my antique chair

I thought this might be fun for you to think about...

You are naked, tied sitting in an antique chair, with a hardening dick glistening with precum. I am naked myself and you are powerless to touch the parts of my curvy body that you so enjoy - my full breasts jutting with pebble-hard rosy pink nipples, my round hips that you love to grab tightly as you pound your dick into me, and my soft, velvety folds leading to a warm, wet, crimson delight that wraps around your tongue, fingers, and dick giving you hours of pleasure. You whimper and struggle to undo your silk tied wrists; alas, I have you in my control.

I wink at you and smile as I kneel between you tied apart legs. My full ruby lips, softly kiss the tip to enjoy that delectable precum taste. I purr with delight at the taste of that sweetness you provided me. My lips kiss along the rim and slowly down the harden shaft to the base and your full balls. As my lips move they part further and my naughty tongue starts a silken swirl around each ball. Opening my mouth wider, I pop one to the balls into my desirous mouth. I languidly suck wetting the ball and release it to suck on its twin. As I suck, my hand pulls a lever on the side of the chair so the back tilts and the bottom section drops allowing me access for my hand to touch behind your balls to your anal slit. I offer my middle finger to wetten with your mouth.

Withdrawing from your mouth, I slowly press it inside you to reach your prostate gland. A throaty soft groan emits from your throat as I probe my finger further. I glance at your pleasured grin and begin to tongue back up the shaft. As I continue my finger fucking motion on your hole, I reach the coruna. I run my tongue around and open my wet mouth to encase the tip down to the base of your hard thick manhood. Once inside, I close my mouth tightly, I swish my tongue around, suction the shaft, and bob my head back and forth to fuck you with my mouth. You struggle to release your hands to gently hold my head; however, I release my mouth encased prisoner and give you the look that lets you know if you fight this, all pleasure will stop. You always obey because you know how I can bend you to my will.

The intense suction continues as I draw every last bit of creamy thick hot cum from your pleasured dick. Now, you know its your turn to make me obey your sexual power.
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3 years ago
Wow. I like the way you think!
3 years ago
like the story , can i be the next victim of your chair
3 years ago