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[Story] When I met Henry and Helene! (3)

So I had been staying with Henry and Helene at their manor house for a few days now... They were a very affluent couple from a French background, but apart from that, I really didn’t know much about them! Other than the fact that they enjoyed sex very much and that they had decided to keep me as their sex partner after we met in a club.

They set up a guest room for me. In the first morning they had insisted that Helene was to go shopping for essentials for me instead of me picking up my stuff from home! “No no no... if you go home you might not want to come back... you really do... Continue»
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[Story] When I met Henry and Helene! (2)

So last time I told you about the experience on the limo with Henry and Helene, an attractive couple I met in a “boudoir like” club. After we got briefly acquainted, they made a bet to see who could make me come faster and harder in 5 minutes. If I didn’t come I would get all the money he had in his wallet... close to £800! They won and she was the fastest, so as a reward she asked for me! So I agreed to go to their massive manor house...
Henry led me into the house. I was still in awe of how magnificent it was. I had never been in a house so big and beautiful. I felt ... Continue»
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[Story] When I met Henry and Helene!

I wanted to share my most wonderful experience. It happened 2 years ago today so once again the memories came flooding back, making me horny and wanting it to happen all over again.
I had just broken up with my boyfriend of 4 years. The sex was only ok and there was still no ring on my finger or any prospect of it ever happening. So when I caught him jerking off to a picture of my friend I decided that he was not worth it.
Yet, I had been in a relationship for so long that the world outside had changed and I had not noticed. I felt I was a beginner in the dating scene and more so in the sex ... Continue»
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