My first girl

I was shopping for some lingerie in a small shop when a sales rep asked if I needed help. I told her I was just looking around and she said to let her know if I needed any help. She stayed nearby working on the racks as I looked things over.
I found a sheer bra and panty set and held it up in front of myself.
"He'll like that" she said.
"There's no he" I said.
"Then she'll like that" she said.
"Oh no, there's no she" I replied quickly.
"Too bad" she smiled and walked away behind the counter.
After looking some more I decided to but the sheer set. I went to the counter and as she was ringing up my purchase she introduced herself as Val and said that she was sorry if I took her comments the wrong way. I told her that everything was fine and my name was Anna. She smiled as she handed me my purchase and her card. "Please call me if you have any problems."
I thanked her and left. I was looking at the displays a few stores away and noticed that she was still smiling at me. Smiling back, I left to go home.
Later I took a nice warm bath and began to think about her smiling. I was having thoughts that I had never felt before, wondering if she wanted me.
I dried off and decided to put on my new things. Looking in the mirror, I loved the look of my long legs and smooth belly in my new panties. Once again, I started to have those thoughts.
I went to get the bra and as I pulled it out, a black g-string fell onto my bed. It had a small note attached that said " I think you'd look sexy in this, Val."
My mind raced as I laid on my bed and held up her gift. I started thinking of how beautiful Val was. She and I were almost identical in height and weight but she was a beautiful brunette and I am blonde. I noticed that my nipples were harder than they've ever been.
I couldn't stop thinking about her so I got out my phone and nervously called her number from the card. I froze when she answered but she had caller ID.
"Uh, yes" I stammered. " I just wanted to thank you for the gift."
"Do you like it?" she asked.
"Oh yes, but you shouldn't have."
"It's nothing Anna. I thought you look so good in it. Did you try it on?"
"Not yet" I said.
She said that she had to go but that I should call her or drop by to let her know how I liked it. I was a little disappointed that we couldn't talk and figured that I must have misread her intentions.
A few nights later my phone rang. It was Val and she wondered why I hadn't called or stopped by. She had my number saved from my call and wanted to make sure nothing was wrong. I told her I wasn't sure. She surprised me by asking if she could come over and visit since she knew from my credit charge that I was not far away. I agreed and smiled to myself as I went to freshen up. As i began to change I noticed that my nipples were really hard again. I decided to put on my purchase and a short skirt and top.
Val arrived and looked even more beautiful than I remembered. She too was wearing a short skirt and as we walked to my living room it was very noticible that she was not wearing a bra. I had put out some wine so we sat on the couch and got to know each other better. The tension was killing me.
Val took my hand in hers.
"You are so beautiful, Anna. You know I want to kiss you don't you?"
"I sorta thought so" I mumbled.
"Well, since you thought so and still invited me over, I think we should" she said as she took my face in her hands.
She lightly kissed my lips then brushed my hair back and put a few nibbles on my neck.
"Do you like that?" she asked.
"Oh yes" I purred.
She began kissing me again as she pulled me closer. We kissed, licked and nibbled each others lips and necks for what seemed like forever. I was kissing her neck when she took my hand and put it on her breast.
"Do you like that" she asked.
I couldn't say anything as I attacked her mouth with mine. She pulled up her top.
"It feels better this way" she smiled.
"They are so perfect' I mumbled.
"Let me see yours" she said as she started to take off my top.
"I see your wearing your new bra." Do you have the panties on too?" she aked as she pulled up my skirt. She returned to my bra and ran her hands over the outside making my nipples harder than ever. "I want to see yours too."
She removed my bra and began massaging me while kissing my mouth. Sj=he moved her kisses to neck whild pinching lightly on my nipples.
"Can I taste them? she asked.
"Yes please" I begged as she lowered her mouth. I had never had anyone make me feel like she did while sucking and licking on my breasts.
She took me by the hand and we stood up. She unzipped my skirt and pulled it down. "There's those sexy panties" she said as she removed her skirt.
We fell back into an embrace and returned to kissing.
"Do you want show me your bedroom?" she whispered.
I took her by the hand and led her to my bed. We lay down with her on top.
She went back to kissing my nipples, alternating between them my mouth and neck.
She pulled up and when I looked up she was just staring at me.
"Anna, you are so beautiful. I love your whole body" she said as she began to lick and nibble at my hips and belly. All I could do was moan.
She slowly licked lower and lower until she was at my panty line.
She pulled back again and look at my drenched panties. She put her hand on them and slowly geban to massage me.
"Anna, your panties are so wet" she smiled.
"I'm sorry" I sighed.
"You have nothing to be sorry about. That is what I want" she smiled as she lowered her face and put a soft kiss on the wet spot. "I think we should take these off."
She removed my panties and began to kiss and lick my legs beginning behing my knees. She slowly worked her way up my legs until her face was right in front of me.
"You smell delicious" she cooed. All I could do was moan.
"Can I taste you" she asked as she put a small kiss on my clit.
"Oh yes" I moaned.
"Are you sure" she whispered as she blew lightly on me.
"Oh yes, please!"
"Please what" she smiled.
"Please lick me !" I moaned.
"Lick you where?"
"Lick my pussy, please. Please lick my pussy" I begged as she lowered her face.
She began a slow lick from the base of my pussy to the top.
"You taste delicious" she said between licks.
I began to feel like I had never felt before. Everytime that I looked down at her I had what felt like a mini-orgasm.
"Can you cum for me?" she asked as she began to suck on my lips and clit.
I was so lost in the sensation that I could not even answer. I began to grind my pussy against her mouth until I could not hole back. I grabbed her by the back off her head and fucked her mouth as she sucked on my clit until I exploded. When I could take no more I pushed head away. I looked down and she was smiling up at me, taking small bites and licks on my legs and pussy. Her face was covered in my juices.
I pulled her up and kissed her, tasting my cum on her mouth. She continued to kiss my neck, shoulders, and nipples as I tried to calm down.
She pulled back and smiled at me.
"I love your pussy, Anna" she smiled as she kissed me again.
"I love you, Val" I mumbled as I kissed her. "Now it's my turn."..............


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2 years ago
WOW - just OMG - WOW.
2 years ago
erotic and lovely. see the photos of Anna and Val and you will all understand!
2 years ago
That story made me tingle! WOW! Nicely done! Keep up the erotic writing!
2 years ago
very erotic and sensual...lovely story
2 years ago
Such a sweet sexy story, dedicated to a dear!
Love to read much more about Anna - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
Very sensual, and a good start...tell us more.
2 years ago
loved the story please post more
2 years ago
I love the story!
2 years ago
great story!

to sad that my english is gruesome ;)
2 years ago
Excellent story, thanks for sharing!
2 years ago