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Jennifer and Amanda

I drove to N.Y. for a job interview. It was in the afternoon so I got a room. After it and dinner I went to the hotel bar for a drink. As I was chatting with the bartender I asked him if there was any entertainment nearby. He told me that most places didn't have music during the week but there was a dancer bar nearby. Off I went.

It was the usual club, I went to the bar while I checked it out. My seat was by the service area as I looked around a beautiful, petite, 5'9" waitress with long blonde hair came to get some drinks.
"First time here?" she asked.
"Yeah, I'm from out of town, killing some time" I replied.
"What do you think of it?"
"Its a pretty nice place."
"What do you think of the girls?"
"They're okay" I said as I looked around. I was hoping that I didn't offend her because they were mostly average.
"Amanda will be out in a sec. She's way better than okay" she smiled as she started to leave with her tray. She stopped, turned and smiled. "I'm Jennifer."
"I'm sorry" I stammered. "I'm Mike.

Amanda appeared and was more than I could have dreamed of. She was an absolutely stunning 5'11" beauty in a perfectly cut white bikini with long brunette hair. Her boobs were medium in size but full, I was guessing maybe a d cup. They accentuated a beautiful body with a nice flat belly.

As I got up to get a table Jennifer was returning to the bar.
"Go get 'em, big boy" she laughed as she playfully pushed me toward the tables.
I settled in, secretly hoping that the other dancers wouldn't notice and luckily, none did. Amanda and I made eye contact and smiled at each other as she approached. She bent over to ask me if I wanted a dance and my mind melted into her incredible hazel eyes. She danced so seductively and smelled so good that I wanted the song to never end.
"Thank you, I'm Amanda" she smiled as the song ended.
I could barely get out a "you're welcome" as she walked to another customer. She was just as beautiful from behind as when she was facing me.
I looked around and had no interest in the rest of the dancers after being so near to such a beautiful, sensuous girl so I returned to the bar.

Jennifer was at the service area cashing out.
"What did I tell you" She smiled.
"You were absolutely correct!"
"Are you going to stay for a while?" she asked.
"Maybe a little" I replied. "Why?"
"I was hoping that you could keep me company for a half hour until my fiance gets off. That way, these other guys will leave me alone."
I agreed and checked out the bartenders, bouncers, and DJ, trying to figure out which one was the lucky stiff.
She told me that they were only working there until they got their degrees and then they would get "real jobs", get married and settle into their dream life together. She asked about me and I told her about my failed past relationship. She asked if I ever intended to get married and I laughed. "I doubt it. Besides, I have this idea about a trinagular relationship." As I explained it to her, her expressions ranged from quizzical to soft smiles. All of a sudden she rose from her seat and beamed.
"Mike, I want you to meet my fiance" she said as Amanda walked up, hugged her and gave her a short but passionate kiss.
"You're not hitting on my Honey, are you?" Amanda smiled as I tried not to fall off the stool. Jennifer sat her on the stool, put her arm around her waist and ordered a drink.
"Mike was just telling me an interesting theory, Baby. Have one drink while he finishes."
"Okay, but just one" Amanda sighed. "I'm really tired and I want to get the paw prints and man stink off me."
When I finished we said our pleasantries and the girls headed towards the back to leave. I paid my tab and as I was heading to the door, I saw Jennifer coming towards me. I stopped and she walked up, smiled, and kissed me on the cheek.
"Thanks for watching out for me" she said and turned towards the back.
I couldn't resist watching this long legged, blonde beauty until she disappeared. I headed to my car knowing that I would sl**p blissfully, thinking of Jennifer and Amanda.

As I was opening my door, a car approached through the lot. It suddenly stopped in front of me and Jennifer rolled down the window.
"Amanda's tired. Want to come over for a while and talk some more. We live nearby."
She knew my answer when she saw my smile.
"Follow us."

Jennifer and I settled and started chatting as Amanda headed to the shower.
"You know that triangle thing?" she asked. "Have you ever had a threeway?"
"A couple. How about you?"
She told me how she and Amanda had had them with guys and girls because they wanted to get it out of their system before they got married. " Once we get married, it's just us forever. I love her too much to risk her with anyone and she feels the same way."
"Speaking of Amanda, I wonder if she fell asl**p. I'll be right back" she said as she went to check.

She returned and from across the room smiled impishly as she placed a finger to her lips. "Shh, quiet. I want you to see this."
I softly walked over and she took me by the hand to the open door of their bedroom. Expecting to see Amanda sl**ping, I was shocked to see her lying on the bed with her feet and butt on the edge. Her legs were spread and she had two fingers of her left hand holding her lips apart as the middle finger of her right hand was was lightly rubbing through her sopping wet pussy. She took her finger out and sucked the sweet nectar from it, giving me an incredible view of her shaved pussy. She softly moaned as she continued her leasurely strokimg.

Jennifer pulled me back away from the door and in a whisper asked me if I wanted to watch. All I could do was nod.
She took off all of her clothes as we snuck back towards the door. Amanda now had her finger partly inside of her pussy and her other hand was rubbing her full boobs and pinching her perfect nipples.
Jennifer smiled at me and stepped back. She had the perkiest boobs with pretty pink areolas and nipples. I scanned down her body admiring her flat belly and slim hips. Her pussy hair was neatly trimmed and so blonde that I could barely see it. She handed me her panties and smiled devilishly. "I'm going in."

She crawled up to the bed as I returned to the doorway.
"Oh, Honey" Amanda cooed as Jennifer made small, light kisses up and down her pussy. Her coos turned to low sighs as Jennifer changed to licking up and down, rotating between soft and hard strokes.
"You do that so good! Please Honey! You know what I want!"
Jennifer took a finger from each hand and gently opened the beautiful honeypot in front of her. She slowly inserted her tongue until it was buried as far as it would go. Once inside, she wiggled it as best she could and then began a slow fucking motion with it.
Oh, Honey, fuck me!" Amanda groaned. "Fuck me harder!"
Jennifer increased her speed as Amanda's breathing quickened.
"Oh Honey, I'm so close! " she panted.
Jennifer replaced her tongue with two fingers as she licked on her clit.
"Oh fuck Honey!" Amanda screamed as Jennifer began sucking on her clit. Her legs began twitching then went straight over Jennifer's shoulders as she grabbed the top of her head and clenched it with her thighs. She pumped Jennifer's face a few times, let out a loud groan and fell back, her legs setting Jennifer's face free.
Jennifer looked back at me with a huge smile. I could barely see her through my glazed eyes. My dick was harder than it had ever been but I was afraid to touch it.

She moved Amanda to the center of the bed and climbed on top of her as they devoured each others mouths with passion I had never seen before. Jennifer got one of her legs between Amanda's and positioned their pussies together. As she began a slow grind Amanda took her face in her hands.
"I love you" Amanda sighed. "I love you so much!" she cooed so softly that I thought she might be crying.
"I love you too" Jennifer whispered as she kissed her. She then raised up and began to grind a little harder. As the speed of their tribbing increased, so did their breathing. Amanda had her hands on Jennifer's hips, pulling her tighter. The look om Jennifer's face was pure bliss.
"Oh Baby! Fuck me!" Jennifer pleaded as she grinded harder.
Suddenly Jennifer stopped, unlocked their legs, rose up, pulled Amanda further down the bed, turned around and offered her dripping wet pussy to Amanda. Amanda placed her arms through Jennifer's legs and grabbed her ass, pulling her pussy deeper onto her mouth. She began licking, fucking and sucking like a woman possessed. Jennifer was moaning in a semi-trance when she turned her head and saw me. She let out a low groan and growled "Get your cock out! Jack off for me!"
Amanda slid back a little to take a look. Finally knowing that I had been watching, she smiled at me then grabbed Jennifer's hips and puled her back to her mouth. Jennifer was staring at me as I slowly and softly stroked my self. I wanted it to last but she didn't.
"Harder!" she barked as her breathing quickened. I grabbed my dick knowing that it would be just seconds before I exploded.
"Oh Baby! I'm gonna cum! she wailed at Amanda.
I realized that I had Jennifer's panties in my hand and as I let loose, I sprayed them to prevent making a mess. Jennifer saw me squirting and sat back fully on Amanda's face, soaking her with her orgasm.

My legs were weak and I was holding onto the wall to prevent falling down as the girls were now collapsed with their faces at each others knees. Amanda motioned for me to join them on the bed. I laid down beside her as Jennifer came up on the other side. She gently suckled on Amanda's nipple before laying her head on her shoulder as Amanda turned to me. Her face was soaking wet.
"Want a taste?" she smiled at me.
I licked and sucked Jennifer's juices from he face, savoring the taste when Amanda surprised me by pulling my mouth to hers. She kissed me passionately then turned to Jennifer and did the same.

When we had all finally calmed down, I told them that I should get going and put my pants on. I looked over and the sight of these two satisfied beauties actually caused me to stir again.
"Please stay where you are" I said. "I'll lock the door.
"Wait a sec Mike" Jennifer said as she crawled across Amanda, rose up and kissed me.
Pulling back she asked " Is that your triangle thing?"
"Close enough" I laughed as I turned off the light and left.

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8 months ago
2 years ago
soooo hot! well done. Lucky girls ;)
2 years ago
Mighty Mike, you're a terribly talented
pleaser of the ladies you love so much!
And I just love the stories which result ;-)

Funny to notice I know the commenters,
but the two devotees - poet Pete
2 years ago
so sexy so erotic has me wanting
2 years ago
you have me so turned on with all your stories, they get me so wet, nipples erect, very erotic
2 years ago
was my pleasure
2 years ago
Hot Story!