Stranded Pt. 3

I woke up during the night, slipped out to run into the truck stop, not wanting to wake and disturb the girls, came back out and was checking my paperwork, and figured I had better get on the road, so with the girls sl**ping away, I got the truck ready to go, and headed out on the road. They must have really been wiped out from our activities earlier that neither of them peaked out to say anything. The roads were pretty clear as I headed north on I-29, neither of the girls said anything or popped out of the sl**per till I was pulling into the south end of Sioux City, IA. Lyssa stuck her head out of the sl**per and asked, “where are we?” I replied back, “we are almost to Sioux City, did you need me to stop?” She looked back in the sl**per at Missy and then turned back and said, “yes please.” “Can do, my exit for the truck stop is coming up soon, we'll pull in there. Better make sure you and Missy are decent to go in.” Missy was just waking up as we pulled into the truck stop, Lyssa helped Missy get dressed and the 3 of us after I parked went into the truck stop. Lyssa and Missy more or less stumbled in...more Missy than Lyssa...but we all went in. The girls hurried off the to the ladies room, and I went to the cafe, told them to meet me in there. They came out and sat down with me in the cafe a few min. later, we didn't talk much that morning, mainly cause they were still trying to wake up, but we relaxed and enjoyed a nice breakfast. Told the girls after we leave, we have about an hour and a half till we get home.

After paying for breakfast, we headed back out to the truck. The girls settled back in the sl**per, not sure if they went back to sl**p or not, it was just quiet as I headed back north on the highway. After stopping at the Port of Entry at Jefferson, it wasn't much of a stop, since it's a weigh in motion scale, after that we were back on the road and went hammer down going up the high way. About an hour later we pulled into Sioux Falls, I actually have a place just outside of town on the west end of town, so we dropped the trailer off where it had to go to, and then headed to my house. Pulled into the yard at home and parked the truck, I noticed the girls were sl**ping again, and didn't want to wake them right away, but I shut the truck off and grabbed a cord to plug in the block heater. I started to grab some things like my paperwork, my laptop and a few other things and headed into the house with them. Then came back out to wake the girls up. They were a bit grumpy, but I said we're home girls, let's get in the house. The girls climbed out of the truck and headed into the house, being the first time they were in the house, I think they were quite impressed. I was in the kitchen when I heard the girls come out of the bedroom talking about my big king size bed. I got the distinct impression they were liking the bed. It was getting close to lunch time and the girls rustled up some food and made a quick lunch for the 3 of us. Not expecting it, but after lunch the girls grabbed me and pulled me into the bedroom and started stripping my clothes off. Kissing my neck and chest as they were taking my shirt and pants off. Lyssa after dropping my pants, reached inside the leg of my boxer briefs and grabbed my hardening cock. She started stroking my cock, making it harder and harder, Missy came up behind me and started kissing my back, and the back of my neck, pressing her ample breasts into my back. I reached around behind me to kiss her, and as I did, I pushed my cock further towards Lyssa, who took the head of it into her hot mouth. Missy reached around and started rubbing my nipples as I put my arms around her neck pulling her closer to me. She moved over to my side, with Lyssa on her knees worshiping my cock, I reached between Missy's legs and started rubbing her clit and pussy, feeling her getting wetter and wetter. I have Lyssa stop, which she didn't like, but I lay down on the bed and let her continue her oral worshiping of my hard cock, and Missy kneels over my face, lowering her wet pussy over my face, she knee's facing Lyssa, and I start licking her sweet pussy, I hear her moaning as she grinds her pussy on my face and tongue. Also as I'm licking her pussy, she gets the vibration from me moaning as Lyssa licks and sucks my hard cock. I latched my lips around Missy's clit and just hummed and moaned, then all the sudden, I feel the flood of her juices all over my face as she cums, soaking my face. She gets up and I feel Lyssa's lips leave my cock, then I look down and see Missy take her place taking my hard cock in her mouth, working it over, and Lyssa takes Missy's place, kneeling over my face, I lap at her pussy and clit, moaning as Missy is really working over my cock trying to make me cum. Lyssa's pussy is VERY wet too as she was rubbing herself while she was sucking my cock earlier, and as I licked and sucked on her clit and pussy I felt her getting wetter. I felt her sit up and her body stiffen as her orgasm hit and she came, gushing all over my face with her sweet juices, as she did, my cock erupted, filling Missy's mouth with my hot cum. I just laid back and the girls laid down on both sides of me, both of them lightly rubbing my nipples, and kissing my neck. I was tired and went to sl**p, guess the girls were too because they fell asl**p too. I slept for a few hours, and was woke up to hearing one of the girls moaning. I opened my eyes to see Missy laying on her back and Lyssa was using a vibrator on Missy's pussy. I sat up and watched as Lyssa played with Missy, bringing her closer and closer to cumming. I hear her breathing get shallower and heavier, and then her orgasm hits, and as it over takes her body, she lets out a scream of pleasure, as she had cum, Lyssa had pulled the toy from Missy's pussy and Missy squirted and gushed all over Lyssa. The girls looked SO sexy there, they looked over to see I was awake, and they attacked me, I could tell they BOTH wanted my cock, again one of them sat on my face, Lyssa taking the first turn sitting on my face and Missy climbed on and slid my hard cock into her wet pussy. I had a harder time keeping my concentration on licking Lyssa's pussy this time as Missy was riding me, but I could hear the girls kissing each other as well. This went on for a few min, and to be fair, since Missy got me to cum earlier, they switched so Lyssa could ride my hard cock and Missy got to ride my face. Lilly was VERY wet and very horny and started riding me very hard. I could tell she was getting close to cumming herself, the way she was riding me, also, my cock must have been rubbing against her g spot. I licked and sucked on Missy's pussy and clit, she and Lyssa both came at abut the same time, Lyssa's pussy spasmed and contracted around my hard cock, as it did, it milked my hard cock, pumping the cum from my balls and filled her hot wet pussy, as she got up off me, I could see my cum leaking out of her swollen pussy. I got up to use the bathroom, while in there, I grabbed a towel and stepped in the shower to freshen up. When I got back to the bedroom, still drying off, I saw the girls cuddling together sl**ping. I came to the bed and pushed my way between them a little, they felt me between them and moved so I could lay down between them. They cuddled up to me, each of them wrapping a leg around my leg, pushing their wet pussies against my legs, we cuddled close together and I fell asl**p, sure to have good dreams that night.
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