to eat all that cum!
2 years ago
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2 years ago
sweeter than candy better than chocolate just like gum drops that goes. { Pop } :-(o). I love it. Oh yes!!!!!
2 years ago
OMG, what a very erotic description of Janina being fucked and having all that cum shot in her pussy...I know how wonderful it is to feel a cock throb with each stream of cum that shoots! god, and cum is such a wonderful lube and I know she could feel how slick that cum is when the next cock slides into her. I would have loved to participate in several different ways! Thanks for such a hot story...you made my cock hard in my panties! Tris
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago