Fantasy 2

You invite me around for a bottle of wine. I arrive on time only to find the door ajar. I tentatively enter whilst calling your name. I hear your voice telling me you’re upstairs.
I am excited already and find it a little difficult to navigate the stairs.
I enter your bedroom to be greeted with the sight of you on the bed dressed only in stockings, heels and a blindfold. You say “I hope that’s you Mark” because you are unable to see me.
You then say “Tie me up and tease me”. I notice the scarves you’ve laid out on the bed and proceed to take one wrist at a time and tie them to the bed posts above your head. I then take each ankle and do the same at the foot of the bed. Your legs are apart now and I can see how wet you are already in anticipation.
I can see your body just trembling slightly at the thought of what might be forthcoming.
You can hear me removing my clothes and you’re hoping that I’m naked...but you don’t know for sure.

You sense me moving close to the bed and then feel my breath on your face. My lips touch yours very gently and you lift your head to meet me but I pull away again...just out of reach.
I can see your head turning toward me trying to sense where my lips are going to touch you next.
Again, you feel my hot breath but this time it’s lower down and you feel my lips brush your nipple. You let out a whimper and arch your back slightly. I move to the other nipple and kiss it very gently.
Then my tongue slides all around your nipple, circling it. Then I take it between my lips, pulling at it gently and then a little firmer. You’re trying to lift off the bed but you have no leverage.
I then do the same to the other nipple. You’re wriggling now and saying “God, Mark...untie me now, enough is enough...I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard”
I ignore you.

You feel my lips leave your now very hard and wet nipples and move down your body, brushing every inch of your skin as I go. I reach your thighs and you lift your pelvis off the bed trying to move your pussy toward my mouth.
After what seems like an age of me not touching you anywhere, you feel my lips again, this time on the soft mound of hair just above your pussy.
You feel me work down ever so slowly until I reach your clitoris. It is swollen and wet for me. My tongue flicks it and then a bit harder and harder. Your hips are moving in time with me. You feel my fingers now touching you then sliding inside. Your ankles are straining at the scarves tying them to the bed. You’re repeating over and over again “Mark untie me and fuck me, untie me and fuck me....please”.
My fingers are deep inside you and curled up to push at the back of your mound. Your clitoris seems to be squeezed between my fingers inside you and my tongue.
You can take it no more as you let out a long moan and your whole body shakes as you cum on my fingers and tongue.

Still stretched out on the bed and panting now you sense that I have moved away slightly. You have no idea what I’m going to do next. You feel my body somewhere near your head. You turn your head toward me and ask what I’m going to do next and why aren’t I fucking you.
The words are hardly out of your mouth when you feel something touch your lips. Your head is still on the side and your lips part to accept what you now know to be my cock. It feels extremely hard and the tip is wet. You feel it push your lips apart.....sliding between them inch by inch. You can feel the foreskin peeling back to reveal the large swollen head.
You can feel me start to slide it in and out. Touching your throat at the back and then the head pulling almost out of your mouth completely...then back in again.
I’m getting faster and more urgent now. I hold the back of your head, grasping your hair to pull you onto me as I fuck your mouth. I can take it no longer and you feel my body stiffen and my hot cum explodes in your mouth. There’s not enough room for everything and my cum dribbles out down your chin. You swallow what you can and then continue to suck every last drop from me.

You feel me get off my knees on the bed and leave the room. I come back and you feel me hold a glass to your lips. It’s the wine which I’d come around for so long ago it seems.
We lay next to each other for a while refreshing ourselves and you can feel the heat of my body pressed against you. You are only allowed what wine I give you and you still can’t see anything.

Just as you start to relax, I get up and start to undo the scarves around your ankles. You’re relieved that your legs are free but your wrists are still tied. You lift your knees and your heels dig into the bed.
You know I am stood at the bottom of the bed and watching you. You know that I am looking at your pussy and you know what I’m thinking.
You feel my body ease between your thighs and my hand guiding my hard cock toward you. I run the swollen end along the whole of your pussy, from your clitoris to your anus and back again. Then you feel me ease it inside you. You gasp with surprise and then pleasure as I bury it deep, deep inside you.
“Now I’m going to fuck you” I say. Your heels come up around my back and hold me in as I start to fuck you harder and deeper. You’re in rhythm with me now on the bed and pulling me deeper with your heels. You can feel my mouth on yours, on your neck, on your breasts.

I can feel you are about to cum, I can feel me cumming too, I remove your blindfold at last and look into your eyes as you cum on me at the same time as I explode inside you for the second time.
I hold my position deep inside you, enjoying every single second of pleasure. I hold your gaze too and see you as you melt into the bed with a sigh.
I lie on top of you for a while, stroking your thighs and breasts, before sliding out of you and untying your hands.
We can carry on with that wine now.........

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now thats sounds great