Bathhouse snapshots

Just some snapshots. The bathhouse meets my needs for spontaneous escapes, no planning, no relationships. I wish I could get there for some evenings and weekends.

Sauna. Crowd around me stroking and sucking my cock... Hot mouths move up and down, a hand reaches through the crowd to cup my nuts. Cum. 

Steam room. His mouth like fire, my cock hard. 

Countless blow jobs in the heat of the steam room. I sit on the top bench. They come in and fondle me. They suck my cock, soon I'm hard and shooting cum. 

Laying on the lower bench, I reach out under towels and touch cocks, pull them in, suck them while they stand in the heat.

Laying on the lower bench, he climbs down and we wrap into a steamy sidewise 69, my cock long and hard in his mouth and hands, his thick slick dick fucking in and out of my mouth and hands so you can't tell the difference. I cum. He cums in my aching hands sliding over his cock. Mmmmm. He leaves without a word.

In the dark of the maze, I sit on my legs, reach out in the dark for cocks, pull them close, fit them in my mouth. Feel them stiffen like steel, feeling around to clutch butt cheeks, feeling the pulsing and spasm and tasting cum. 

He lays back on the lower bench in the steam heat. I press my cock against his slick asshole, I fuck him. 

In the dark of the maze, mouth on my cock, I'm hard, slip on a condom, he turns around to face the wall away from me. I slide onto his ass fucking for a long time, flesh slapping, other shapes in the dark. I fuck him till I cum. I slip out, the condom slides off and another cock fucks him.

A lazy Sunday just three men in the hot tub. I sit on the edge, he takes my soft dick in his lips, and makes me long and stiff and wanting. We move to the big mattress in the playroom. Then third man sits up against the wall, the second with a bit of lube, a condom, bends, I slide my aching cock into his ass while third man watches and comments. It's a long lazy fuck moving faster with flesh slapping and me moaning when I cum.

Another Sunday, in the upper playroom, a man and I naked, caressing, kissing, playing with each others hard cocks. I straddle him, pressing down with my ass and groin, stroking myself against him.

Man sitting on the bench in the dark maze. I feed him, he moans like he's dying as someone beneath me sucks his cock. It breaks up without cumming. I see him later in the pale light. In his room I suck his long cock and ask him to fuck me. 

It's been a long summer with no chance to play. Soon, with them back to school, she working, I can find a brief respite from a long sexless marriage. 

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7 months ago
Yeah, chief. That pretty much sums it up. Im there for sex and i don't care who watches. Ive done some in those tiny private rooms, but id rather play out in the open..
7 months ago
Love having sex in the bath houses. Everyone is naked and available. I usually go for the older type, the ones that all the young studs shun. They are a little more gentler, they fuck me longer and they are more willing to have someone else join the party and to be surrounded by older men, feeling their hands all over my naked flesh and then giving me their cocks to enjoy is the main reason I visit.
11 months ago
11 months ago
Yep, that's how it normally is!
11 months ago
Yep, that's how it normally is!