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Nikki and Amanda

It was a gloomy Saturday morning after a long tiring week. I decided to run some errands in the morning and then relax all evening with a couple of glasses of wine and either a book or a video. As I was finishing my coffee my doorbell rang. I opened it to find two cheerleaders selling candy. They introduced themselves as Debbie, a cute blonde and Nikki, a very cute reddish brown haired girl. Their outfits were sexier than I remembered for High School. Sleeveless belly shirts and low cut skirts were something new for me. They went through their spiel and I invited them in so I could get some money. I was disappointed that I only had one dollar in my wallet because banking was on my chores list.
"I wanted a few to help the school but I only have one dollar" I said.
"That's okay" said Nikki. "We can come back another time if you want more" as she smiled at me. I barely heard what she said as I melted into her beautiful eyes. She was more than cute, she was just plain pretty.

They went to leave but it had started to rain pretty hard so I invited them to stay until it let up. They settled in on the couch and I across from them. Debbie was quite the motormouth and as she rambled on Nikki was texting. I tried to pay attention but couldn't help sneaking peeks at Nikki. I was checking out her legs and when I looked up she was smiling directly at me as I quickly averted my eyes. The rain stopped and they thanked me and left. I was watching them walk away, marvelling at Nikki's legs when she turned her head and looked back. She smiled and gave me a little wave. I couldn't believe that she caught me again and sheepishly waved back. I sat down to finish my coffee and realized that my nipples were completely erect, rubbing on my tee. As I finished my coffee I found myself thinking of Nikki. "Snap out of it" I thought and decided to do my chores to get her image out of my mind.

The evening came and after a nice long bath I put on my robe and settled in on the couch with my wine and book. As I was pouring my second glass the doorbell rang. I cinched my robe and opened it to find Nikki with more candy bars.
"Hi! I told you I'd bring you more" she smiled.
"Oh hi. I didn't think it would be so soon." I had her come in and went to get my money. I looked over at her and she was a vision of beauty. She was wearing a baby blue camisole, belly baring denim skirt and flip flops. Her hair fell perfectly on her shoulders, framing a beautiful face with gorgeous dark eyes and the prettiest smile.
"Whatcha doin' tonight?" she asked as we exchanged money and candy.
"Just relaxing with a book" I replied.
" I am sorry that Debbie talked so much today but she does that. I hope she didn't bother you."
"She's no problem. I figured that she was just nervous since we don't know each other" I replied. "You were busy texting anyway."
" I was only texting because I was bored. Can I stay and talk a while?"
" Uh, okay I guess. Sit on the couch while I go put something on" I said and headed to my bedroom.

I opened my dresser and threw a tee and shorts on the bed. I dropped my robe and was shocked when I turned around to see Nikki was standing in the doorway smiling at me.
"What are you doing?" I said as I tried to cover up with my robe.
"Just looking. Like what you were doing to me today."
"I don't know what you mean."
"Yes you do. I wasn't texting all the time and I saw you. I know you liked it because I saw how hard your nipples got."
"You've got to go now" I said as Nikki started to unzip her skirt.
"Oh no" I mumbled as it fell to the ground exposing bikini cut panties that matched her top.
"You like what you see, don't you Amanda."
"Oh Nikki, you've got to stop" I stammered.
She started walking towards me as she pulled her top off. Her small boobs were just perfect with small but delicious looking hard nipples. When she got to me she took the robe from my hands and dropped it to the floor.
"Please Nikki. We shouldn't" was all I could get out before she kissed me. It was the sweetest kiss that I had ever had. I was lost in her when I felt her hand caress my boob.
"This is what you wanted, isn't it" she cooed as she took one of my nipples between her fingers and lightly pinched it.
"Oh yes" I sighed as I attacked her mouth with mine. I broke away from her mouth and started licking and sucking her neck while caressing one of her perfect boobs..
"Pull on it like this" I moaned as I tried to show her. Her nipples were not as long as mine but she soon had me near the edge. Nikki was moaning too as she began to pinch and pull on my nipple.
I lay her on the bed. I couldn't resist the beauty before me. I made love to her mouth with mine while softly stroking her boob and progressing to her belly.
I nibbled and kissed her shoulders and chest as I lightly ran a finger across the skin above her panty line.
"Oh Amanda. That's feels so good" she whimpered as I took her nipple in my mouth. I kissed and lightly licked it as I started to slowly run my hand along the inside of her leg from the knee to her panties and back to the knee.
"Oh Amanda" she moaned as I began to kiss, lick and nibble her belly from her ribs to her panty line and back to her navel. I returned to her mouth with mine to muffle her moans as I ran my hand up her leg until it was cupping her panty clad pussy.
"UMM" she mumbled as I took her mound and pussy in my hand.
"You are so wet" I cooed in her ear as I slid my hand inside her panties.
"Umm" was all that came out of her as I slowly ran a finger along her closed lips.
"Those have to come off" I smiled as I kissed her. I got up, pulled her panties off and spread her legs. Before me lay the the prettiest, small, shaved pussy that I had ever seen. I got between her legs and kissed her upper thigh as I squeezed her lips together. I put sone saliva on my finger and started rubbing along them.
"Oh God"
"Do you like that?"
I knew that I had her where I wanted her. I raised up and put a wet kiss on her closed lips.
I put some spit on the end of my tongue and started a long lick form the bottom of her lips to the top. Her hips were rising and her legs were twitching as her breathing increased.
"Do you like it?"
Oh, yeah! Please don't stop!!"
I f***ed her legs open and put my fingers on each side of her lips, Opening them, I gazed upon her small pussy for a brief second before I lowered my mouth and kissed her clit.
"Oh God!"
I started licking her soaked pussy. When I felt she was getting into a rhythem, I would change between licking her slit, sucking on her clit and finally inserting my tongue in her.
"You taste so good, baby"
"UMm! I'm gonna expl..........' was all she could groan as she began to buck my face. I latched onto her clit with my mouth and she latched onto my head. I sucked her clit as hard as I could as she squeezed my head with her legs.
"Please ! No more! No more!" she cried as she relaxed her legs and tried to push my head away. I looked up at the look of complete bliss on her face, surrounded by her sweat soaked hair. I put a soft kiss on her pussy and then started softly kissing my way up her body until I reached her mouth.
"Oh Amanda" was all that came out.
I held her and stroked her face and hair as she settled down.
"I've never felt anything like that" she smiled sweetly as she kissed me. I laid back as she began to kiss her way to my boobs. She took my right nipple in her mouth and began to softly pull on it with her lips. Now I was moaning as she took my left nipple between her fingers and began pulling on it.
"Oh baby, keep going" I whispered as I put my hand on my soaked pussy. I was so excited when she had her orgasm that I came close then and knew it wouldn't take long. She began pulling on my nipples harder but would stop her chewing and suck my whole boob a little.
"Oh baby" I moaned as I rubbed myself harder.
"Oh Amanda" she groaned as she put her mouth on mine while pulling on both of my nipples. I couldn't hold back anymore. I released her mouth and pulled her head next to mine as I screamed "I'm cumming!!" It was the longest orgasm of my life as I soaked my hand and the bed.
Now she was stroking me as I tried to come back to reality. We kissed and cuddled for a while, relishing in our discovery.
"I love you Amanda."
"I love you too baby. But you have to realize that we can't do this again."
She looked somewhat dissapointed as she dressed even though I would pull her to me and kiss her after each piece of clothing. I walked her to the door and we kissed again. Neither of us wanted it to end, but she had to go.
"Never again?" she asked as she went out the door.
"Never" I said as we smiled at each other.
"You know my teacher says you should never say never" she smiled as she turned and walked away.

Posted by mscotton12 2 years ago
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2 months ago
certainly enjoyed the story. cheerleaders usually are so naughty...
2 months ago
lovely story, shows talent and imagination. keep up the good work. We have something in common, we both love women.
4 months ago
I enjoyed the story. Well done :)
8 months ago
I bet you have a Pavlovian response when the doorbell rings!
8 months ago
very hot. love school girls selling ??? door to door!
9 months ago
awesome story, true? about realy girls?
1 year ago
girls just say 'never again' when they mean yes please?
2 years ago
Nice story. Sounds like a dream came true for Amanda,..... and I'm sure never didn't really mean never!!
2 years ago
Lucky Nikki and Amanda. My cousin is on her college cheerleading team and she is raising money so her spirit team can go to Las Vegas for the basketball playoffs. I contributed and told her that she must have all the cheerleaders over to my home after the season ends.
2 years ago
A terrific story.
2 years ago
I almost felt that.
2 years ago
I loved the story!
2 years ago
*sigh* I love it.... "never say never!"