When I met Henry and Helene! (3)

So I had been staying with Henry and Helene at their manor house for a few days now... They were a very affluent couple from a French background, but apart from that, I really didn’t know much about them! Other than the fact that they enjoyed sex very much and that they had decided to keep me as their sex partner after we met in a club.

They set up a guest room for me. In the first morning they had insisted that Helene was to go shopping for essentials for me instead of me picking up my stuff from home! “No no no... if you go home you might not want to come back... you really don’t want this dream to end, do you mon cher?” and so I had not returned home for 3 days and the only explanation I had given my friend Kristen was that I had taken a little holiday but would let her know more on my return.

As Helene came into my room and found me and her husband naked in bed all she said was “oh! So this is where you spent the night?” but there was no reproachable tone on her. “Yes, me and Sonia have spent a wonderful night together, now we are hungry, go fetch us some breakfast!” and just like a puppy she left coming back later with a tray full of yummy stuff. Henry picked it up and sat it between me and him. “Can I have some?” Helene asked him. “No, none for you... if you want to eat you must entertain us! Why don’t you be a good pet and give us a little show at the end of the bed?” as he said that Henry picked up a strawberry and fed it to me in the most suggestive manner possible. Helene lifted up her chemise and laid down at the edge of the bed and started touching herself.

First she rubbed her breasts and then one hand went down to her pussy and she started caressing herself, then she inserted 2 fingers in her pussy and was masturbating herself first slowly then more vigorously... pretty soon she started moaning and Henry spoke “Stop that immediately!” and she did. “Can we not enjoy a nice breakfast without all this shaking on the bed?! If you want to do that, why don’t you try the floor!” Helene obediently got down from the bed and sat on the floor.

She had her chemise just above her waist and one of the straps had fallen down in a very sexy way. I was turned on and one look at Henry’s boxers told me that so was he! Helene restarted from where she had left, caressing her breasts and Henry seeing me staring at her said “why don’t you go and join her, after all she didn’t get any last night!” I followed his suggestion and naked as I was, got down on my knees and went down on her. She smelled soooo good, she was already wet and the smell was almost intoxicating. I sucked her pussy lips and then licked the inside. I spit just a little bit on it to make it slimier and then put my tongue inside her. She moaned louder and started shouting obscenities in French... “chienne... mon petit chienne... oui... me lecher... ooooouuuiii c’est bon... ne vous arrêtez pas… ooohhhh OH YES ! Please I am coming!” And then Henry spoke again “Sonia dear, your coffee will get cold, please stop and come eat your breakfast…” I looked at him and realised what he was doing and stopped immediately. Helene let out a moan of regret and Henry told her I would like some more coffee as my coffee had gone cold.

Helene left the room and came back a minute later carrying more coffee. I had already finished my still hot coffee and so Henry said “Too late. You are no good as a pet and no good as a maid, what are you good at?”; “Sex!” she said looking down sheepishly... “What? I can’t hear you, what are you good at?”; “Sex!” She said a bit louder; “I must be going deaf! I thought I heard you say you were a fucking sex whore! What are you?”; “A fucking sex whore!” she repeated; “Ah! But of course you are... would you like to be fucked?”; Helene’s eyes light up like a light bulb and she almost jumped up and down in expectation “Yes! Yes! Please will you fuck me mon cher?!”; “Of course!” and Henry got out of bed and grabbed her arm and dragged her away...

I decided to follow them as he took her to a room down the hall. As he opened the door I saw a contraption that looked a little bit like a torture wheel I once saw in a museum! He said to her “Are you sure you want to be fucked?”; “yes, yes... please fuck me!” was her answer. He walked her over to the wheel that had some straps on, so that the subject would be standing but tied up by the arms and legs in a crucifix way. He pushed her against the wheel and tied her to it. Then he tore up her chemise and her panties exposing her completely. He started sucking her breasts and caressing her pussy while she was moaning with pleasure and just short of her coming he stopped, to her frustration “no please mon cher, just a bit longer, pleaseeee” But he was already giving his back to her and walking towards me.

He kissed me sensually on the lips and I felt warm in between my tights immediately, then he caressed my breasts and felt my pussy and turned me around and bent me over... “I am going to fuck her and you are going to watch... see... see how I put my cock in her pussy... see how she likes it! That could be you! Would you like that? Would you like to be fucked like this?” as he said those words he fucked me harder and harder and I felt my pussy almost break under the hardness of his cock, no denying I was enjoying it! “Yes! Please fuck me, don’t fuck her, fuck me!” Helene pleaded with him... just as he was pouring his cum inside me and I was screaming in ecstasy “ooooohhhhHHHHH! aaaaaAAAhhhhhHHHHH! Soooooo gooooood!” I came also in heaps of shaking and trembling with him still inside me as deep as anyone had ever been! Her pleas in the background made me enjoy it even more and the same seemed to apply to him. He turned me around and made me get on my knees and suck him. I was so turned on that i didnt mind almost choking by him forcing his dick further and further into my throat till I almost passed out then we parted bodies and he walked over to her “Oui! Me now... it’s my turn now, right? Are you going to fuck me now?”; “How much do you want to be fucked mon cher?” he asked Helene; “A lot please please I want it a lot! Anything just stick it in me! I want your dick, your tongue, your fingers, anything... pleaaaaseeeeeeeeee!” She was almost crying in her desire. The ropes were digging into her flesh and she was all flustered and yet she looked so beautiful. Henry said “very well!” and reached for a black box on the floor.

As he opened it I saw the biggest dildo ever. It was black and smooth and it looked like a police baton but much thicker. He pulled it out of the box and showed it to her! I saw fear cross her face “No! You are crazy it is too big, you are going to rip me apart, it will never fit! Henry, please!”; “You did say anything, mon cher!” and he turned to me. As he did so I noticed that there was more stuff in the box. To my surprise it looked like the monster dildo came with holders that turned it into a strap on... “Would you like to do the honours Sonia my dear?” My eyes glistened... Yes! I wanted to fuck her, I wanted to give it to her! I wanted to feel what a man feels when he penetrates a pussy and makes a woman scream of pleasure.

Henry came over to me and attached the parts of the apparatus to me. There was a bit that entered my pussy in a c shape, apparently designed for the pleasure of the operator. Henry then went to Helene, who by now had tears streaming down her face “You are going to kill me... you are going to rip me from the inside out with that thing... please don’t do this to me... please!”. He had a glazed look on him and he reached for her breasts and started to lick them once again. This time with a fervour that I was yet to see in him before. He looked almost deranged in his necessity to have her and he rubbed and sucked and bite to the point of making her boobs red and her nipples pointy hard. Then he started rubbing her pussy with one hand as he still worked her breasts, once in a while he would rub his dick on her naked body as he was so close and so hard. Helene was almost delirious. She had forgotten all about the previous scare and was now enjoying this crazed masturbation by her husband. As for me, I was just standing there... getting wetter and wetter so much so that I started rubbing my own breasts and stroking my strap on as if I was a man, with a real dick! Then Henry seemed to snap out of it... Helene had moaned one too many times and she was on the brink of orgasming! So this was it, this was the moment.

He stood aside and motioned me to move forward and as he did so she came to her senses again and restarted the fearful begging “No, Henry! Nooooo, please... Sonia, you will kill me, please don’t do this...” the more she begged us not to, the hornier I got and soon I was entering her! It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. Her pussy was so moist it was dripping wet so there was enough lube for it to go in. Slowly I parted her labia which stretched a bit showing the pinkness of her insides, then I started pushing faster and harder and soon I was at a nice pace and her pussy was stretched to the limit and her face was contorted in both pain and ultimate satisfaction. She was so wet and I just wanted her soooo much I started fucking harder, and the harder I fucked her the harder the contraption dug into my own pussy and rubbed my clit and made me hornier...

And then he was behind me, he had never asked me to fuck my ass and I had never offered but there he was, ready to enter me, and I was so beyond hot that I didn’t care what he did to me as long as I got something... It was going to be my first time anal! But there was no time to think about it... Soon he was entering my asshole, pushing through my tight rim. The pain was so unbelievably intense it made me enter Helene harder. As I was inadvertedly getting away from him I was entering her deeper and deeper... he grabbed my hips in place and pushed in one strong motion and I felt pain rip through me so powerful that I almost dropped to my knees. If he was not holding me in place I probably would have. He held me up and didn’t move for a moment to give me time to adjust to the pain and then he was moving out slowly, almost completely out when I heard him spit! One decisive spit and I realised that he was rubbing it on his own dick and that he was going to use it as lube and fuck my ass more. As that thought crossed my mind I felt a rush of tingling pressure as if I had just been struck down by electricity and I realised that I was getting wetter with the expectation. Helene’s moans brought me back to my task and I returned to fucking her and soon Henry was fucking my ass in tune to me fucking Helene’s pussy.

“Can you feel it mon cher? Can you feel the huge cock inside you? It is me! I am fucking you through her... can you feel it?” Henry was addressing his wife but she was beyond hearing and I was beyond caring! I pushed forward and she let out a cry so hard I thought my ears were going to pop. For a moment I thought I had gone too far and had in fact ripped her insides out but then she was off with the lude French commentaries that she always engaged in right before orgasming and I knew her pleasure was winning over pain. Soon she shouted “Ooooooouuuuuuiiiiiiii I am cuuuuuuuummmmmmiiiiinnnnnggggg!” I felt a load being shot up my asshole and I gave in to the best orgasm of my life as the thickness and warmth of his cum slid around his penis to my cunt. The three of us screaming of pleasure was the most surreal experience I ever had but it felt spectacular.

As soon as Henry regained his senses he came out from inside me and released his wife. And immediately she was on him, kissing him furiously as if her life depended on it. “OooohhhhHHH mon cher, Je t’aime tellement! Je t’aime mon amour” and he was embracing and kissing her back.

After that we had sex a couple more times and then they announced they were moving to Japan! “Japan?!” I was surprised but shouldn’t really have been, I knew that this dream life could not last forever. “Yes Japan! Would you like to come with us?” It was tempting but I knew that I was just one of their many adventures and that it was time for me to go back to reality and call it a day. As I left their house the next morning and got into a taxi thinking of what laid ahead, Henry gave me an envelope. Inside there was over £2000. We didn’t exchange phone numbers and they never gave me their new address but I will never forget the time when I met Henry and Helene.
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story way to long
4 years ago
Lovely description of buggery. It is so lovely to be fucked up the arse. The feel of a man squirting his spunk into my arse is delightful and the pain of buggery makes teh whole experience very exciting.