My second experience with a guy from Serbia

I received his message that he will b ready sooner than expected. I attended one conference but i couldnt keep my attention to lectures nd was so nervous. It rained so heavily that it almost made driving impossible nd i was lost since i dont know his city so well. Had to ask at the gas station for a direction nd had difficulties to hide my boner. Finally, I found motel nd cleaned my ass for fucking session nd waited for him. He is 10 y younger than me nd has nice big cock (according to pics online) while my cock is 13 cm but i have hot foreskin nd i leak so much tasty precum…

I heard knocking on my door nd opened them undressed. My cock was hard nd slimy of all that precum (i leaked precum while still soft…nd now I know that I am a great guy 2 suck)…So i opened the door, naked, hard nd saw him for the second time (we saw each other on cam only once)…Was I in shock? Actually yes, he was so tall, like basket ball player (2 m) nd i am a small guy (170cm)…i asked him is he disappointed cause he never saw my height but he said no nd said, i c u r ready…

I sad well yes, i have been expecting this for a long, long time….So i sat on a bed, grabbed him for his ass nd started to smell him over his pants…I asked him not to shower for few days since i wanted to lick real guy taste nd enjoy in real scent not some pussy perfume nd was so glad that he obeyed me…I slowly unbuttoned his pants nd came closer to enjoy in his scent…musky aroma of warm hairy balls nd black briefs…i could notice scent of piss that made me even hotter.

I started to rub my face over his briefs, licking his cock over scented fabric, nibbling his cock with my teeth nd touching his ass….He pulled his pants down while i licked his cock over his briefs nd then i slide my hand inside nd pull it out…he is a huge guy nd his cock is 17 cm nd very thick, my cock looks like a toy compared to his, but that is nature, my cock operates very well nd i have no issues with my size His foreskin is very short nd when erected doesnt cover his head…he doesnt produce much precum, but i guess i can produce it for both of us…I licked his head nd put considerable amount of his cock in my mouth. He didnt wash his cock for few days. I told him not to. The aroma nd taste was….makes me hard even now when i am writing this…i savored the taste (cause of this friend I had to make profile updates…i dont like washed cocks 2 suck, his taste was amazing).

I licked his huge balls nd touched his ass crack nd licked my fingers, he tasted great….He was finally naked (except socks, but for the next time i have a plan to suck his toes) nd we kissed. Yes, he is excellent kisser, kisses slowly, touching with his tongue, share saliva (i told him i do like wet kisses) nd a feeling of his beard (short one, but very different to kissing my wife) on my skin…i was in heaven. We kissed for a while, i licked his face, his ears, though my hands were not still, i was stroking him (this isnt easy like 2 stroke myself since his foreskin is so short)….

He went down on my cock nd started to suck. My foreskin was full of precum nd when he started to suck, i told him i want a taste too so we kissed, his mouth full of my precum…it was one of the most passionate kisses i had in my life…he was still sucking me when he told me, i want u cum in my mouth….i didnt want to cum so soon, but he wanted me so bad nd when he started to suck me violently, i started to cum…though i am wanking 2 times a day these couple of weeks, my cum is white nd thick so firstly exploded in his mouth, but then oozed of my cock…

I wanted to share it so i asked him to kiss me again…We kissed nd exchanged my cum, i licked his tongue clean nd then he scoped cum of my cock nd shared it with me again…feeling of his warm tall body nd hairy legs on mine nd his beard on my face nd the taste of my cum on his tongue nd in his mouth…i cleaned his mouth completely. That was one of the best experiences in my life…

I told him to lay down nd then i started to suck him, licked his big balls, licked his ass crack though he told me that he isnt 100 % clean, i said i dont mind (i broke everything i believed in nd i had no inhibitions) - but i enjoyed so much in taste nd scent of his balls nd ass crack…i licked his legs, belly (hi is build like me, but much taller)…

He came in my mouth nd that was my first taste of a cum, straight from the source. I was selfish nd i didnt share any drop with him, i swallowed everything…he exploded in my mouth, though the amount of cum was considerably smaller compared to mine, but i sucked every drop nd that feeling of muscle spasms while guy is cumming nd my strong sucking nd swallowing cum….wild wild wild.

We had great time, i tasted his piss, licked nd sucked his cock while he is pissing, he pissed on my legs….We were kissing.,licking, sucking…but didnt fuck. Think some things doesnt have to b fulfilled at first date….But he fucked me his big fingers, i rimmed him nd figerfucked him…we will meet again soon.
This time was excellent, but our next time……………will b mind blowing!

80% (3/1)
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