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Lana Returns

Missy and I had a long week and had neglected each other so we both agreed that Friday night would be "our time" to make up for it. We grabbed a bite on the way home and could barely keep our hands off each other on the ride.
We kissed as the bath filled and pretended to wash each other but it was just a matter of time before we were rubbing each other to climax. After our bath we headed to bed. We did everything we could think of with our hands and mouths until we had both orgasmed again. We lay in each others arms basking in the glow and I dozed off. I awoke to Missy smiling at me while wearing her strap-on. She fucked me slowly until I begged her to speed up. She grabbed my hair and fucked me so hard that I could't stop cumming. I collapsed in her arms and we fell into a beautiful sl**p.
I was up for my morning run as Missy slept. I was very sore from the strap-on but still not satisfied. Since we had no plans I intended to do my run, take my shower and grab that sweetie for some great oral loving.
When I returned from my run she was sitting on the couch with her coffee smiling at me. I kissed her, told her my plans and headed to the shower. I was drying my hair when she appeared and tossed me a football jersey.
"Put this on, you have company."
I entered the room to find Lana, the beautiful teen whose birthday wish I had made come true sitting with her. Lana and I hugged and we all sat down.
Lana explained that she was in the area and just stopped by to say hi. I asked her if she was still seeing Mary and she sheepishly said yes. I told her that she didn't have to be shy about it and explained that Missy and I now were a couple so it was okay. She looked a little disappointed at the news and quickly said that she should be going.
"Anna and I have no secrets" Missy spoke up. "I know about your present and I love it. In fact, Anna has told me that she hoped that you would come back some time and bring Mary along."
"Really?" Lana asked.
"Really," Missy smiled. "We share everything. I'll bet you are wearing those panties right now. Aren't you?"
"Uh, I don't know " Lana stammered.
"Show her yours Anna" Missy smiled knowing that I didn't have any on.
I leaned back, pulled up the jersey and smiled as they both looked on.
Lana started to get up but we both took her by the arm and put her between us.
"Kiss her Lana" Missy instructed as she gently pulled our heads together. We shared a soft but sensuous kiss and then I turned Lana's mouth to Missy.The sight of them kissing was very sexy and I began to lick and nibble on Lana's neck and ears. Her soft moans brought shivers to both Missy and I.
Missy turned her back to me and unbuttoned Lana's shirt exposing her perky boobetes with chocolate nipples. Lana moaned into my mouth as Missy lowered her mouth to one and began licking and sucking softly on it. I released her mouth and pushed her back onto the couch as I began to do the same to her other. We took turns licking her neck and kissing her mouth, making sure that one of us always had a nipple in our mouth. I kissed my way down her perfect belly as I unzipped her shorts.
"There's those panties!" Missy smiled as I removed her shorts. "Oh my God, there's those long legs Anna has told me about."
I tore off my jersey and knelt before her as I took her right leg in my hands. I started caressing and kissing it as I worked my way softly up, stopping to tease behind her knee. Missy quickly stripped and joined me doing the same to Lana's other leg. Lana was moaning softly as Missy and I looked into each others eyes and continued upward. We spread her legs and teased the inside of her thighs stopping to lick along the skin at the edge of her panties.
"Oh please!" Lana moaned as she squeezed her breasts and tossed her head from side to side.
Missy put her hand on Lana's panties, squeezed her lips together and began to softly pull them up and down.
"Oh God!" Lana mumbled.
Missy let go and spread her lips through her panties. "Look how wet she is" she smiled at me. I couldn't resist anymore and lowered my mouth, taking her soaked panties into my mouth as I kissed and licked along her slit.
"Oh please" Lana begged.
We pulled her panties off and spread her legs. I spread her beautiful petals and took a long lick ending with a soft kiss on her clit. I pulled Missy to me and we kissed sharing the taste of Lana's juices. I pulled back and Missy replaced me. I knew what Lana was feeling and marveled at the sight of my honey and she licked and sucked on Lana. Lana was breathing heavy and lifting her hips trying to match Missy's rhythm when Missy pulled back.
"Don't stop! Please don't stop!" Lana moaned.
"She's all yours" Missy smiled and got up, leaving me with a drenched pussy right in front of me.
I dove right in licking her slit, pulling on her lips with mine, softly sucking her clit and after spreading her, inserting my tongue into her. As her moaning increased, I took each of her cheeks in my hands and lifted her to my mouth. Lana put her feet on my shoulders and and grabbed my head as Missy returned and covered her mouth with her own. I began to suck on her clit and she thrust towards me her legs beginning to shake. I could feel her orgasm coming and increased my sucking until Lana pulled her head away from Missy, let out a low moan, orgasmed in my mouth and collapsed while pushing my head away.
Missy was beaming as I got up beside Lana. She pulled me across her, kissed me and licked Lana's cum from my face. We gently kissed Lana as she tried to settle down.
"You are incredible!" she smiled."I never felt anything like that."
"I want more" Missy smiled.
"I don't know if I can take any more" Lana sighed.
Missy took Lana's hand and placed it on the strap-on that she had put on while she was gone. Releasing her hand, Missy laid on the floor. I led Lana down and turned her around so that she could sit down on the dildo. I spread her lips, and lubed her more with spit covered fingers. Lana slowly lowered herself onto it and I started getting wet watching her perfect little pussy engulfing it. She rode Missy slowly, going further down a little at a time until she had it all the way in. I was rubbing myself as Missy pulled her ass apart so that I could watch.
"Oh Missy! You've got to see this" I groaned as I repositioned them. I put Lana's hands on the couch and got Missy behind her. I spread her cheeks so that Missy could see Lana trying to grab the dildo with her lips. I kissed Missy as she began to slowly fuck Lana.
"Get on the couch."
I sat down and spread my legs as Missy pushed Lana's mouth towards me. Lana started to lick my pussy as Missy began to thrust into her slowly. Lana was having trouble concentrating as Missy increased her pace and all she could do was suck on my thighs.
"Oh Missy!" she moaned.
"Do you like it?"
"Oh yeeeeeeees!!"
Missy began to pound her as I spread my lips and pulled Lana's face in. I held her head and began to grind my pussy on her mouth.
"MMMMMMM" was all she could grunt as she sucked harder and harder.
I opened my eyes and looked down to see this beautiful girl's mouth surrounding my clit and then I looked up and saw the look of desire on my sweeties face as she fucked her. It was just too much to take and I exploded in Lana's mouth. She released my clit and groaned. "That's it! That's it! Oh God!!"
Lana collapsed onto the floor as Missy unstrapped and came to me. She cradled my face and kissed me.
"You look so beautiful !" she cooed.
"Oh Missy, you're the beauty. I couldn't hold back when I looked at the desire you had."
We laid down beside Lana and gently kissed her. She could only softly moan and smile as we stroked her. Missy leaned over and suckled softly on her nipple.
"I really do have to get going" Lana said, the disappointment returning to her face.
She started to get dressed but when she reached for her panties Missy grabbed them.
"You can't wear them. I'll be right back."
Missy went to our bedroom and returned with two g-strings.
"Why two?" Lana asked.
"Ones for you and the other's for Mary. " Missy smiled. "When you return them we'll have these all clean."
Lana smiled as we headed for the door. She passionatley kissed each of us.
"Mary is going to love you two" was all she said as she left.
Missy and I were both still naked and huggged as we smiled at each other and kissed softly.
"Now it's your turn" I smiled as I took her by the hand to the bedroom.
Excited by the experience with Lana, the prospects of her return with Mary, and our love of sharing everything together, we made love the rest of the day and most of the night.

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mike ,,,,thats great ..
1 year ago
Strap on sex is so wonderful!!
2 years ago
wow :) loving this!!!!!
2 years ago
***** Anna & Missy
2 years ago
Oh My God! What a surprise! Lana's visit was extraordinary and so very unexpected! The taste and scent of her young pussy was such a pleasure! Lana is so shy and her visit way to brief and Missy and I hope she will come back with Mary! I was very surprised she came to visit me and accepted Missy the way she did! The mere sight of Missy devouring this young thing left me wet with desire as Lana licked my clit! When Lana left the taste of her lingered on our lips as Missy and I kissed, both of us savoring her juice's as we made our way to the bedroom for an all day session! Anticipation of the thought of Lana, Mary, Missy and I all together made for quite an extraordinary day!