Domination story

This is a story i wrote to a sub friend of mine who is a kinky like i am. He likes ws nd that is something i am also interested in. We could never have experience like this offline, but still, this is a great fantasy i (nd he) am interested in...But would like to be a sub also ;) Life is too short, i would like to try many many many things...

I will tie u to a bed. Want u in my power…completely. So, I will tie ur arms nd legs. Legs would spread so I can enjoy in view of ur cock. Hard cock.

Don’t want to b gentle with u, not this time so I will sit on ur chest nd slam my juicy cock over ur face…I leek lot of precum nd traces of it are on ur face. U try to grab my cock with ur mouth, but I don’t want u suck me, not just yet…

I slam ur cheeks with my rock hard drooling cock. U r trying to lick me with ur tongue but I am quicker than u…My hand is slowly stroking ur cock nd ur precum makes my hand most nd gliding all over ur cock.

I feel ur precum nd lick it, just a little bit, then I clean my precum off ur face nd order u to lick my hand. I push several fingers in ur mouth nd feed u with my nd ur precum. U r moaning loudly nd sucking my fingers.

I grab ur dildo nd start to touch ur dick nd balls. I am rubbing it all over ur dick nd it started to b glisten of ur precum so I lick ur dildo nd taste ur juices. But have another thing on my mind…I am taking ur cock and spread precum all over dildo nd find ur hole, hungry hole waiting to b fucked. Don’t want 2 b easy with u so I push ur precum covered dildo in ur hole…u r moaning loudly nd

I like ur voice. So I fuck u with dildo, pushing it inside u, ur hole is waiting nd accepts ur toy while my hand is stroking ur cock nd the other is fucking u fast…U scream fuck me good, but I am thirsty, want u feed me with ur juices so I order u to piss…need ur piss…want to taste ur piss…

Ur cock is rock hard nd slimy of ur precum but u take my order nd with hell of an effort piss few drops of piss, I lick them of ur cock but I need more…still fucking u with dildo, I order u to piss all over my lips nd face…

U r trying to indulge me nd first stream of ur piss starts to flow out ur cock! My lips r round ur cock nd licking every drop of ur piss. So my mouth is full, but I don’t want to share it with u, not today. I need ur piss to me, feed me while I fuck u!

After u have satisfied my need I am taking out ur dildo, lick it for a while nd offer u to taste it. I face fuck u with dildo covered with my saliva nd ur hole juices…Need to taste u, so I kiss u nd lick ur tongue, I lick every drop of ur juices…u taste incredible.

But have something else on my mind…don’t want ur hole to get cold so I bent down nd lick ur hole, all lubed of ur precum, my tongue is long nd I enjoy to tongue fuck u. U taste excellent nd I enjoy in tasting ur hole. But my rock hard cock is hungry, needs warm place…so I order u to spread ur legs further nd slowly stoke my cock, my foreskin goes up nd down reveling head glistening of precum, I am drooling so much…

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