Anna at the lake

I headed to my Dad's house at the lake for a few days away before school resumed. I got there early, unpacked and opened it up. No one was coming until the next day so I could just have a nice relaxing day by myself. It was very hot so I put on my black string bikini and headed to the beach area to work on my tan. I oiled up and started to enjoy the warmth of the Sun. As the beach filled I couldn't help checking out the guys and girls strolling by.

That's when I saw Cindy. Her f****y owns the house next door but I hadn't seen her in a few years. We are one year apart and used to swim and boat together when we were young. She saw me and smiled as I jumped up to greet her. She's about the same heighth as me but very thin and blonde. She looked great in a skimpy yellow bikini that really accentuated her figure. She joined me and we had the best afternoon catching up. We were starting to get red so we decided to head home and made plans to meet again the next day as she had plans for the night.

When I got home I grabbed a drink and set up my laptop on the kitchen table. It didn't take long before I headed to Xham after all of the near naked bodies I had seen all afternoon. I found a Tanner Mayes lesbian beach video and started watching. I started getting wet as soon as I saw her. When she started sucking the girl in the videos nipple, I untied my top, spit on my hand, and started rubbing, squeezing and pinching my nipples, imagining it was Tanner.
I couldn't resist putting my hand inside my panties and start rubbing myself with my other hand. As Tanner kissed her way to the girls belly, I was soaking. I untied my bottoms and put one leg on the table as Tanner started licking the girl's pussy. I was mesmerized by her and when she started to tongue fuck the girl, I spread my lips with one hand and inserted two fingers into myself. My heart was racing and my juices were flowing everywhere and when Tanner grabbbed the girls clit in her mouth, I could take no more. I closed my eyes and flooded my hands with my cum. I slumped back on the chair with my eyes closed trying to catch my breath.

When I opened my eyes I was startled to see Cindy standing in the doorway. I tried to blurt out an excuse but she wouldn't hear it.
"It's okay Anna" she smiled. "I do that too."
"How long have you been there?"
"Long enough. You looked so happy that I didn't want to stop you. Besides, I really liked watching you. I noticed that your video was girls."
"I love Tanner. I love all her videos."
"Does she have any where she is masturbating?"
"Oh yes, that's one of my favorites. I get so hot that I can orgasm more than once."
" I really liked watching you. Would you like to watch me?"
I didn't speak a word as I took her by the hand and led her to the front room.
Cindy took her top off while I pulled down her panties. She sat on the edge of the sofa, spread her legs and laid back. I could smell her juices as she opened her soaked pussy. "She really did like watching me!" She licked her fingers and began to slowly run one up and down her pussy. She inserted one from her other hand and slowly started to rub harder on her clit. I was in awe as I watched and sat back. Instinctively, my hand went to my pussy and I began to lightly flick my clit. Cindy took her finger out of her pussy and moaned as she licked it clean. Then she got it and a second one wet and put them back inside of her.
Her moans and panting had me doing the same. She lifted her legs straight up and jammed her fingers in and out, increasing the pace as she increased the pressure on her clit. My mind was reeling with sounds, smells and sights and I could hold back no more. I started cumming and as I did I heard Cindy let out a low moan. I looked up and she was completely spent with her legs hanging off the couch as she sucked on her fingers.
When she had reagained her composure we smiled at each other.
"Oh Anna, That was the best thing I have ever done."
" I loved it too" I said as I moved towards the couch.
Cindy staggered to her feet and put on her bikini as I layed out on the couch with my eyes closed. She came over and kissed me on the forehead. I opened my eyes hoping to find her mouth by mine but she was standing up smiling at me.
She said that she had to go and I didn't protest. I hoped to be able to get her alone again while at the lake because I wanted to show her more but it never happened. I guess I'll have to wait until next year.
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1 year ago
Mmmm - nice sexy story.
2 years ago
So sweet and sexy!
2 years ago
Wet and Smiling!
2 years ago
Very nice. Got me good a wet too ;)