Locked Up........

When I was younger , I got in trouble and was sent away to a Juvenile facility in Arizona. I had to do 6 months away from my f****y and girlfriend. When I got there, I could tell that I was going to have to fight my way out. As a 5'7 160 lb Puerto Rican k** who grew up in Sunnyside Queens NY, I was way out of my league. I stayed to myself trying to scope out my situation. As we came in we got the stare down from the other inmates. I put on my toughest face and kept my eyes forward.
The guards were all mean looking bodybuilder types. Angry at the world and hating the inmates they dealt with. I was put in a cell with a Black k** about 6' 200 lbs. He was standing against the wall with his hands behind his back. (A procedure when the cell doors are opened). The guards and I came into the cell. They instructed me on what was expected of me and gave me a blanket and a set of sheets and told me to be ready for lunch at 12 noon.
There was a sink and a toilet in the corner and 2 lockers for each of us. I went over to the empty locker and started putting my belongings in. "Yo Mexico , what you in here for" asks Black k**. My names Juan not Mexico. And Im Puerto Rican not Mexican. "I really dont give a fuck what your name is or where you come from . I said your name is Mexico and thats what the fuck Im gonna call you" he says.
I look at him and keep doing what im doing. Im not going to let this dude play me. I think to myself. I have no weapon and only my hands to defend myself. This guy is clearly bigger than I am. I empty my duffel bag and take the letters I have from my mother and my girl Lisa. I go to the bottom bunk and lie down and try to think of how the hell I get in this jail cell.
The cell was made of cinder blocks and the door was an 8'thick steel with a square glass in the center and a long window on the side of the door that let you see out into the corridor. There were no windows in the cell. That night as I lay in my bed I finally drifted off to sl**p after I tried to muzzle my cries in my blanket. "Yo Mexico"! I opened my eyes and realized that dude was in my bunk behind me. I tried to jump out the bed he grabbed me around my neck and pulled me back onto the bed.
He put something sharp against my cheek and told me not to move. "Yo Im not gay " I say and try to get up. "Shut the fuck up or I'll open your ass up. Im gonna get in that ass tonight" he says.
I think to myself what can I do I dont want to be killed or disfigured by a crazy assed Black dude. I also didnt want to be fucked by a man. "Come on man. Im not with that. I got a girl and Im not into no shit like this" I say. "Im not gay either , we just locked the fuck up no pussy around and you have to make your own pussy". he says. He squeezes me neck and puts the weapon against my face. he positions himself behind me and puts me in a bear hug. All while he's doing this he is grinding his body against me.
"Take your clothes off. I dont want to hurt you Mexico . Just do as I say.". he says. "I cant man. I cant do that" I say. He crawls over me and gets out of the bed. He walks over to the door and looks out. As he does I can see his silhouette and see that he has a hard on and has a big assed dick. I start to whimper as I imagine him invading me with that monster dick. He grabs my pants and pulls them off I try to stop him and he slaps me across the mouth. I feel my bl**d as my teeth hit my lip.
He pulls off my pants and slides down my boxers. He pulls my shirt over my head and tells me to be quiet. He stands me up and starts to feel all over my body with his big hands . I try to think of my girl and block out what is happening to me. He pushes me onto the bed and squats down between my legs. " Mexico Im not gonna hurt you much. Im not into busting a dudes ass open. I like to take it slow and make love to my boy pussy" he says.
"Dont think for a minute I wont kill your ass . just relax and do what I tell you and there wont be any problems. You are my Bitch and you do what the fuck I tell you to do . Do you understand me" He says. "Yes I understand you" I say. I think to myself. I am a man. How can I just allow another man make me a Bitch. Though I dont want to be fucked by a dude I want to live as well.
Dude takes his hands and grabs my nipples . He squeezes them and kisses me on my neck. I turn away and he turns my face to his. "Bitch dont you ever turn your face away from me again". He is so close his breath is in my face. The only light in the cell is the dim light coming from the windows on the door. Dude is naked standing above me . "Suck my dick and you better not bite me. You bite me and I'll kill you on the spot" he says. He positions himself where his dick is in my face and he's holding the back of my neck . "Kiss the head . Open your mouth and put my dick in" he says.
"I cant do it" I cry. "Please dont make me do that "I say. He pushes his dick in my mouth. I gag. "Spit on my dick and get it wet Mexico" he says He starts to thrust his dick in my mouth in slow strokes. Tears fall from my eyes as I keep thinking "I'm a man. This dudes dick must be at least 9' and was fat as hell as he fucked my mouth I couldnt breathe.
He pulls his dick out of my mouth and squats down between my legs. "That wasnt so bad was it Mexico. In time your gonna love this big black dick. Believe that." he says. He grabs my dick and feels it up. "You got a big dick too Mexico. I like that. A bitch wit a fat dick. He kisses my dick. Its soft and not responding. He put his wet mouth on my dick and started licking and sucking my dick.
I start to twist and turn and fight the urge to moan out loud. Dude was sucking my dick better than any girl ever had. He would swallow my dick to the shaft and then spit my dick out. He had a wet nasty mouth with those big lips and they were all over my dick. I was trying hard to maintain my manhood. I was losing badly.
I was a nice 7' fat and dude was swallowing my dick like it was nothing. As he sucked my dick I felt him rubbing my ass. I instantly tightened it. He put his finger in his mouth and wet it up and slid it in my ass. I raised my ass off the bed. "No dont do that I" I say. He pushed his finger all the way in.
Before I could fully react to him fingering my ass, My dick started to twitch. "Come on Mexico. I feel that dick swelling up. Buss that shit" he says. He sucks harder and inserts 2 fingers in my tight ass. At that moment. I saw lights flashing and heard thunder clapping. "I'm coming"I say. Dude swallows all of my cum. Every single drop. I lay on my side with my back towards dude. Ashamed , and hurt by my actions.
Dude gets in bed beside me and starts kissing my neck. I can feel his hard dick up against my ass. "Put this between your ass cheeks. It will make it easier for me to get in there. He puts something slippery into my hands I smear it in my ass. "Mexico dont be afraid. Im gentle with first timers. Im gonna fuck you gently and make love to this boy pussy.
He lathers up his dick and puts the head right in my ass. I cry out and he covers my mouth with his big hands. The pain was excruciating. He licked and sucked my ears and that was turning me on. If you lick my ears my dick instantly gets hard. He was talking into my ear and darting his tongue in and out of my ear.
The more he did this , the more my ass opened up. "God damn Mexico this some good wet ass. I knew I was gonna love this shit" he says. As he fucked me I could feel his every stroke. My ass was hurting. He was all the way in. "Get up" he says. We get out of bed and he takes the blanket and spreads it across the desk and lays me onto my back.
With my legs in the air he puts more gel on his dick and puts some on my ass. he slides his dick in and then pulls it out. He puts it back in and pulls it out. As he does this he is jerking my dick. Im starting to enjoy this shit. Everytime he pulled out I anticipated him putting it back in.
"Tell me you want daddy to keep fucking you " he says. "Please daddy dont stop fucking me. I want you to to keep fucking me" I say. "Damn this pussy wet. You my bitch Mexico"he says. At the moment I didnt give a fuck. My new name was Mexico".I think to myself. He pulled me to the edge of the desk and started fucking me with deep long strokes.
"Mexico Im bout to cum in this pussy. This some good ass. So tight. So sweet. Im gonna cum."he cries. When I feel him explode in my ass, it makes me cum as well. He gets a towel and wets it in the sink and washes my body off. "I take care of my bitches Mexico. Now get in bed and go to sl**p. I get in bed and lie down. Damn. My first night in lock up and I get fucked by a dude. And I liked it. This is gonna be a long 6 months......
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hot story
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wow this got me hot
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Very hot! Would love to read more about the adventures of prisonlife! Thanks for writing this story.
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Very good
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Very hot