First climax

I was 13. Some guys were joking around in class, and one put his hands up along his ribs, moved them up and down, then spurted out a little spit--the other boys laughed knowingly. I didn't really understand, but from the way the boys had laughed I knew he was miming something dirty.

I didn't think about it again until late that night, when I was sitting at my desk finally writing some report I had put off. I slid down in the chair, took my dick out an wobbled it a little up and down. Before too long it was bigger and feeling better. Different than ever before. As it thickened the thought came to me that this must be the way it would feel in a girl. And once it was stiff, the sensation was so good I thought this was a great thing to have found out about. I hadn't known there was a way to simulate sex. I was mesmerised, wqtching my dickhead throb and keeping the good feeling going with a gentle rhythmic up-and-down motion. I couldn't stop. I thought I wouldn't ever want to stop.

After a while, maybe 15 minutes or so, the feeling which had been real good got even better and better. I had no idea what was going on. I knew nothing of orgasm or ejaculation. Then way down low a pulsing began, then a BURNING pleasure deep inside with an involuntary lifting up off my seat, and I could feel something flowing up into my dick. To keep anything from coming out I pressed on the base of my dick all during the climax. I was shocked at the orgasm. When I finally relaxed the pressure on my dick, sperm squirted out on me.

At school the next day I was so eager to get home. As the schoolday went on I grew so distracted and impatient. All I could think about was getting alone and jacking off.

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3 years ago
my fist one was in a tent with my friend on a camping trip, when i was 14
3 years ago
my buddy gave me my first climax at 13
we were just strokin each other and havin fun
then it welled up and exploded!
i was hooked after that!!!