The Intruder

The window was open and a cool breeze came in and cooled the room. Shadows casting off the moon gave the room an eerie glow. Lisa lay upon the bed having drifted off to sl**p . The figure at the window looked at the woman on the bed, and instantly became aroused. He took the screen out of the window and climbed inside the room.
She lay there looking so beautiful and inviting. He grabbed his dick and shifted it to the other side. He quietly took off his jacket and his shirt. With the lighting from the room illuminating the bed he could see her whole body clearly on the bed. She had an angelic look and perky big breasts that spilled out of her black slip.
He took his hand and lifted up her slip exposing her fat pussy. It was hairless and the lips were fat. He kicked off his shoes and slid off his pants. With his knife in his hand he tapped the woman on her shoulder.
Lisa awoke from her dream thinking a man came into her house when she felt a hand cover her mouth. Her scream was caught in her throat when she saw a naked man in her room kneeling beside her. "Scream and I will kill you right now. If you want to live do as I say" says the man.
Lisa nods her head as she tries to get a look at her captor. He wore a mask with an opening for his eyes and his mouth. She could tell that he was a Black man and he was tall and slim. "When I uncover your mouth you better not scream or move. Do you hear me"? He barks in a deep gruff voice. She nods her head and lies still on the bed.
"Please dont hurt me. Ill do as you say I wont scream or tell anyone. Please just dont hurt me" Lisa cries. This turns him on and he gets on the bed with her. "I can smell your perfume and the sweetness of your body. He pushes her legs open and puts his face to her pussy. He inhales deeply and smells her womanhood. "Damn this pussy smells sweet. ". He darts his tongue across the lips of her pussy . He holds her legs up and dives into her pussy.
He licks and sucks her pussy and has it wet and throbbing. Lisa tries to ignore the feelings that are stirring in her belly. He puts his finger in her pussy. "This pussy is wet. You want this dick. I can tell . He puts the head of his dick in her pussy and slides right in because of the wetness.
The both moan. He takes two long deep strokes then pulls his wet dick out of her pussy. His dick is creamed up. He straddles her face on the bed. "Suck that pussy juice off my dick "he says. He puts his dick in her mouth. She can taste both their juices on his dick . This turns her on. He has a long fat monster dick.
He is face fucking her and she is taking it like a champ. "Damn you suck a good dick. As she sucks his dick he puts the knife on the dresser. Lisa contemplates getting her gun from underneath her bed. She hadn't had any dick in 8 months. After her husbands death earlier in the year she was alone in the house and horny as hell.
Without a word ,he picks her up and puts her on the bed on her back. She looks at him and tries to study him as best she could in the moonlight filling her room. His dick was huge and he was on top of her with the head of his dick at her wet throbbing pussy. "Open them legs let me get in that pussy" he says. I open my legs and he slides right in.
He is deep stroking me and licking all over my neck and tits. My pussy is on fire. he pulls his dick out , and eats my pussy again, bringing me right to an orgasm before he put that big dick back in me. As soon as he reinserted his dick in me I could feel his big dick throbbing and pulsating.
"Im gonna cum "he cries as he empties his hot cum in my pussy. After he emptied his cum inside of me, he told me he was sorry. "Look what I did to you as he open my legs and his cum was all over my pussy and oozing out of it. "Im gonna clean you up" he says .
He licks and sucks all of his cum out of my pussy . For some reason that turned me on. While he's doing it his dick becomes hard again. "Look at that nice big fat ass, you got. He kisses my ass , then opens up my cheeks and licks my asshole. He puts his finger in my pussy before he slid in his dick and started fucking me doggy style.
"This pussy is still wet. I love a fat wet pussy. You gonna leave your window open every night and Im gonna come inside and fuck you" he says. Do you want me to cum in and fuck you "he asks. "Yes"I say. He is fucking me so hard and deep I can feel his big balls as they slap up against me, each time he thrusts into my pussy.
"Oh my God Im gonna cum "I scream. He pulls his dick out of my pussy. "You better not cum. He gets on the bed and makes me sit on his big dick. As I slide down on that dick , he grabs hold to my nipples. "Ride my dick and let me buss in that belly"he says.
I bounce up and down on that big dick and I can feel him past my navel . All up in my stomach with that big dick. He pushes me off of him and puts me on my side. While he stands on the end of the bed he fucks me side ways taking long hard deep strokes. He was banging me out fucking me all over the bed. I came numerous times.
As I wound up on my stomach with my ass in the air and my pussy sticking out. He came deep inside of my pussy. He pulled my hair as he came. "You better not tell anyone. And Ill be back tomorrow at midnight. You hear me "he says.
I shake my head Yes, and he gets up and starts to put on his clothes. I lay there looking at him and he tells me, "Ill be back tomorrow"......
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8 months ago
awesome loved it
9 months ago
You're delicious!! Great story!! Thanks!!
2 years ago
very sexy story I agree is there a part 2?
3 years ago
Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
mmmm, makes me want to leave my window open too!
3 years ago
Good story, hope there's a part 2