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[Story] Football Saturdaywith Anna & Missy

I met Missy when we were paired up to study my nursing class and we immediately became friends. On Fridays some of the class would meet up for happy hour and she brought along her room mate Anna. They are both beautiful, dark haired girls with perfect athletic bodies that I envied, as I am more on the thin side.

We would always have fun as we got to know each but when my boyfriend and his friends would arrive they would leave soon after. I was telling Missy one afternoon that a couple of BF's friends were interested in them when she told me her secret. They weren't room mates, they were a ... Continue»
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Lana Returns

Missy and I had a long week and had neglected each other so we both agreed that Friday night would be "our time" to make up for it. We grabbed a bite on the way home and could barely keep our hands off each other on the ride.
We kissed as the bath filled and pretended to wash each other but it was just a matter of time before we were rubbing each other to climax. After our bath we headed to bed. We did everything we could think of with our hands and mouths until we had both orgasmed again. We lay in each others arms basking in the glow and I dozed off. I awoke to Missy smiling at me while wea... Continue»
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Nikki and Amanda

It was a gloomy Saturday morning after a long tiring week. I decided to run some errands in the morning and then relax all evening with a couple of glasses of wine and either a book or a video. As I was finishing my coffee my doorbell rang. I opened it to find two cheerleaders selling candy. They introduced themselves as Debbie, a cute blonde and Nikki, a very cute reddish brown haired girl. Their outfits were sexier than I remembered for High School. Sleeveless belly shirts and low cut skirts were something new for me. They went through their spiel and I invited them in so I could get some mo... Continue»
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Jennifer and Amanda

I drove to N.Y. for a job interview. It was in the afternoon so I got a room. After it and dinner I went to the hotel bar for a drink. As I was chatting with the bartender I asked him if there was any entertainment nearby. He told me that most places didn't have music during the week but there was a dancer bar nearby. Off I went.

It was the usual club, I went to the bar while I checked it out. My seat was by the service area as I looked around a beautiful, petite, 5'9" waitress with long blonde hair came to get some drinks.
"First time here?" she asked.
"Yeah, I'm from out of town, killin... Continue»
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Anna's Vegas Surprise

I woke at my usual time after the incredible night that Anna and I shared. I looked at her sl**ping and did not want to wake her as she looked so beautiful and blissful. I cleaned up a little, lightly kissed her forehead and went downstairs to get a newspaper and some breakfast treats for us. I also made a call to a friend of mine who lives in Vegas. I explained Anna's desire for a sensuous massage and he told me that he would send me someone at 10 AM.

It was only 8:30 when I returned to the room and Anna was still sl**ping but stirred when I entered. I gently woke her and as she had her co... Continue»
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Lana and Mary

Ever since my incredible first experience with Anna I could not keep my mind away from the complete euphoria that I felt as she taught me the joys of being with another girl. I thought about her day and night but knew that it would probably be a one time thing and was resigned to rubbing myself to sl**p, dreaming of her. I wanted to tell everyone that I knew about it but knew that I dare not. I had promised her not to tell my s****rs and would never break her confidence. I wanted to tell my best friend Mary but was afraid because she had once said some bad things about some girls that are lesb... Continue»
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An Ode To Anna

The beauty of life is often not seen
As time rushes by so fast
True beauty should be cherished
Forever it to last

Dark flowing tresses surround a smile
With sparkling eyes that beguile
Supple bronze skin to be caressed at her leisure
The ultimate aim is her complete pleasure

Her beauty and sensuality
Make one cry to Hosanna
Her friendship, her eroticism
Evoke this ode to Anna
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[Story] Anna at the lake

I headed to my Dad's house at the lake for a few days away before school resumed. I got there early, unpacked and opened it up. No one was coming until the next day so I could just have a nice relaxing day by myself. It was very hot so I put on my black string bikini and headed to the beach area to work on my tan. I oiled up and started to enjoy the warmth of the Sun. As the beach filled I couldn't help checking out the guys and girls strolling by.

That's when I saw Cindy. Her f****y owns the house next door but I hadn't seen her in a few years. We are one year apart and used to swim and bo... Continue»
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[Story] Anna and Missy

I met Anna online and we developed a friendship even though she was looking for girls. She was extremely open and we shared some experiences including her first time with her best friend Missy. I was in complete awe at her description of their lovemaking but when she sent me their pictures, I was enamored.

Anna's had some nudes that showed a suntanned, petite, dark haired beauty with perfect breasts and nipples, the most kissible belly and hips, great legs, incredible pussy and the prettiest smile. Missy's were only bikini pics but her body almost mirrored Anna's with an equally pretty smil... Continue»
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[Story] My first girl

I was shopping for some lingerie in a small shop when a sales rep asked if I needed help. I told her I was just looking around and she said to let her know if I needed any help. She stayed nearby working on the racks as I looked things over.
I found a sheer bra and panty set and held it up in front of myself.
"He'll like that" she said.
"There's no he" I said.
"Then she'll like that" she said.
"Oh no, there's no she" I replied quickly.
"Too bad" she smiled and walked away behind the counter.
After looking some more I decided to but the sheer set. I went to the counter and as she was rin... Continue»
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