The night I fucked my cousin from Panama

When I was a teen, my aunt got married and had all her nieces in her wedding.
The week before the wedding f****y members started arriving from all over the globe. Among them was my cousin Leticia from Panama. Leticia and I were the same age,and both of us were tall, being 5'9 and had the f****y trademark of big hips and asses.
Leticia was beautiful. She wore a d cup bra and had the tiniest waist. She was like Rihanna with a big ass and tits. Her accent also was impressive. I had not seen her since we were 12. Leticia and her mom were staying with us until the wedding . Leticia and I would share my room during her visit. We had so much fun getting acquainted with each other.
One night my boyfriend took us out clubbing. We wore some sexy dresses, showing off our curves. while getting dressed I couldnt help admiring Leticia's body. She was built like a goddess. when my boyfriend came to pick us up, I could see him staring at us both, and smiling. "wow ,you guys look alike. Except for the color of your skin" says Patrick.
Everyone says that, "Its all in the genes" I say. We both were blessed with flawless skin. Mines being a nice rich chocolate. Leticia was a peach color . We had fun that night Flirting and dancing the night away. I saw Patrick ogling leticia's ass and it was turning me on. After the club , Patrick dropped us home.
We showered and went straight to bed. We shared my queen sized bed. We had our backs to each other. When I awoke Leticia was fast asl**p. I was horny and all i could think about was touching Leticia's body. I turned over and aligned my body with hers. My hard nipples were pressed against her back. My pussy was on her ass.
Just feeling the heat of her body next to mines was turning me on. I started to whine my body against her ass. Slow circular motions. I slowly took my hand and put it on her tits. They felt so good thru the silky material. I rubbed my hands across them. She stirred, and I stopped. I moved an inch or so back but kept my hands on her tits. She rolled onto her back. I scooted closer to her. I lay on my side and looked at her shape in the darkness.
"leticia. Leticia are you awake" I whisper. She doesnt respond. I cant take it anymore. I have to fuck her I think to myself. I rub her tits slowly , and raise her nighty and put one in my mouth. Mmmmmmmm, I was licking and sucking her nipples and felt her body responding.
I felt her pussy thru her panties. It was fat and hot. I patted it twice to feel the fatness and she opened her legs. I moved the material over and inserted my finger. She was shaved, and my finger slid right into her wetness. We both moaned. As I slowly fingered her pussy , she kissed me. She started to suck on my lips and tongue, She was a great kisser.
I imagined I was Patrick and began to get aggresive with her. I took her nighty off and slid off her panties. I took off my nighty and we both were naked. I straddled her and put my pussy in her face. She licked me so good holding my hips with her hands and kept me glued to her face. As I was about to cum , I began to fuck her face . I held onto the headbaord and and squirted all over Leticia's face.
I laid next to her and began to lick her face clean, with kisses and licks. "American pussy is good", laughs Leticia. I tell her to get on her knees with her ass in the air. I scoot under her body and place myself directly under her fat pussy. I put my wet hot mouth on her clit and she shuddered. As I suck her clit and lick her pussy, her clit is swelling up. She has an over sized clit, almost like a small dick.
I lick her pussy good. I slap her ass as I eat her pussy. Her ass is so firm and tight. Her Pussy tastes so sweet like nectar . I lap up all her juices. She cries out in Spanish as I make her cum over and over again. The more she talks in Spanish its turning me on. We fucked all morning until we both fell asl**p exhausted. That was one of the greatest weeks of my life..... Lol
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9 months ago
that was hot
1 year ago
Hot story!! Made me hard!!! :)
2 years ago
love the story
2 years ago
hot story, i almost came from it
2 years ago
Damn..wish I was a woman that night...
2 years ago
Damn, that was hot.
2 years ago
I would love to be acquainted to your family.
3 years ago
hot story! hard as a rock
3 years ago
I just came! Thank u for that
3 years ago
very good story. american pussy IS good
3 years ago
3 years ago
Now this is sexcii:)
3 years ago
American pussy is good
3 years ago
nice story, thnx for sharing!