Stranded Pt. 2

I wake up a few hours later, slowly slip out of bed, which wasn't easy, because as I as moving, Missy grabbed and squeezed me a little tighter, but I was able to get up, I get my laptop out and check e-mail and some other things while she slept, worked on paperwork and made some plans for when I got home. I had been out on the road for almost a month, and was looking forward to getting back home. And having company made it more rewarding. I look back over to see Missy laying on her back sl**ping with her legs was comfortable in the room and she had the covers off, so seeing her naked body drew me back to her, so I went back to the bed, and laid down between her spread legs, and started kissing and licking the insides of her thighs, working my way to her pussy and clit. I could hear her moan as I started playing with her. She started squirming under me as I worked her clit with my tongue, feeling her getting wetter as I lapped at her clit, I worked a finger then a second into her ever moistening pussy, rubbing her g-spot and the inside of her wet pussy. I looked up to see her awake moaning more and looking down at me, her hands at her breasts her fingers tugging at her hardening nipples. I felt her orgasm building around my fingers as her pussy got wetter and wetter, then she screamed out as her orgasm came crashing through her body, and her pussy squirted her delicious juices all over my face as I pulled my fingers out as she was cumming. She laid there for a couple min. catching her breath, then saw that hungry, I want to fuck your brains out look, come over her face. I got up and sat next to her and she grabbed me and started kissing me, almost shoving her tongue into my mouth and down my throat. I was pretty hard from my licking and fingering her pussy, but her kissing made my cock so hard, I thought it was gonna explode. I felt her hand reach down between my legs and started stroking my extremely hard cock, she gave it a squeeze. She pushed me back to lay down and then kneeled over my cock and started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, paying special attention to the head and the vein on the underside, she did this for a few min, looking up at me with those sultry, sexy eyes as she had my hard cock in her mouth. She took my whole cock in her mouth, looking up at me, I almost exploded right there, but held back. She backed off and started tonging the head of my cock, getting me closer to exploding, I felt my eruption coming quickly and so did she, and she pulled my pulsing cock from her mouth and stroked it. I started cumming, and cumming, erupting my white hot cum from my balls up through the shaft, covering her beautiful face with my creamy cum. She laid back and used her fingers and started wiping my cum from her face and licked it off her fingers. I laid there totally spent, feeling like I hadn't cum in years and shot a years worth of cum. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up, and grabbed a wash cloth and came back to clean me up as well. Then she laid down next to me and we cuddled.

Pretty much she and I spent our time in the hotel fucking the majority of the time we were there. And we had to get back on the road, so the day we checked out, I took our stuff out to the truck, and got the truck ready to go, Missy got in the truck as I went to the hotel office to check out. From our vigorous bedroom activities the night before she must have been quite tired because when I got back to the truck, she was in the sl**per zonked out asl**p. So we took off and headed to get our next load.

The load we got had to be delivered on my way back home, and we were about 2 days into the trip back home, after being in the warmer weather of the south in Texas, it was a bit of a shock to us being back in the cold. We stopped for the night in Nebraska City, NE. a town south of Omaha.
We started to head into the cafe to have dinner when we saw a woman in her late 20's to early 30's outside shivering. I could tell she had been there for a while and Missy said to me, “we should help her, she looks cold and hungry.” I walked up to her and said, “come on inside and join us, you look like you could use something to eat.” She was shivering and was very surprised but said “thank you.” “I thought after my ride dumped me here that I would freeze.” I said to her, “come on inside, and we can talk and you can get something to eat and so you can warm up.” So the three of us went inside to get some dinner. I asked her name, and she introduced herself, she said, “I'm Lyssa.” I asked her what happened, and she told me that she was traveling with a girl that she thought was a friend, while they were traveling, they had an argument and the girl she was riding with got pissed and dumped her there.

Lyssa told us that she hadn't eaten anything in about 2 days. So she was VERY thankful that she was getting a hot meal. I asked, “where are you sl**ping at?” She said “wherever I can find a place right now.” I looked at Missy, and she looked back at me and said, “it's your call.” I said, “it would be a tight squeeze but you could sl**p in my truck. I'm heading back to South Dakota, and you can ride along with us if you'd like.” Come to find out she was from where I was going. After we were done eating dinner, I paid for the 3 of us to take showers at the truck stop. Missy and Lyssa are about the same body size and Missy let Lyssa borrow some of her clothes since Lyssa's clothes were all dirty. I headed out to the truck and waited for the girls. Come to find out that Lyssa and Missy just used the same shower, worked out better I guess. But the girls came out and climbed in the truck. I had some paperwork to do, so I sat in the drivers seat and told the girls they could share the sl**per. I thought nothing of it because I was busy with my paperwork. I had figured the girls would have gone to sl**p, but as I was working on my paperwork I got distracted by the sound of the girls giggling back in the sl**per, and I heard kissing coming from back there as well. I was thankful that I had the curtains pulled around the windows so people couldn't see in the truck, I got done with my paperwork, put it away and turned around to see the girls naked in the sl**per, kissing and touching each other, Missy was playing with Lyssa's breasts, fondling her nipples, Lyssa had one of Missy's breasts in her hands and was licking and sucking on her nipple. I sat there and just watched these 2 girls playing with each other in the sl**per. Come to find out from Missy later, that they had started making out in the shower, and wanted to continue when they got out to the truck and see what I would do. But I sat there and watched them, not wanting to interrupt their fun. I continued watching and saw Missy lay back as Lyssa started kissing her way down her belly, and then started kissing her inner thighs and then kissed and licked her pussy lips and clit. Lyssa slowly slid a finger then 2 into Missy's moistening pussy, hearing her moan was really turning me on. I was thinking as I watched these 2 beautiful ladies as my cock got harder, but in my mind, I was thinking, this trip could be a LOT of fun. I watched as Lyssa brought Missy to orgasm after orgasm watching her soak the towel under her in the sl**per. Then watched as they switched places, watching Missy finger and lick, kiss and suck on Lyssa's clit and pussy. Found out in a hurry that they both were pretty turned on from their making out in the shower, and Lyssa came very hard, screaming as her orgasm came over her....I thought the guys in the trucks around us would have heard her. I was sitting there naked with my hard cock in my hand watching the girls, when they turned to me, and said together...”your turn!” The two of them got up, grabbed my hands and pulled me into the sl**per, laid me down, Missy kneeled over my face, putting her wet pussy in my face and about that same time, I felt Lyssa's soft lips wrap around my hard cock.

I lapped and licked at Missy's clit and pussy, feeling her get wetter as I licked her. It was tough trying to concentrate when Lyssa was working my cock over really well with her lips, tongue and mouth, and also stroking my cock with her hand as well. After a few min. of sucking my cock I feel Lyssa get up, and she climbed on top of me and lowered her wet pussy on my cock. Missy got up and turned to face Lyssa and kneeled back down, I had my nose buried in her pussy and my lips and tongue all over her clit, and Lyssa was rocking back and forth on my hard cock. Apparently the girls were liking what I was doing because I felt them both cum at the same time, Missy raised herself up off my face and she came, gushing her juices all over my face, and at the same time, Lyssa came all over my hard cock, and as she did, her pussy muscles squeezed and gripped my cock, and I exploded, cumming in Lyssa's wet pussy, filling her up with my hot cum. The bunk was a bit tight, but the three of us laid down, Lyssa on one side and Missy on the other, and we ended up falling asl**p there. I woke up during the night, got up and had both girls not wanting me to get up, but got up and put some clothes on, got out of the truck and walked up to the truck stop. When I came back, I saw both girls cuddled together, they were such a beautiful sight to see. Not wanting to disturb them, I sat in the drivers seat and leaned it back, grabbing my pillow first and went back to sl**p.
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8 months ago
Glad you like it. Hopefully I'll have time to write Pt. 3 sometime soon.
8 months ago
Another great one can't wait for the next adventure