pool man

So there you are sunbathing as normal topless while I “try” to clean your pool, not easy as I keep looking at your tits, your son is sitting on the sun bed next to you looking pretty bored so I try to not let him see me staring. Damn your tits look great to me and I long to touch them suck and bite them. But that isn’t going to happen is it, you in your big villa sitting there with your son while the old man is off running his big car hire business and me “just a pool cleaner” then your phone rings and you move to answer it slowly lifting one long leg at a time off the sun bed and placing slowly on the floor, is it me or did you seem to take a long while before you brought you second leg to the floor sitting there with your legs wide open for longer than needed? I think “stop it and clean the pool that’s what you are paid for!” I hear you talk, and then you ask your son if he want to go to his friends for the morning. He jumps at the offer. Did you just wink at me? bl**dy hell it must be the sun, it is hot and the sweat is running off me and glistening in the bright light. Then your son is gone and you resume your place on the sun bed, only this time your legs seem much further apart and I can see the outline of your pussy though the tight material of your bikini bl**dy hell now my cock is beginning to get hard in my shorts and is on the move, I hope you don’t see it!!

Almost finished I think, I need to get out of here before I embarrass myself, “you OK over there?” I hear you say, “Yeah fine thanks” I reply “really cos you don’t look it!” oh shit she has seen my hard on and now she will phone my boss and I will get sacked fucking great!! I think. “Can I get you a drink?” you ask. Yes please I would love one” then you do it again that slow move off the sun bed bl**dy hell now my cock is really pushing against the martial of my shorts and there is no way of hiding it!! You pick up a silk wrap from the sun bed next to you and tie it around you, this only heightens the look off your hard nipples as they press against the thin material, why are your nipples hard? It is anything but cold! Then it sinks in, you’re playing with me!!

When you return with my drink you place it on the table in the shade and sit down pointing to the chair next to and telling me to sit. Which I do, feeling a little more at ease now I think I have worked out your game!! This is the first time I have been this close to you and there is something about you that it making my head buzz, then I work it out, you have a tomboy look about you and I am hooked, at this time all I can think about is how am I going to get my hand month and lips on you.

I finish my drink and as I place the glass on the table you grab my hand and stand up pulling me with you walking towards the door of the house, as we walk into your kitchen you spin around pushing me hard against the wall pining me there with you lips against mine you tongue searching for mine as we kiss hard, biting each other lips in what is the hottest kiss I have ever had, I grab your soft arse and sink my fingers into it and you push against my hard cock, fuck I want you! Then I feel you fine nails against my chest holding the two sides of my shirt, then rip and the buttons are gone shooting off everywhere in the room and my chest is bear, only then does the kiss stop as you bend you head to my nipple, you suck it hard then bite it harder “fuck” I shout which only makes you do the some to the other one, “fuck” I shout again, but this only makes my cock harder than I ever thought possible.

Then with one quick move my shorts are on the floor and you are moving down to my cock. I have to look and as I look down at you, you are looking up at me and you look so sexy, so fucking tomboy sexy, then you slip your lips over the head of my cock, damn you are good just sucking the head then taking all of my cock deep into you mouth, feeling you tongue trace down the underside as you do , then taking it out of you mouth and biting down it length until you reach my balls which you bite even harder, this only turns me on more and my cock it twitching and jumping around in you hand like it wants to escape, all it wants really is to be back in your mouth, then it is and you are bobbing up and down on it like it is the last cock in the world, I wished it was and this would never stop! But it must because if it keeps up I will cum in this wonderful woman’s mouth and maybe never get to feel how good her pussy feels wrapped around my cock.

I pull you up, looking down at you as my cock pops out from between your sexy lips, it your turn now and I spin you around and push you hard against the wall and kiss you hard biting your lip. Then break the kiss so that I can bite your neck before moving down to bite your hard nipples, you moan reaching behind my head and pulling me hard into your soft breasts which only makes me bite harder. Then I slide my hand between your long legs, wow the heat coming from down there!! My finger finds the edge of you bikini bottoms and I slid between the martial and your soft skin………….FUCK you are so wet and hot my fingers slip straight between your soft puffy lips and touch your hard clit, wow it is so hard, I have to have it in my mouth. So I slide down your bikini and you lift one let up onto a nearby chair, that is all the encouragement I need and I am on my knees looking up at your wonderful body as I push my face into you fucking hot pussy sucking your hard clit right into my mouth as if it was a little cock, flicking my tongue across the exposed head as you reach down and pull my face hard against you, I stop sucking as I have to taste more of your wetness, you taste wonderful and I drink as much juice as I can before going back to sucking your clit, I can hear you moaning a sound that only makes me what to suck and lick you harder, you pulling my head against you as you push your pussy against my restrained face and it feels wonderful.

Then I hear your breathing quicken and feel you push down harder on my face, your coming!! Covering you face with you juice and I want to lick it all up not waste a bit, “fuck me” is all I hear and all I need to hear I stand up, you lift your leg onto the back of the chair and grab the top of the door for support while you push you hot pussy towards my hard cock…………..I am sliding into you and it feels every bit as good as I thought it would, fuck it feels to good, you are still coming as I slid deep inside you and your pussy is so tight. The only problem is how long I will last! “fuck me, fill me with your cum” you scream, now I am pumping into you as hard as I can and you are pushing back against me with equal f***e, your almost hanging from the door and your other leg is so high on the back of the chair I wonder how any body could be so flexible? But that thought is rushing to the back of my mind as all I want to do is fuck you, with an a****l lust I have never felt before. You feel so good I have to cum, to explode my load deep in your tight pussy and I can hold back no more as I feel your nails dig into my back as you pull me harder into you. I AM CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD, filling your hot wet snatch with my hot seed laden cum, “don’t stop” you say so I continue to fuck you hard, so hard that our mixed juices are being f***ed out of you as I push into you, because you are cumming again squeezing my cock with your pussy pushing out everything inside you onto the floor at our feet and as it sprays up I look down to the sight of our two bodies joined as one with our cum oozing out from your pussy and think that is the sexiest sight I have ever seen, or so I thought until you hand slips between us to collect the liquid from us for us both the kiss away!!!

Then it is over a quickly as it started, we both dress, I kiss you softly on the lips tasting again our cum and leave colleting my gear from beside the pool………….is this a one off, or will it happen again, can I be that lucky to feel the warmth of this hot sexy tomboy girl again……….who knows??????

But then it hits me hardly more than 6 words have been spoken since we set foot into the house, but then what needed to be said???
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very hot & good