growing up bestfriend's curiousity

Somewhere around the age of 18-19 there was a boy who moved to the town I lived. “Sam” was in the same grade as me and that’s where we met. For some reason I thought he was cool. We started hanging out and became best friends. I would spend the night over and Sam’s house it seemed every weekend. We were too young to really understand anything about sex, but always curious about it.
One night when I was staying at Sam’s when his parents went downstairs he pulled out some little porn ads. I got a hard on and tried to conceal it. He then grabbed the phone and started calling numbers like 1-800hottits or 1-800hotbabe etc. It was really exciting to hear sexy lady voices talking to me. We did that for a few weeks until we grew into something more.
After we got caught calling the 800 numbers we stopped and it seemed our horniness doubled. Sam started to tell me stories he was having with the girl at school. I honestly never believed him because I knew he told tall tales. But I was still intrigue. He would mention how they had “sex” and were laying naked kissing. I was kind of jealous but happy for him. The weekend after he told me his secret he gave me an ultimatum. Sam said he wouldn’t be my friend if didn’t keep a secret about him doing stuff with me. That stuff I had no idea what he meant. I was scared of losing my best friend. So I asked what to do because I didn’t want to ruin my friendship.
Sam said that he wanted to have sex with me. I was so confused because I thought men and women were only supposed to kiss and stuff. But I didn’t want to make him upset so I agreed. We got naked and into the same bed. He started off by kissing me. I didn’t know what to do. I kiss my parents on the lips before but not with girls let alone guys. After feeling around awhile he said he wanted to suck my dick. I was so lost in my mind on what to do. I am at his house in the middle of the night. I can’t tell his parents what was going on because I didn’t want anybody to know what the hell has happened. I agree to him and he goes under the blanket and starts to suck on my hard rod. It was feeling quite nice but wasn’t exactly comfortable as my mind felt guilty of this pleasure. After a few minutes he said it was his turn.
I was hesitant but once again I didn’t stop myself. I took his cock in my hand. It was curved and slightly smaller than mine. The feeling of another guys cock was so sensational. The skin felt soft but underneath was ribbed meat. I put my head under the cover and next to his dick. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. I just remembered the slight smell of piss and salty taste. After sucking and bobbing for a few minutes not knowing if I was doing it right I came back up for air. I looked at Sam and remember seeing a smile and then what he said next. Sam once again threatened me not to say anything and that He would stop being my friend if we didn’t have sex. I knew I wasn’t going to say anything and then replied ok Sam.
Sam had me roll over on my side and spooned me. His naked body was pressed against me and his pole was poking my butt. It was a strange sensation that made me feel a bit uncomfortable. He began a humping motion but never penetrated me. I just laid there wondering if this was normal. Was it actually feeling good? Was I liking the feeling a being of someone ramming me from behind? Before I could make up my mind Sam stopped and said it was mine turn to “butt” fuck him. I literally hadn’t a clue what to do. The first thing that I thought of was to put my ass against his and to the humping motion. After he turned me around I spooned him. Gradually I wrapped my arm around him and grabbed his cock. I started humping his back side and rubbing his dick. I stopped after a few minutes and we just laid there and fondling and sucking each other’s young hard-on. We talked to each other until we fell asl**p.
We would continue to explore our sexuality over the year but took a break after we started puberty and our attention and sex drive was focused on our girlfriends. I had one last night with my best friend early in high school. It was by far the best of our sexual encounters. It was at our friend’s cabin which was only a few minutes from where we lived. It was about 5 guys without any parental supervision. We had some alcohol and did the normal things we did like fish swim and just hang out in private. One of those nights we all partied a bit and stayed the night. One room had bunk beds the other a queen and the living room =had a pull out sofa. Sam and I ended up on the sofa. It is a mystery how it happened next but all I could remember from that night was spooning sam. We both had a hard on for each other. My penis grew against his bum and was aching at his hole. My hand was wrapped around him and I felt for his dick. It felt the way it used to some years back when we were experimenting. I started to press and slowly hump on him while stroking him. It felt so good and after a few minutes I felt the urge building. I came all over Sam’s ass at the same time he spurted his load on the bed sheets and my hand. It stunk like hot butt sex and jizz. We passed out in our wet messes and never talked about it again. I was nervous that the owner of the cabin would notice the sex stains but it was never brought up. I bet there was some suspicion.
That was the last time Sam and I would ever be together like that. We have grown apart since those days but I still think about it and wonder if I’ll ever have a friend like that again. I have always been embarrassed about that story but I am trying to figure out my desire for anal sex and that’s most likely where it stems from. I have been with one other guy besides Sam when I was in college and when I was curious about getting fucked in the ass by guys. I don’t consider myself to be gay because I am not necessarily attracted to guys just love my asshole being toyed with. Could I be Bi? That is a story for another day but I would love to hear people’s comments, advice opinions or stories of similar situations. Thanks for reading

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