from my army friend and admirer....

This story is the best so far that anyone has posted on my profile for is hot...see what you think.... I would love to bring you back to my place and have some of my buddies there. They are all waiting for you. when you come in they cant wait to have you touching them. theres 3 guys sitting on the couch, a guy in the love seat and 2 guys each sitting in chairs. I take the seat open on the love seat. you start dancing and stripping in the middle of the room. as you are dancing you are going around taking off different guys pants. as you slide ther pants off you take them in your mouth. getting a taste for each one. does not take long and everyone in the room is naked. you start slow and go to one of the guys sitting alone in a chair. you squat down in front of him. you start by licking him. then you take him in your mouth. as you start going on him he reaches and put his hand on your head. you slide off his cock and slap him. you tell him its you doing this not him. you leave him and move to the other guy sitting alone. he is rock hard waiting for you. you go right to it. sucking on him. taking him fully in your mouth. sucking on his balls and taking all of his cock it does not take long and he cums in your mouth. was wanting more. you go to the coutch. you start with the guy in the middle. you go right to sucking on him. you look over and see the other two guy s sitting there hard for you. you reach out with each and and start stroking them. you fell the craving between your legs. you stand up and turn around. you sit back on the guy in the middle's cock. feeling it with your hand sliding it in your begging pussy. as you are riding him you are stroking the other guys. spitting in your hand and rubbing it on your wet pussy and rubbing it on there cocks. you feel the cock in you growing getting ready to explode. just then you feel it shoot hot cum in side of you. you cant help it you have to cum too. throwing your self back grinding down hard on him. as soon as he finishes you jump right over and ride the guy to his left taking his hard cock right in you dripping cum from your pussy you are ridding his from stroking him he shoots in you prety quickly, you jump over to the other guy on the couch and ride him. two guys cum in you and new cock in you your wanting it to cum too. you feel it gettign ready and as his cum shoots in to your tight pussy you cum again. when your pussy has pulled it all out you come over to the love seat. you are squating in front of the other guy you are sucking on him and rubbing your pussy getting all that cum all over your hand and rubbing it on his cock as you suck on him. rubbing 3 guys cum on that cock taking it all the way in your mouth. his cock is covered in cum and drool from you. then you feel your mouth fill up with more cum. you hold your head there taking it all in your mouth. you do your best to get it all off his cock as you take your head away and go right for my cock sitting there waiting for you this hole time. 4 guys cum in your mouth and you take my cock in your mouth. covering my cock in all there cum, your sucking on it and stroking it. cum is getting all over my cock and balls and your face, you slide up and you are facing me and you sit on it. feeling it slide in you, riding my cock, feeling all that cum squish between us, you lean down and start kissing me. all that cum going between us. in our mouths. your tight pussy riding my cock both of us dirty kissing each other i shoot my cum in you, making you cum again. taking all my cock in your pussy. when we are finished you and i sttay nude and say good by to our guest....... how was that for a story? would you like to hear more???? did it turn you on?
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3 years ago
I need a cold shower now
3 years ago
mm nice