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Lana and Mary

Ever since my incredible first experience with Anna I could not keep my mind away from the complete euphoria that I felt as she taught me the joys of being with another girl. I thought about her day and night but knew that it would probably be a one time thing and was resigned to rubbing myself to sl**p, dreaming of her. I wanted to tell everyone that I knew about it but knew that I dare not. I had promised her not to tell my s****rs and would never break her confidence. I wanted to tell my best friend Mary but was afraid because she had once said some bad things about some girls that are lesbian.

Mary and I are pretty much inseparable. We both like to tan and do so about everyday. Mary is the same heighth as me but a little thinner. Where I get a dark tan, hers is just a soft shade that makes her long light brown hair look so nice. I am envious of her boobs. While we are both small, hers have more of a round shape than mine. Ever since Anna, every time I put oil on her back I have a desire to reach underneath her and feel them.

The other day we were preparing to lay out and as she was oiling my back my mind raced at the softness of her hands. I actually was beginning to get wet as she was finishing. It was now my turn and as I oiled her back the sight of her was almost too much for me. Her beautiful face turned to the side was open to see as we both had put our hair in ponytails. Her soft shoulders and back glistened in the Sun as I lightly rubbed on the oil. My same old thoughts returned as I reached her lower back and I now was really wet. When I was done, I accidently (on purpose) dripped a glob of oil on her left leg. "Oops, I'll rub that in" I said as she looked back at me. I put both hands on her and massaged it in starting at her knee and moving upward. She laid back down without complaining and actually spread her legs a little as I got higher. I stopped a few inches short of her panties and laid down beside her. She fell asl**p but it took me a little time because I was so worked up.

That night we went to friend's house for a bonfire. It was fun and as it got later, people were pairing up and disappearing to different parts of the property. I asked her if she wanted to take a little walk and when we got to the end of the property I could not hold back anymore.
"Can I tell you a secret Mary?"
"You know you can."
"Do you promise not to get mad or tell anyone?"
"I promise."
I told her about Anna but I really couldn't see her reaction because the cloudy sky blocked the Moon making it dark where we were. She didn't say anything when I was done. Her silence made me feel like I had made a mistake. We began to walk back to the fire but after a few steps Mary took my hand in hers and gave me a gentle squeeze. I didn't know if I was doing the right thing but I lead her behind a tree. My confidence was encouraged when she didn't say aything and followed. I moved in to kiss her and she did not object. She responded to my gentle kiss on her lips. I parted them with my tongue and she let out a small moan as we enjoyed a beautiful but short kissing session. We had to stop because dark or not, I was afraid someone would see us. We headed out without saying a word about it.

Mary was sl**ping over and we got home late. Everyone was in bed but when we got to my room we both smelled like smoke. I told her to shower first and I would find something for her to put on. We switched places when she was done and when I got dried off and dressed, Mary was laying in bed. She smelled so sweet and sighed as I snuggled up behind her. She was half asl**p so I kissed her shoulder and settled in for a restless night.

I heard Mom and the girls rustling around getting ready for work and went downstairs. She asked me how the fire was and what our plans were. I told her that we had a good time and as usual we would probably just hang out. They headed off and I sat at the table a few minutes. I wanted to make sure that none of them would return because they forgot something. When I was reasonably sure I headed back upstairs.

Mary was laying on her stomach with her right leg bent with the sheet covering it and part of her butt. Her shirt had ridden up a little and the just the glimpse of her skin started my juices flowing. I made up my mind that this may be my only chance. I took off my top and bottoms and snuggled up behind her. I gently kissed my way up her shoulders to her neck and she softly sighed. She turned her head towards me and we shared soft kiss. As the depth of our kiss increased Mary rolled over and we embraced. When she felt my soft back she pulled back a little.
"Where's your clothes?" she asked.
"I took them off because I wan't to feel your hands on me" I smiled and returned to kissing her. Her sighs turned into moans she ran her hands all over my back. She grabbed my neck and pulled my mouth onto hers.
"I want to feel your skin on mine" I pleaded as I broke away and pulled up her top. She rose up to remove it and I tugged on her panties. When she was completely nude we fell into each others arms, kissing and nibbling mouths, necks and ears. I moved my right leg between hers and we began to rub against each other. Our passion increased and I was soaking her leg. I pulled back and looked down to find that she was soaking me too.

I cupped her perfect breasts that I had been dreaming about. I lowered my head and kissed one of her nipples. Her moans increased as I licked and kissed it gently but when I took it in my mouth and sucked hard she groaned. "Oh Lana, that feels so good!" I spread her legs and got in between them cupping both of her breasts as she began to rub herself against my belly. I loved the look on her face as I sucked one nipple and then the other as her pelvis speed increased. I started licking my way lower along her ribs to her navel while still squeeze her boobs. Her moans were getting very loud as I licked and kissed her whole belly area. I could smell her delicious pussy juiecs but wasn't sure if she would let me taste her so I spread her legs and took one of her legs in my hands. I began to slowly kiss it behind her knee and as I worked my way up Mary put her hand on her pussy. When she slid her finger into her wetness I knew that my dream was going to come true. I was at the top of her thigh watching her as she finally slid her finger inside. Her pussy was dripping around it and I couldn't hold back anymore. I took her hand and put her finger in my mouth savoring the taste of her. She seemd a little startled and raised up. I smiled at her as I lowered my face to her and put my mouthover her pussy. She fell back onto the bed as I began to lick her. I spread her lips and licked as much of her as I could. I gave her clit a variety of licks, sometimes up and down and somtimes side to side. Her moans and groans were mixed with words that I could not understand. She began to undulate her hips towards my mouth and I knew she was close. I rubbed her clit lightly as I gathered as much spit as I could in my mouth. She grabbed the headboard as I lowered my mouth to her clit. The mixture of her soaking wet pussy and my mouthful of saliva had her raising her hips from the bed as she soaked the sheets. Her moans increased and finally she screamed my name as she flooded me with her orgasm. I continued to lick up everything that was on her legs and her pussy but when I neared her clit she pushed my head back. I couldn't contain my smile as I wiped my face and crawled up beside her.

She latched onto me and pulled me tight while putting small kisses all over my face. "I can't believe what you did to me" she sighed. "I've never felt anything like that."
"I loved it too" I cooed into her ear while moving her hand to my soaking pussy.
"Do you want me to do that to you?"
"Only if you want, baby" as I helped her rub her fingers up and down my pussy.
Mary found a rhythm with her fingers as she lowered her head to my boob. She licked a little and blew on it and as she began to lightly suck on it I gently pulled her head down so that she knew that I wanted it harder. As she sucked harder I spread my lips and shoved her finger inside. She began to slowly finger me but it was only a short while before I was begging her to go faster. Shebegan to slam her finger into me as I fingered my clit. My breathing turned to pants and I knew that I was just second away. Mary started to lick down my body and was just below my navel when I couldn't hold back anymore. My legs squeezed her hand as I bucked up and down until I almost passed out. I pulled her up to me as we kissed and cuddled.

"Now we have a big secret Lana" she smiled. "But I wanted to do to you what you did for me."
I took her still wet finger and put it in her mouth. I put my mouth on hers as we shared my juices.
"You taste so good" she smiled. "Can I do it?"
I thought about it but finally came to my senses. We had to stop in case anyone came home.
"You don't know how bad I want to but we can't" I said as I grabbed her and kissed her deeply.
We both got what we wanted later and now can't keep our hands off each other. We love everything about the love we make together. I know we are young but I think that we are in love.

Posted by mscotton12 2 years ago
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1 year ago
lovely and erotic and much enjoyed, Mike
2 years ago
That was great!
2 years ago
Wow that story was great. Detailed just like I like it. Is there a sequel?
2 years ago
I was headed to town and thought I'd read your story before I left and now I am naked in my chair playing with myself and making a mess!! Shame on you! Thanks for sharing! Lana has been on my mind a lot since our meeting. I'd love to get with her again and her friend Mary!