Andy fucking friends girlfriend Smita

Hi readers I am Andy (name changed) 30 years old now. This is a story about when I fucked Smita for the first time when I was in Delhi. I was about 23 years old then. Before I begin the story I want to make it clear that pls keep your morals/values/ethics to yourself while providing your comments. We all know why we come to this site to read these erotic encounters. Secondly everything out here in this story is consensual sex so there in no reason blaming anyone.

Coming back to the story, let me introduce you guys to Smita. She too was about 23 years old, 5’4 tall and had a boyfriend. But since her bf was away in office in daytime, we became friends. The best part of her body was her boobs and then her sexy thighs and ass. Her boobs must be about 34 C. Her thighs were heavy but she wasn't fat. She was the kinda girl whom you would love to fuck in doggy style. Her hair was till her shoulders, sensual lips.

We were good friends for more than a year and used to share almost everything between us. I even knew about her sex life (as told by her) but not explicitly. Our friendship kept growing but we were never in love kinds rather very frank and casual friends. One day I took her out for lunch and after that we went to my place ( I used to live in an apartment sharing it with another guy).

She used to come there frequently with or without her bf. Her bf and me were friends and I got to know her through him only. That day she was wearing a black jeans that fitted nicely on her ass and one could see her thigh shape clearly. She wore a round neck t-shirt. Her bra wasn’t tight as her boobs were always hanging down because of its heaviness. They were huge.

Over that she wore a jacket as it was winters then. She sat on bed and I pulled a chair in front of her. We started talking and I couldn’t resist staring at her heavy boobs. She noticed it but didn’t try to hide. Rather she bent backwards a little putting each her hand at her sides on bed opening her jacket more. It looked as if she wanted me to pounce on her and suck her nipples.

While talking something fell down between us. I got down from my chair and while picking up the thing I sat on the floor. Now I was right between her legs. We were still chatting. As we were open, I placed my hand on her thighs like holding her from her waist. The position was such that my mouth was right in front of her pussy.

She widened her legs further as I sat between her legs giving me more view of her crotch. She must have wanted to shove my head between her legs on her pussy. As we were talking her expression became very slutty like getting aroused and her mind was completely off. She must be imagining some naughty stuff.

I noticed that so I got up to her face and kissed her on her left cheek then again on her right cheek. She smiled and looked at my lips. Our faces were very close to each other. I placed my lips on hers and started to smooch her. She reacted favorably and I moved my tongue inside her mouth n touched her tongue with mine. Our saliva were mixing in our mouths.

I placed my left hand on her left boob and started massaging it gently. She placed her hand on mine and started pressing her boobs by my hand. I got the idea that she wanted it more wildly. I knew she used to get fucked by her bf and she is not new to this, so there was no point being nice and easy with her.

She wanted it the slutty way and I was more than ready to oblige. I pushed her on bed and took her jacket off. I looked at her face my left hand went down between her legs and I rubbed her pussy over her jeans harshly. At first she pressed both her legs tightly against each other, making my hand rub her pussy ever harder she moaned. Then she opened her legs more wide as if inviting me in.

I started undoing her jeans button while she fixed her stare at my bulging zip area. My cock was throbbing to come out. She placed her finger on my zip and measured the length of cock from over it. I undid her jeans button n now I could see her panties. She was wearing a thong thin side and even thinner back. Just a line of clothes went between her ass cheeks and a small wide piece to cover her pussy.

I started pulling her jeans out she raised her ass a bit to help me pull it out. Soon she was lying on my bed in her panties. Her sexy thighs were naked in front me and soon her pussy was going to be too. She undid my belt n unbuttoned my jeans and quickly pushed it down. She was used to doing it so she was faster. She pulled down my underwear along with my jeans. She grabbed my hard cock with on her palm n squeezed it.

I moaned aaaaahhhhh a bit of pain n pleasure. She kissed me on my lips and went down towards my hard cock. She was massaging my cock moving her hands up and down the she looked at me there was lust in her eyes she opened her mouth while still her eyes on mine and she put my cock inside her mouth. She ran her tongue all over my cock licking it pulling it out n in her mouth. She kept looking at me while she gave me blowjob.

I couldn’t resist my feelings I was moaning quite loud looking at how slutty she was. As she was sucking my cock she raised her ass and start shaking it. I was imagining how great it would be if someone was fucking her from behind right now! This was just too much for me and I came right inside her mouth. She didn’t even take my cock out of her mouth, swallowed it all n kept on sucking. My cock was hard again in no time.

I pulled her up to me by her hair and laid her under me. I took her panty off her legs spread it wider. I made her legs rest on my shoulder as I went near her pussy. Wow! What a wet pussy it was juices were dripping out of it.

I spitted on her pussy all over it while looking at her. Then I licked dry all wetness from her pussy. But her juices didn’t seem to stop. I got up placed my cock right in front of her pussy hole. My cock was already wet of her saliva. It just glided inside her pussy. Her legs were up in air as my cock went deep inside her cunt.I fucked her hard. She held to the bed edges as I was fucking her.

The bed was shaking badly. Since I had already cummed once it was taking me longer to reach the peak again. I then changed the position to doggy style and rammed her from behind. It was now her turn to moan loudly. I am sure a few of my neighbors would have heard us that day but we were least bother about it. I fucked her doggy style for about 15-20 minutes.

We both were tired and sweaty but I had still not cum again. She once again sucked my cock which allowed both of us to have some rest from continuous banging. She then came on top of me and took my cock in her pussy again. After a while I did end up cumming but not in huge loads rather it was very little that she wanted me to deposit on her boobs.

She licked the cum from her boobs n cleaned my cock too. We sat like that for half an hour then I asked her to get dressed before my roommate comes back. As we were leaving, near the door I grabbed her and pushed her against the wall. I start kissing her lips n pressing her boobs. She was enjoying it n grabbed my cock.

I was surprised to be hard again but I guess it was her fantastic ass that was doing the magic. We decided to have a quickie. I simple puller her jeans down again and inserted my cock in her pussy from behind while standing. I started banging her again as she bent to take my cock in holding the door. However this round lasted only 5-10 minutes and we both were done.

I think it was the excitement of fucking like this than the fucking itself which contributed to the pleasure. After that we left the apartment and I dropped her to her place. This was the first time I fucked Smita. There were several other times. The best part was the fact that till date no one knows about this and every time we made out, it was always wild.
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Nice story. Sounds like a slutty girl.