Shoe Shopping

This is a true story......

I'm walking around Payless Shoe Source looking for a pair of just kick around shoes, the store just opened so they're not busy at all. I'm wearing a cute black and tan dress that clings to the proper areas and falls below my knees.

As a decide to leave the store this older male customer approaches me offering me 200.00 to bend over in one of the sections and allow him to slide is cock in my ass. Any other woman probably would have been disgusted by his offer. I told him make it 300 and we have a deal. I bend over in one of the sections, I hear him fiddling with the condom wrapper and second later OH CRAP!!! He f***ed his huge cock in my ass stroked a few times and he was done. As he zipped up and we both parted ways in opposite directions he said "thank you."

Most people probably won't believe this story, but It's all true.
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3 years ago
oh my god why i wasn't in this shop but it had takes longer hehe
3 years ago
MMMMMM that is so nasty... I love it....
3 years ago
3 years ago
Ooh you so nasty! (in a good way of course)
3 years ago
tell me the shop.. i will go thr too..
3 years ago
I been shopping in the wrong places
3 years ago
I'd like to know where you go shopping! ;)
3 years ago
A good tight ass and already being worked up will do that to a fella. Hell, what do i have to do to run into you in a store, i have $300.
3 years ago
thats what she said :P
3 years ago
now that was fast