When I met Henry and Helene! (2)

So last time I told you about the experience on the limo with Henry and Helene, an attractive couple I met in a “boudoir like” club. After we got briefly acquainted, they made a bet to see who could make me come faster and harder in 5 minutes. If I didn’t come I would get all the money he had in his wallet... close to £800! They won and she was the fastest, so as a reward she asked for me! So I agreed to go to their massive manor house...
Henry led me into the house. I was still in awe of how magnificent it was. I had never been in a house so big and beautiful. I felt like Alice in wonderland. Henry grabbed my hand and took me to the living room. It was big and spacious and looked like it had the works of an expensive interior designer all over!
I was trying not to look overwhelmed and intimidated but I think by the look on their faces I was failing miserably. “You have a very nice house!” I blurted. Helene smiled and said thank you while Henry asked me if I wanted anything to drink. I said no, but he disappeared into another division and came back with a bottle of champagne. He opened it and poured us all a glass and then he lifted his own glass and said “to being young and wicked and willing to fuck!” I was not sure of that toast but I sipped the champagne anyway.
After a while, I felt a little big self conscious as we were just sat there sipping champagne so as to make conversation I stupidly said “Do you have a maid or something? A house this big must be difficult to maintain!” They both laughed and Helene said to her husband “Je l’aime!” and Henry simply replied “elle est magnifique!” I just looked coy as it felt like they were mocking me.
Henry came over to me and patted my leg and Helene came to sit on my other side. I felt a tingle of nervousness climbing through my body coming from the inside of my pussy. Henry kissed the base of my neck and rubbed my leg up and down lifting the short amount of dress I had on while Helene unzipped me and felt my breasts. I felt like I had to give something in return so I started to feel up Henry’s leg on my right and up Helene’s on my left. Helene quickly grabbed hold of my hand and led it to the inside of her thigh, which I caressed. Henry on the other side removed my hand and placed it on his wife as he stood up and went to sit across from us on the other couch.
I remembered that Helene had asked for me as her reward and I supposed Henry was obliging her. I had never had proper sex with a woman, yet I found Helene so sophisticated, not to mention gorgeous with her petite frame and small but perky boobs, her delicately white skin and her bob hair. She was all together very French and I found her incredibly attractive. A different sort of attractive then my friend Kristen who was all sex on legs tall, blonde, tanned and slim. Helene had a pretty face and a very sexy full mouth and big brown eyes. She had a lot of a round and firm ass which was only slightly too big for her but fitted perfectly, in fact those single details about her made her incredibly sexy... and now that she was caressing my big 36DD breasts all I could think about was how to have her!
Helene was wearing a green, tight, off the shoulder dress and she had beautiful pearls as earrings and as a necklace. She stood up and reached behind her back to undo her zip and wriggled herself sexily from the dress and let it fall to her feet. I felt she was striping like that for both mine and her husband’s benefit because it was incredibly hot. She was then standing there wearing a push up strapless bra and lacy panties in a paler green than the dress. She bent over exposing her magnificent ass in her husband’s direction and she lifted my dress so my panties came to full view.
I was glad I was wearing flattering underwear even if it was just panties and no bra. Mine were black satin and you could see them glistening as the wetness sipped through them. Helene slid them to the side and went down on me, licking me skilfully. There I was on some strangers sofa, getting head from his wife while he watched! She knew exactly what to suck and when and as she licked my clit I couldn’t help but to squirm from pleasure and grab her by the hair and move her head around to push her further into me! She moaned her mouth full of my pussy, and that sound made me jet some more warm white liquid into her mouth. She moaned louder and then came up, climbed on top of me and kissing me in the mouth, whiteness around her lips. I was so turned on that I licked and sucked the side of her mouth. I wanted to taste it all! She wanted to give me all to taste! We kissed passionately and then the tension seemed to rise as our tongues grew impatient for each other and our hands seemed to move rapidly with a mind of their own. I was feeling her breasts, grabbing her ass, rubbing her pussy all at the same time while she was kissing me and caressing me all over too... I pushed her off me and dropped her effortlessly on the couch on her back. Then it was my turn to sink my head in between her legs. I licked and sucked and even bite a little and she seemed to be delirious in another world as she was screaming and moaning and calling out things in French that I could not understand “oohhHH Oui... continuez... si bon... vous de la vache... me faire gémir.... ooohhhh oui si bon...” Her moans just made me want to do it harder and soon I had put 3 fingers inside her and was fucking her hard... “encore... plus si bon... vous êtes bon... sucer... ooohhh ooooooouuuuuuiiii… à l'intérieur... oui… comme ça! Plus” and then she was shaking and I could feel her pussy tighten around my fingers and tremble under my mouth as she came. A warm and delicious smell filled my nose and she tasted so sweet. She kept trembling as I licked her clean and I was so intent on my task that I didn’t notice Henry had come to stand behind me... he started fingering my wet pussy and then as quick as I could say yes, he inserted his penis inside me and was humping me from behind! I let out a surprised moan that sounded a bit like a gasp but I didn’t dare to move because his dick felt so big and good inside me. Helene was almost collapsed under me and as he pushed me down, I had to lay on top of her and my boobs were being squashed by her pussy! That thought alone made me wetter than ever! So much so that I could hear his dick sliding in and out of me and his balls banging against my clit... then I let out a louder moan of ecstasy and felt him harden even more inside me, and let out a moan himself, as he came inside me! I was in such a state of bliss that I didn’t even consider the fact that he was not wearing a condom... A guy... a stranger just came inside me and I let him! This was just not me!
Helene moved uncomfortably under me and I tried to get up but Henry had his full weight on me as he had collapsed on my back and I couldn’t move. “Henry!” I said tentatively, despite the fact he had just fucked me hard I still felt timid about calling him by his name. “Oui!” They both seemed to have forgotten to talk in English... “Could you move please!”; “Oh... je vais... bien sûr!” and he stood up. As I got up myself I looked at Henry, he was standing there fully naked and with his dick still standing to attention! He was so gorgeous I almost had to avert my eyes as I felt like a voyeur looking at his beautiful body and enormous dick! How could he still be hard after that! Hadn’t he just filled my cunt with what felt like litres of his cum?!
It was Helene who spoke first “Henry, I want to keep her! She is very good!” She talked in English so I assumed that she wanted me to understand and maybe comment... but what was I to say? Henry was staring at me as if he was trying to cut a hole through me... it almost felt uncomfortable. Then he looked at his wife and said “darling, she will do as she pleases! I would also like her to stay but...” and with that I knew that I was won over. I wanted to stay, I wanted to have sex with Henry and Helene again, as much as I could and if they wanted me also, that was just wonderful... so I decided to say “Yes”...
I stayed at their house and we had many more sexcapades... but those are another story.
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