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Favorites among favorites...

Here is what I like:
- Hetro, slightly male dominating but NOTHING rough

- Sound. Beds squeeking. Wet sucking sounds of mouth and pussy. Grunts. Groans. Farts. Quifes. Dialog before, during and after fucking. Laid back. Casual. Background story. Talk about what feels good. How good it looks. How tight it is. How cute. How wet. How horny. The first time. The most mind blowing time. Hell, talk about the weather. Communication.

- Facial expressions. I love to see the pussy/mouth/cock POV every once and awhile. I want to see her face most of the time. His face occasionally. You can fake the moans and screams. But you cant fake facial expressions. I like to see a mixture of all expressions: lust, pleasure, touch of pain, touch of guilt, touch of envy, touch of jealousy, touch of resentment, surprise and a whole bunch of lost in the moment.

- Amateurs. Ive paid for it enough to know when someone is doing it for the money. I like frumpy, conservative dressed relative strangers stripping down to birthday suits and fucking each other’s brains out. Nice clothes are alright but I love seeing a soccer mom with a simple JCPenny blouse on getting a good fuck. But then again, maybe this is just me because around town, there is nothing I find more sexy than a pretty gal fresh off the ranch with carhartt coveralls, pair of muck boots and a old beatup farmers cap with her pony tail sticking out the back…mmmmm

- Interracial – Luv the contrasting skin colors especially nipples and genitals. Love to see a white cock in a black pussy, a black cock in a white pussy or an Asian pussy with anything in it. Had an Asian and a black lover at times in my life. Spent time in Latin American and in Korea. Didn’t get much action but wanted more. LOVE Korean women!

- A well trimmed bush. Not a jungle. Short and well shaped. Landing strips. Hearts. Triangles. Black hair contrasting with very fair skin –mmmm. Red hair – mmmm. Blonde hair – mmmm.

- A nice set of pretty pussy lips. I classify pussy into three types: lily, orchid and rose. A lily is a delicate set of thin petals that are open and inviting. An orchid has more compact bottom petals and a prominent hood. A rose is a mixture of petals some open, some closed but clustered and crinkly. I like lily the best.

- LUST! I like it when all morals, rules, social conventions and taboo is thrown out the window for some a****listic fucking to get each other off. No cp – just consenting adults cumming together like wild pigs in the mud because they can. Cheat/Creampie/Cuck/s*s/b*o/Mom/Son/Dad/Dau all fair game as long as it is consensual, casual and all of the above.

- Background. I want to know a little bit about who Im watching. Even if the knowledge is vicarious, the people in it are same age or a similar past experience.

- Cumming inside the pussy. I like to see him let loose a big load that makes his ass quiver and his balls jump. I can watch my own cock splucking come all over the place. I want to know that someone somewhere just planted a big whole puddle into someone somewhere. And that he felt her pussy milk every last drop out of him and she felt that cock pulse, jump and fill her up with warm sticky goo.

Reminds me of a side story… One time when I was about 8 years old, my grandfather who used to raise horses put his stud in with a mare. He told me to watch what happened next. The stud got all randy with a huge boner and the mare finally let him mount up. My grandfather grabbed an old boat paddle. When the stud was about to break loose (cum), my grandfather slapped him on the ass with that paddle as hard as he could swing. The stud just grunted, went so tense he was shivering all over, made one more grunting thrust then went limp on top of the mare. Granddad said that that the slap got the last bit out of him. Just the way it ought to be…

Dislikes: You know if you don’t have anything good to say. Don’t say it…

Now for my top ten places to go in xham

#10 These xham users are my heroes. Their videos are real, have great sex, great dialog and a formula that seems to work for them. I enjoy all of their videos and am glad they are willing to share them! Special thanks to Tango. He and I have conferred a few times. He seems like a real nice genuine guy.**

#9 This is your basic wife with BBC vid but has enough subtle things in it to put it in the top 12. She isn’t a beauty queen but has a great body for an older gal and really gets into the action. I like the dialog and her facial expresssions as she gets lost in it. Best part at 3:45 She says, "It is going to be really tight." He says, "Thats okay, I like it tight."

#8 These are two of my favorite Asian Wives getting fucked by BBC. The first three vids are old reposts from other sites but I just love the mixture of lust, guilt and agony in her facial expressions. She also has a very distinct, cute Asian face that I just love. And, that BBC got skills! Makes her moan and grunt like a rutting a****l while giving her the ride of her life. The best version has a portion in the end where he makes her fuck his dick in missionary – HOT!

Best version:

This gal is a different lady but there is enough dialog and lustful action that it deserves to be in the top faves.

#7 What I like about these vids are their sincerity. Normal soccer moms and wives enjoying themselves with some lusty fucking. The first one is like the hubby asked a friend over to watch football then the wife needs to get fucked so the friend and her head to bedroom throw off their pants and get after it.

The second one is an housewife who isn’t getting enough from hubby and answers an website ad. She gets relief with a nice big, thick cock.

#6 I think this young gal bit off a little more than she can chew with this video. I don’t think she is at all attracted to the old man. The old man uses and abuses her and at times, she seems to be a little terrified. But, lust wins her over as she gets into it and takes that old cock like a champ.

#5 This video is originally from collegefuckfest and I love the way this gal gets off for the first time with anal. Oh, how youth is wasted on the young…

#4 Most younger women are just don’t have the experience to really handle a gangbang without being an insincere, money grubbing dipshit. This gal, however, pulls off this gangbang with sincerity. I think she really wants to get a good fucking by multiple men and really enjoys the action. The text narration is a little annoying but kinda gives you a flavor for what is going on with the gang.

#3 I like this gal because of the realness, dialog and facial expressions. She isn’t a looker by any means but her shy demure façade soon fades into a luscious, sloppy BBC fucking. There is a hint of resentment and a whole lotta lust mixed up in these videos too.

#2 These are two other heros, or I should say, heroines of mine – I am genuinely thankful for their sharing of their adventures.

Cathy and I have had a nice conversation over the last few years. I wont go into what we talked about about but it was very sincere and honest. I enjoy Kathy’s video a lot because I know a little bit about her and really like her personality. She is very descriptive about how it feels to her and what she likes.

Fungir is a new friend. Her video and blog post explaining the background story is definitely in my top three. There is no sound in this too short video but the background story and getting fucked on top of a crawler track in her mechanic’s shop makes it priceless. Before the video, her site visits were in the hundreds after less than a month she is over 10000. Fungir is drop dead gorgeous with beautiful blue eyes, a cute figure and AWESOME breasts. Id like to be able to communicate with her a little – not cause I think I have a chance of tapping that but because she has a nice energy about her. If Fungir told me that she wanted to meet me at the Two River’s Café in Basalt with her Carhartts, muck boots and ball cap on in the morning, I would drive 9 hours all night just to see that and sniff the chair afterwards. ;>)

#1 Last but not least when I want to relax and have a good wank, this video ALWAYS doesn’t it for me. Im not sure completely why. I think it is a combination of the dialog, the facial expressions, the realness, the pace, her lily, the way her body moves while she is fucking and her sincerity. I have looked ALL over the net for any sequels, prequels or longer versions of this gal to no avail. If you know who she is or anything about this video, I would love to hear about it.

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thank you, this is a great selection!