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Anna's Vegas Surprise

I woke at my usual time after the incredible night that Anna and I shared. I looked at her sl**ping and did not want to wake her as she looked so beautiful and blissful. I cleaned up a little, lightly kissed her forehead and went downstairs to get a newspaper and some breakfast treats for us. I also made a call to a friend of mine who lives in Vegas. I explained Anna's desire for a sensuous massage and he told me that he would send me someone at 10 AM.

It was only 8:30 when I returned to the room and Anna was still sl**ping but stirred when I entered. I gently woke her and as she had her coffee and danish I went into my suite's bathroom and started a bubble bath in the large tub. When I had it just right I went and got her and we climbed into the warm soapy water. She fell back into my arms and we relaxed for a while. I washed her hair as I nibbled on her neck and could hear her sweet purrs. Then we washed each other's backs and shared a soft kiss as I got out and dried off. It was around 9:45 and I told her to take her time and dry her hair, knowing that her surprise was still 15 minutes away. When she was done she came out and jumped in my lap.
"What do you want to do today?" she asked.
"I have a little surprise for you" I replied.
As she was about to ask what it was there was a knock at the door.
"Who could that be?" she asked.
"It's a surprise. You better go put your robe on."
I opened the door and the masseuse was exactly what I asked for and I knew that Anna would be happy. There stood Michaela, a 5'3", beautiful Asian girl with long black hair who couldn't have weighed 90 pounds, dressed in all black. Anna returned and when she saw her looked a little taken aback that there was another girl there. She smiled when I told her that Michaela was there to give her a message and gave me a big hug and kiss as Michaela laid some fluffy bath towels on the bed.

Michaela gave Anna a scruchie for her hair then took her by the hand and had her lay on her stomach after she had disrobed her. I was sitting in a chair and Michaela was between us as she started to get undressed down to the smallest black bikini. Anna beamed at me as Michaela approached the bed with her bottle of oil. I got up and Anna asked me where I was going. I told her that I thought they may want to be alone but she would not hear of it. She said that she wanted me to have one too so I should stay. I sheepishly smiled to myself as I returned to the chair.
Michaela squirted some of the oils onto her hands and began to rub her neck and shoulders. Her hands alternated between soft caresses and deep kneads. She added some more oil and began to go down her back and along her sides.
"Does that feel good?" Michaela inquired.
"Oh yeah. I needed this" Anna smiled.
Michaela added more oil as she made her way to Anna's butt. She spread her legs a little as she began to massage her with one hand rubbing her butt cheek and the other lightly caressing the inside of her thighs. Anna involuntarily spread her legs a little wider but Michaela started to work on her legs. She massaged them down to her toes and after a slow foot massage, started to work her way back up. When she arrived at the the top of her thighs she gently spread Anna's legs wider. She returned one hand to her butt cheek but began to slowly run her other hand along Anna's soaked pussy. "I guess we don't need any oil here" she said as she spread Anna's lips and slipped a finger inside. Anna's breathing quickened and her purrs turned to moans as Michaela entered a second finger.

Michaela stopped and got Anna on all fours. She returned her fingers and began a slow deep fucking motion. Needless to say, my dick was rock hard at the sight of her dripping wet pussy in front of me being fucked by this beautiful girl. Michaela took one of her fingers out. Anna looked back in disappointment until Michaela inserted a finger from her other hand. Anna's head dropped and she beagn to pant as Michaela combined fucking and stretching her pussy. Once again Anna was feeling disappointed as Michaela got behind her and spread her lips but her disappointment quickly turned to bliss as Michaela gently sucked on her clit. "Oh God, please don't stop!" Anna groaned as Michaela began to lick up her juices. Her groans increased when Michaela's tongue entered her wide open pussy. Michalea tongue fucked her but when Anna cried out "I'm so close!" She stopped. Anna's whole body was shaking as Michaela rolled her onto her back.
"Oh baby, why did you stop?! she implored.
"The best is yet to come" Michaela replied as she lowered her mouth to Anna's and gave her a sweet kiss.

She put more oil on her hands and began to masaage her shoulders and upper chest. When she got to her breasts she began to rotate between deep massage, gentle circular motion and light nipple pulling. Anna's eyes were closed but her legs were spread wide and her juices were soaking the bed. Michaela stopped briefly and as Anna opened her eyes to se why. Michaela took off her top revealing a perfect set of perky small boobs with chocolate nipples. Anna smiled as she reached for one but Michaela took her hand and put iot above her head. "Not yet" she smiled as her hands started towards Anna's belly. As she caressed Anna's belly, sides and hips, Anna's other hand moved towards her own pussy. Michaela took it and put it over her head too and smiled "not yet." Michaela repositioned herself between Anna's legs and pushed them up. She took Anna's hands and placed them behind her knees as she spread her legs. Michaela gently opened her dripping pussy and licked her from the bottom to the top. Every so often when before she started alick at the bottom, she would give her a quick lick of her ass. Anna's moans and panting were speeding up again as Michaela spread her lips and started to lick her clit. "I'm so close" she cried. Michaela put two fingers inside of her and began to fuck her as her clit licking picked up speed. Anna's head was rolling from side to side.
"Harder baby, please. Harder!" she screammed. Michaela completely engulfed Anna's clit with her mouth and began to suck on it as hard as she was fucking her. It was just seconds until Anna screamed "Oh God, I'm cumming and squeezed Michaela's head between her thighs.
Anna pulled Michaela's mouth to hers as she collapsed onto her back. She licked her cum from her face and mouth as she took one of Michaela's boobs in her hand. Michaela rose up and put her nipple between Anna's lips. She began to lick and suck on both of them as Michaela's breathing started to speed up. Suddenly Michaela pulled back and sat up. Anna still had her hand on Michaela's breast as she looked over at me. "Is there something wrong?" she asked. "No baby" I replied. "It's time for your surprise.

Anna had a quizzical look on her face as Michaela untied one side of her g-string. Her look turned to amazement as Michaela untied the other side and pulled off her bottom and pulled a hardcock from between her cheeks. "Oh Michael" she evilling grinned at me as she took it in her hand. She turned her attentions to Michaela and began to gently stroke it to full hardness. Michaela let out her own moan as Anna took the head of her cock in her mouth. Anna released it from her hand and began to suck up and down, lubricating it with her saliva. Michaela's breathing increased and she put her hands on the sides of Anna's face to make it easier fuck her mouth. The look of happiness on Anna's face was once again interrupted when Michaela pushed her away.
"Am I doing something wrong" she asked.
"No honey" Michaela said as she lightly kissed her. "I want to fuck you"
Michaela put Anna back on all fours and got behind her. Both girls groaned as she began to slowly enter her. Michaela started slowly and after a short time increased her speed. Anna turned her head towards me as Michaela pounded away. The look on her face was all that I needed tosatisfy me. "Fuck me, Fuck me harder" she screamed as Michaela began to pant. "Fuck me, please fuck me" she continued. "Oh baby, please cum for me" she begged. Michaela could hold back no more and pulled out, shooting a huge load onto Anna's back and ass.
The sight before me was like a dream.One beautiful girl on her knees with an open pussy dripping everywhere and another holding onto her while trying to catch her breath.
"Get over here Michael" Anna demanded as she rolled onto her back. I climbed on the bed and she attacked me with kisses as Michaela lay beside her. "Oh Michael, that was incredible"she sighed as she dropped her head onto my chest.
Michaela had gathered herself and went to the bathroom. When she returned she started to get dressed.
"Where are you going?" Anna asked. "Aren't you going to help me with Mike?"
Michaela leaned over the bed, kissed her deeply and said "This was YOUR surprise
as she walked to the door.
The bed was a mess and so was Anna. I refilled the tub and we settled back in. Anna took my dick in her hand and started to stroke it. I rose out of the bath and aimed it at her mouth. She greedily engulfed it. After what I had witnessed it was not long before I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth, exploding into it. My legs were weak as I slid back into the soapy water. Anna latched onto me as we embraced and kissed.

We headed back to the bed where we pulled the spread over the soaked sheets and toook a nap, each of dreaming of what the next surprise would be.

Posted by mscotton12 2 years ago
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1 year ago
I can't wait to hear more.
1 year ago
Well, you inspire me to post the gallery about masseurs and his dirty tricks :)
1 year ago
Hot story.
2 years ago
a lovely sweet, erotic story and reflection .... I loved it
2 years ago
Tasty treat! ;-)P - poet Pete
2 years ago
I loved the story! Very hot and the surprise at the end was perfect!