Radha bhabhi fucked by daughters teacher -

Anyway I reached back to the flat with a strange pleasure which was rising in my over all gesture, although by now my uneasiness was subsided up to an extent but still butterflies were tingling I my stomach. I bought pack of 10 pieces and gave it to Radha Bhabhi and she took glimpse of it and asked me while looking into my eyes, “Dinner pahle karenge yaa….baad mein?”

by now her uneasiness was also very less but still there was something which was stoping her to speak in a flow in which she use to. “jaisa aapko theek lage” I replied in the same fashion. Radha Bhabhi looked at time on the wall clock; more or less it was a time when I use to get up to go after teaching her daughter and it was not at all dinner time and she could realize that.

“sir…aap yahin pe thodi der TV dekhenge?…..main abhi aati hun” Radha Bhabhi asked me if I will see TV for some time she will come back in some time and I accepted that. I settled down in the living room and she went inside her bedroom and came back within 10 minutes after washing her face and certainly after using the toilet and spoke to me “sir aap bhi fresh ho jaao” and while saying that she moved to main entrance,

though the door was closed and she bolted that from inside and looked into my eyes for a fraction. I got up and Radha Bhabhi took me to her bedroom and showed me toilet. It was a beautiful room; everything was perfect, huge spongy bed with lovely interior. By the time I use the toilet Radha Bhabhi was standing out of toilet and as I came back she gave me towel and spoke again in low voice while looking at me with some hesitation,

“sir abhi dinner ka time to hua nahi hai, ek baar kar lete hain” “hmmm…” I just hummed to say yes along with movement of head. “aap shoes uttar do….” Though we both were getting free in talking but still our heart was beating, “main change kar lun… ya aise hi…..?” Radha Bhabhi asked me again and stopped in between with perplexing mind state, “jaisa aapko theek lage” I replied,

“main sari uttar deti hun…. Aap bhi apne kapde khol lo”. I started unbuttoning my shirt and Radha Bhabhi moved to the wardrobe and opened the door of that and placed her wrist watch and few more things after taking it off and closed the door and started taking off her sari while facing away from me.

I was stunned and continued looking at her from behind, Radha Bhabhi was unwrapping her sari for me and soon she was standing just in blouse and petticoat and I could see her wide ass tightly packed as her petticoat was in tight fitting with her body.

Radha Bhabhi turned and looked at me; her huge breasts were jutting out of her blouse while making deep cleavage and now I could clearly make out flesh over her thighs, and the best part was, we were looking into each other’s eyes. At my end I was not reached to my trouser, rather couples of buttons of my shirt were still on as I was busy in looking at her from behind when she was unwrapping her sari.

Radha Bhabhi came closer to me and hugged me nicely, I too wrapped my arm around her “sir, main bahut akeli hun(means I am very lonely)” I kissed her on her cheek, closer to her ear and Radha Bhabhi took a long breath of pleasure “Bhabhi aap mujhe bahut achhe lagte ho….” I spoke in low voice, “mujhe bhi aap bahut achhe lagte ho” she replied while griping me harder.

“sir, pyar kariye mujhe…………jo marzi kariye mere saath” Radha Bhabhi was gripping me harder and feeling my body deeply and her voice was getting dense. I too hugged her nicely and gripped her hard from her back; I was touching her bare skin of waist, exposed portion between blouse and petticoat.

“aao bed par chalet hain” this time I uttered and Radha Bhabhi released me after couple of seconds and looked up in my eyes and moved ahead and kissed me lightly on my lips. Wow it was so strange and beautiful; I was feeling as if something is still sticking on my lips after that tiny kiss.

Radha Bhabhi undid my remaining buttons and took off my shirt and we both moved to bed from different sides and next moment I was lying on spongy bed and Radha Bhabhi was lying on me partially with most of her upper half and one leg on right half of my body. I was still wearing undershirt and trouser and Radha Bhabhi was in blouse and petticoat and she kissed me again once lightly before starting sucking my lips,

I opened my mouth and soon it became proper smooch and Radha Bhabhi was exploring my mouth completely and I was somewhat getting u*********s in rising pleasure because of her love making. I was getting taste of her lipstick as I was also trying to follow her and exploring her mouth and along with a proper lover’s kiss her body odor was making me crazy,

I was feeling softness of her massive juggs over my chest while getting kissed as she was resting her weight over me and soon our kiss broke and now I was getting licked over my face and bare portion of my chest as Radha Bhabhi was trying to deliver her best to me. I was moaning in bliss of getting seduced by a lady who was nearly 8 years elder to me and literary starved for man’s love from long time.

After some love making Radha Bhabhi tried to take off my under shirt, I got up and she took it off comfortably and threw it away, felt my bare chest with her hands and looked at me, into my eyes and uttered, “sir… mera blouse aap kholiye” “Hmmm…” I just hummed to say yes and extended my hand to her melons and started unhooking her blouse.

My hands were trembling, I was feeling really nervous and that is why I was failing to unhook her blouse and Radha Bhabhi’s breath was getting heavier and heavier. Finally I unhooked first hook of her blouse and then it went down quickly and with in one more minute Radha Bhabhi was sitting in front of me with an opened blouse, her massive breasts were caged in tight white color Bra and they were much fairer than her skin color.

She took off her remaining blouse and moved ahead and hugged me again and this time it was better, I was bare chest and she was just wearing BRA and most of our skin was toching each other. Radha Bhabhi somewhat tried to crush her milks with my naked chest and puffed in strange voice and spoke again,

“sir, pyar kariye mujhe….” I too hugged her and wrapped my arms around her back and felt hook of her bra, and that was the only thing left on her upper half. “khol deejiye….sir issko bhi…” Radha Bhabhi told me to unhook her bra as well. After bit of struggle I did that and by the time I was trying to unhook it without looking at it,

Radha Bhabhi was holding me firmly without showing any hurry and her breath was again rising and she was puffing in pleasure as my hands were moving on her bare back and strange sensation was passing through her body. Finally I unhooked her bra and took it off from her shoulders.

Wow Radha Bhabhi’s big melons were hanging in front of my eyes; they were huge with big erect nipples and somewhat sagging. I tried to look into her eyes and Radha Bhabhi blushed as she saw that I am looking her topless lustfully, I caressed her hairs and moved bit ahead and kissed her lightly and touched her one melon and tried to pick it in my hand and pressed it with bit of f***e.

Wow she was so soft and they were so heavy, I continued squeezing her milks tenderly and treated both the melons like that one by one and I felt her breasts going heavier in excitement. Radha Bhabhi was delighted with the treatment I was giving to her flabby milks and she could not stop gasping in pleasure.

Radha Bhabhi extended her hand and started opening my belt and opened my trouser too and inserted her hand straight into my underwear and caressed my hard penis. I got up on my knees to give her access of my pleasure zone, Ohh… god I too moaned loud in delight, Radha Bhabhi started caressing my balls with one and somehow continued jerking my penis back and forward with other hand and for me pleasure was incredible.

I was holding her both the melons in my hand nicely and moaning in pleasure like anything. She pushed me down and I went on my back, Radha Bhabhi did not wasted even a single second and pulled down my trouser and underwear together and first time in my life I was stark naked like this in front of any woman.

Once again Radha Bhabhi rose on me and kissed me for a while and spoke while looking into my eyes, “’sir mere kapde aap uttariye” she wanted me to take off rest of her clothes. Radha Bhabhi was already top less, I got up and pulled the cord of her petticoat and tried to pull it off and now she went on her back and now it was only Panty which was left on her body.

Her enormous fleshy thighs were exposed to me and my eyes were glued to them and the portion between them, I could see wet spot on her light color Panty and I could guess her state. I pulled her Panty as well and Radha Bhabhi raised her bottom to help me in that. Wow Radha Bhabhi was totally naked and as I took off her Panty erotic aroma of her love juices got spread in the whole room.

She was wet and flooding like a river, I could see her fuckhole soaked even though she was having hairs on it. Radha Bhabhi pulled me on her top lightly and once again we started making love, I was lying o her top and gradually Radha Bhabhi started grabbing my body in her massive thighs and arms and somewhat gulped me in her huge body.

My pelvis was touching her crouch and I was feeling wetness of her fuckhole over the sable hairs of her genital, she too was feeling my hardness over her belly, her massive breasts were getting somewhat crushed under my weight and I was feeling hardness of her long and thick nipples and along with kissing and loving each other with our wet lips we both were moaning in pleasure.

“Sir….. ab Daal dijeeye, andar” Radha Bhabhi uttered in puffing fashion after hardly couple of minutes as she was desperate to get a real pleasure of Man’s body. “Condom…. to lagaya hi nahi” I asked her, “Koi baat nahi….. aap pahli baar kar rahe ho,…. aise hi karo….aapko achha lagega” Radha Bhabhi replied in same puffing voice while looking into my eyes.

“Bhabhi koi problem na ho jaaye?” I spoke again but by this time Radha Bhabhi was holding my hard rod and she wanted to take it to her love opening, “Kuch nahi hoga…… aaj kale ek goli aati hai….andar daalne ke liye…main wo daal lungi” Radha Bhabhi spoke and told me something which I didn’t knew, a new way to avoid pregnancy and I asked her again while getting up a bit so that I can go inside her,

“kahan dalne ke liye?” “yahin pe….” Radha Bhabhi replied and just then my cock tip touched her damp love opening and I pushed myself inside her. “Ahhh…..” we both moaned almost in same fashion, I was inside Radha Bhabhi, rather first time in my life I was inside woman and feeling was good as well as weird.

Radha Bhabhi was so wet and hot inside, I was somewhat driving my cock in the pond of her love juices and I felt her oozing out lot of it as I went deeper. Radha Bhabhi was flying in heaven; I could feel it from her facial expressions and soft moans. Unknowingly I moved a bit out and then went deep in her fuckhole, “Ohhh… God” I felt that I am in heaven too.

Radha Bhabhi too moaned loudly as I buried myself deep into her pleasure hole. Locking her legs around my waist she grabbed me in her arms and fleshy thighs and gasped lustfully, "sir mujhe achhe se Fuck kariye”. I lunged deeply into Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole and she was moaning and shrieking out with pleasure, I was also grunting in bliss of fucking a female.

Unintentionally my speed of moving in and out of Radha Bhabhi’s pleasure hole increased and I was fucking Radha Bhabhi with rapid thrusts, and as I fucked her consistently hardly for hardly one minute, she pushed herself backwards and moved ahead matching my thrusts, trying to get my prick into herself as deep as she could, I felt her body stiffen, then she started to shake in spasms,

"sir…mera chhutne wala hai...." Radha Bhabhi screamed out loudly, I continued to fuck her hard and within couple of seconds I too felt myself ready to cum and I told her in same puffing voice, “Bhabhi Mera bhi ho jaayega” “sir…mere andar hi chhod deejiye”, I dived forward deep into her and felt my sperm shoot out, filling her cunt fuckhole,

Radha Bhabhi too trembled strangely and grabbed me even tighter in her arms and thighs while cumming with sudden jerks. I collapsed on top of her, my penis was still buried deep inside mother of my student, and it was throbbing out last drops, oozing out and I could feel Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole twitching as well somewhere deep in her womb.

We both were tied together and sweating heavily and it was really strange feeling for me as it was first time for me. We looked at each other face to face and kissed for one minute and again hugged each other in same posture. My limping rod slipped out of Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole on its own and I got up and lied beside her.

That night did not ended there, we both got up and cleaned ourselves and wore our clothes. I was suppose to wear what I had but Radha Bhabhi wore a fresh nighty which was covering hardly her thighs and a long gown to cover herself completely.

We had dinner together and I asked her little about the way she was telling me to avoid unwanted pregnancy and finally decided that we will not use Condoms as Radha Bhabhi wanted me to enjoy pure sex without anything in between, moreover she too wanted me to enjoy with a thin wall of rubber.

I remember at the time we were watching TV, Radha Bhabhi excused me for some time and came back after 10-15 minutes, later in the night when I took off her panty, I realized that she was gone to remove hairs from her fuckhole and now she was having absolutely clean and soft fuckhole.

Anyway if I had to start my second session with Radha Bhabhi then I will say after coming back to bedroom we lied on bed in each other’s arm and talked to each other and Radha Bhabhi started it by saying “Thank you sir” “thank you kiss liye?” I asked her back “mera akelapan dur karne ke liye…. Kabhi kabhi to lagta hai sucide kar lun” Radha Bhabhi replied without looking at me,

“aap dobara shaadi kar lo” I gave her suggestion to get married again, “nahi kar sakti…. Baabu Ji nahi chaahte” her father in-law and my student’s grandfather was not agreed to that. I did not had anything to say, neither I wanted to say as now I wanted to fuck her again and I turned to her and spoke, “koi baat nahi….. main hun na…. main aapko satisfy karunga”…

“please aap kal raat ko bhi yahin ruk jaao, main Ruchi ko ek raat aur wahan rehne ke liye bol dungi” (means, you please stay here tomorrow night also, I will tell Ruchi to stay for one more night there) what else I would have replied, just one word “Ok”. Once again we started making love and kissed each other thoroughly in the beginning.

Radha Bhabhi took off my all clothes, though she was still in her thigh length nighty. I got up and took off that, she was not wearing any bra and once again her heavy melons were sagging in front of me and as I started playing with her long dark brown nipples while caressing her breasts, I could feel nipples going hard in excitement.

Radha Bhabhi pushed me on bed and suddenly tried to take my almost erect cock in her mouth. I trembled straggly and tried to stop her but she continued after saying, “karne dijeeye sir,….. jo kuch bhi blue movies mein hota hai…..hum wo sab karenge” I rested back and Radha Bhabhi continued sucking my cock.

Truly speaking it was painful and not at all pleasurable but I tried to bear that pain and waited for some time. At her end Radha Bhabhi was sucking me tenderly with lot of affection but still it was paining. Soon pain started to subside as her mouth was getting moist and warm and I started moaning more in pleasure and less in pain.

I tried to look at her by raising my head and my cock grew further in Radha Bhabhi’s mouth as the view was really erotic, Radha Bhabhi’s mouth was totally filled with my monster size and she was sucking it like a lollypop, she flicked her tongue on my cock head erotically while looking into my eyes and I gasped in deep pleasure and started puffing heavily.

My moans were somewhat arousing Radha Bhabhi was she sucked me even better to deliver her best and finally took me to the verge where pleasure went unbearable to me and I stopped her. Now It was my turn, though I was more or less prepared for that but still I was hasitant to do that, mainly because I knew that she was having lot of hairs on her fuckhole.

But when I removed her Panty, I was shocked; she was cleaned shaven, soft and wet like a luscious fruit. I looked at her and Radha Bhabhi was already looking at me and she spoke while spreading her thighs further apart, “ Sir….dekhiye aapke liye ek dum saaf kardi hai….please suck kariye isse”

I was still hesitant because of hell of wetness and erotic aroma and half heartedly I went down and buried myself into Radha Bhabhi’s thighs and started sucking her tenderly. Her juices were almost tasteless; I continued licking her while spreading her thighs further apart and Radha Bhabhi’s cries went on rising.

She was enjoying up to max and her moans were making me crazy. Within one more minute my hesitation started to disappear and I started licking Radha Bhabhi’s fuckhole like and ice cream and felt fresh stream of her love juices with erotic cries of her pleasure.

Finally to take her to climax I gripped Radha Bhabhi’s thighs tightly while spreading them further apart and buried myself deep in her hot fuckhole and tried to eat her labia by taking it completely in my mouth. Thanks to Internet, I knew bit about Clitoris, so I tried to stimulate that and sucked whole area where it is located and went aggressive in sucking.

Within few seconds of careless sucking of her fuckhole, Radha Bhabhi went mad and started crying in unbearable pleasure and could not utter anything except, “Sir…sir…sir…..Ahhhh….Ahhh…… Sir” I flicked my tongue numerous times on that region and sucked her desperately as I use to see in blue movies, though while doing that I was breathing with difficulty,

even then I continued because I was getting mad listening Radha Bhabhi’s pleasure moans and in a second or two she almost started crying in pleasure and somehow stopped me and got up.
I could see that Radha Bhabhi was satisfied with the thing I did rather she was delighted from the pleasure I gave to her, I could see that on her face as she was trying to control her orgasm which was I think about to blast her.

“Bhabhi Kya Hua…?” I asked her as I saw her quietly trying to control her breath, “kuch nahi….mera hone waala tha” she replied, “to hone dete….” I spoke again, “nahi…..aise nahi….mujhe aapse apne aap ko Fuck karwana hai….” Radha Bhabhi replied and by now she was back in her senses, “haan….mujhe bhi aapko fuck karna hai” I accepted,

“aap niche letiye….main oopar aati hun…nahi to mera bahut jaldi ho jaayega” Radha Bhabhi was really very aroused from my sucking and she could feel that she would cum very soon. Anyway I lied down and keeping my hard and erect penis straight pointing to roof, Radha Bhabhi sat around my waist and plunged her fuckhole inch by inch with my size and moaned loud as my monster touched her deeper in her fuckhole.

Once again fucking started and this time Radha Bhabhi was riding on me and initially holding her waist I was enjoying getting seduced by a mature female. After moving my hard cock in and out of her pot till the root of it nicely for couple of minutes Radha Bhabhi leaned over me to kiss me and my hands went to her plump ass cheeks unknowingly and I held her massive ass

and started fucking her with bit of upward movement from my side and that really changed our steady rhythm. We both felt good and Radha Bhabhi was no more moaning softly, she was feeling my rod, touching very deep in her fuckhole and every time I pushed myself up she whimpered sexily with closed eyes.

Soon Radha Bhabhi’s up and down movement changed and she started moving to and fro, she got up again and resting her hands on my chest her speed of fucking herself kept on increasing, her massive juggs were moving weirdly and silver locket she was wearing was dancing here and there on her creamy skin.

After hardly a minute Radha Bhabhi bit her lower lip in excitement while looking at me and increased her speed even more and continued pumping her fuckhole with my hard cock while being on top. We both were moaning continuously and I was feeling as if I am in heaven, to and fro movements of her huge bottom in slightly different pattern made me shudder in ecstasy,

Radha Bhabhi was rubbing her pelvis on my crouch and I could see her in extreme pleasure. Her moans were turning into shrill cries and now her speed was increased significantly and next moment her heavy bottom was rising and falling over my thighs painfully fast. I was somewhat getting crushed under her and in between couple of times Radha Bhabhi changed her movement from up and down to,

to and fro and then again started going up and down. Certainly Radha Bhabhi knew the sensitivity of her clitoris and she was trying to rub her clitoris with my crouch and I was crying in pain and pleasure together as I was getting crushed under her enormous weight.

Taking my hands to her melons Radha Bhabhi somewhat told me to squeeze her melons without saying anything and I started doing that nicely and caressed her chubby breasts. We both were nowhere near our peak but I desperately wanted to stop her as I was getting trodden by the movement of her huge bottom.

Soon Radha Bhabhi got bit tired and her speed lessened; now she was slow in moving her bottom but she was taking me much deeper, she was trying to get my rod as deep as possible in her pleasure hole.

I found that time right to swap position and I took her under me and once again plunged her fuckhole in missionary position and along with fucking her with deep thrusting stroke I stared sucking and squeezing her milks and once again like before Radha Bhabhi grabbed me and gulped my whole body between her arms and fleshy thighs.

Slowly I was feeling pressure building up inside me and Radha Bhabhi was also in more or less same state. Once again unintentionally my speed increased and I started fucking her with short and fast strokes and within a minute of aggressive fucking I felt as if Radha Bhabhi will die in this fucking pleasure,

her grip over my body was getting tighter and tighter and I could not stop myself going faster and faster as now I too wanted to release my pressure. My couple of more inward strokes in the fuckhole of mother of my student made her condition even worse and Radha Bhabhi started to orgasm on very next moment, holding me tight she was panting loud without any care that people around this flat could hear us.

Along with moaning and gripping me that she was squeezing her fuckhole over my pulsating monster and to stop movement of my buttocks she was trying to grip my bottom between her legs even tighter. Radha Bhabhi orgasmed even harder than last time, she trembled like a fish as I stood calm in her fuckhole and her whole body was shivering with sort of electric shock and I could feel her cumming as she was jerking her bottom rapidly to ease herself.

I was witnessing woman at ecstasy and there was no way I could control my pressure and I too started shooting out my load and filled Radha Bhabhi’s womb with my gunk. We lived there, tied with each other in the same state and it took us 3-4 minutes to regain and once again we both were totally soaked with sweat dead like a dead body.

That night did not ended even there, in Radha Bhabhi’s words it was just like her wedding night, like she has spent with her late husband long time back. She did not slept even for a minute in the whole night, though I slept for some time but once again around 4 we had another intercourse and this time for me it was even better as far as pleasure of fucking a woman was concerned

as it was tender love making and I stayed in Radha Bhabhi for long and enjoyed her fleshy body as much as possible. In the morning we had bath together and after attending my class and taking few cloths from my place I came back to Radha Bhabhi. By that time Radha Bhabhi was done with what all she had to do to make her daughter stay out for that night too.

I must say that my first impression of Radha Bhabhi was totally wrong as I could see that Radha Bhabhi is mixture of many things. She is sophisticated with a concerned behavior with romantic as well as naughty nature and obviously with erotic and experimental choices of making love, and the best part of her nature is that she is down to earth and speak whatever she feel and as far as sex is concerned her words really arouse me a lot.

Like when I was back to her next day and after bit of casual conversation when concern went to sex she told me to fuck her from behind and her words were straight to the point, “Sir…aaj aap mere peeche se daaliyega……mujhe bahut achha lagta hai….aapko bhi mazza aayga”. Later when we were on bed to make love she told me to talk to her while fucking her and told me to address her from her name instead of Bhabhi and her words were,

“Sir aap mere saath karte hue mujhse baat kiya kariye…. Mujhe bahut achha lagta hai….aur mujhe Radha kahkar bulya kariye”. I followed whatever she requested and spoke to her while fucking her and addressed her straight from her name and it was really very erotic. While lying on her top without any cloths I was talking to her and initially I could not think what to say and I started by saying,

“Radha I love you….. tum mujhe bahut achhi lagti ho”….“aap bhi mujhe bahut achhe lagte ho, main tan aur man se aapki ho chuki hun….mujhe pyar kariye…jitna pyar kar sakte hain kariye main kab se tadap rahi hun isske liye” Radha Bhabhi replied to me and it was breath taking for me and my excitement went just double and I loved her nicely and finally fucked her while saying,

“Radha….meri jaan….mere paas aa…main tujhe bahut pyar krunga…tu meri Radha hai sirf meri…” Radha Bhabhi replied for that too by saying, “haan main aapki hun…sirf aapki…loot lijeye mujhe puri tarah….. main kuch nahi kahungi” there was no way for me to control myself after listening this and I cummed heavenly inside her.

That night in second session I fucked Radha Bhabhi from behind and must tell you that pleasure was incredible for both of us in that position; I was holding her massive ass and fucking her steadily while talking to her and Radha Bhabhi was turning again and again to see me while moaning and replying.

Though it was good and very satisfying but I feel it is really very difficult to retain doggy position for long for a male like me with a female like Radha Bhabhi because of big difference body structure and personally I have found standing doggy position more pleasurable which I tried later with Radha Bhabhi while bending her against the dining table in the main hall of the same flat after around 10 days.

By that time Radha Bhabhi was shifted back to her bungalow with her in-laws and she visited this place giving some excuse to them, Ruchi my student was gone to school at that time and I was there to satisfy her mom one more time.

We often meet even now as Radha Bhabhi is somewhat addicted to me and somehow manage to come out of her house regularly, say once or twice in 10-15 days and we spend almost whole day together in the same flat and we sometimes watch blue movie first and then try to follow what we saw while sucking, licking and fucking each other,

Radha Bhabhi really like doing all that dirty things and many times she has taken my load in her mouth to swallow and I too have swallowed her love juices many times, as such hesitation of doing nasty things has disappeared from me and I just try to satisfy her the way she needs. I hope Like Radha Bhabhi I have satisfied readers of this wonderful blog and if it is so,
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