The night I met Oneal

We talked on the phone for a few months. Became fast friends, but never laid eyes on one another. Just shared pics and conversation, and just passed time. Back and forth we talked, of how much we wanted one another . Due to circumstances and situations it seemed to never jump off. Then I got the job offer to move out of state. We decided to meet before I left town. As both our curiosities had risen to great proportions.
We set a date and met up. I knew he was handsome by his pics, but when he came around the curve and I saw his face , I had to control my smile. he was even sexier in person than his pics ever displayed. We were instantly attracted to each other.
We tried to be cordial and act like old friends but I could see his manhood swollen in his pants as I moved around . He pulled me to him and started to kiss me. He had the sweetest kisses. I pulled away not wanting to go there. But my pussy was throbbing because I could see the fatness of his dick and I wanted it so bad.
We sat next to each other and I could smell his cologne and it made me want him even more. He told me he thought about fucking me so many times. I told him I felt the same. We started kissing again and in a flash he had my nipple out and was licking and sucking on it .I knew I had to have him.
We went to the bedroom and started kissing again, he laid me back on the bed and opened my legs and dived in. He licked and licked my pussy and got me soaking wet. He had the fattest 10' dick , it was a beautiful chocolate brown color. After he licked my pussy and got me wet, he pulled that big headed dick out and slid it in me raw. Oh my God, it felt so good. With each thrust we both wanted to cum. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and threw my legs over his shoulder and went deep and long all up in me.
I told him to take that dick out of my pussy and let me taste our juices on his dick. I could see my juices on his dick and it turned me on more. I had to taste that big dick. When I put the head in my mouth I felt his body quiver and I loved the way that big dick tasted as I lapped up the juices and licked his dick and balls.
He pushed me back onto the bed and licked and sucked my pussy til I came and he put on a magnum and fucked me slow and hard. Fast and easy, on my knees, on my back, on my side, in every direction [possible. Damn, he was good. I called him daddy and he called me mommy , we tried to savor every bit of each other, but the sweetness of our moves was making him throw his head back and buss all up in me. He filled the condom up.
I jumped in the shower and came back into the bed. He showered and we sat and had a drink. I told him how much I enjoyed him and I was glad we met. He said he enjoyed himself as well and that I had some great wet juicy pussy and somehow or another he had to have me again. He lifted my towel and started to eat my pussy again. Damn, it felt so good. He was licking and slurping and driving me mad with extasy.
We knew we both had relationships and could not play games, but just for the moment we indulged ourselves. He put the head of that big dick to my fat pussy and slid in raw. I did not want him to stop and put on a condom. It was feeling so good. He fucked me and stuck his finger in my ass the same time. I came all over his dick. When I came I could feel him throbbing inside of me, He pulled out and put on a condom .
we fucked missionary style and he sucked my tits while he fucked me good. I came again. After I came, I got up and stood over the bed with my ass in the air and he fucked me doggy style. As his big dick was sliding in and out of my pussy, I began to whine my ass in circular motions and he couldnt take it anymore.
He told me he was about to cum. I told him I wanted to feel his hot cum all over my ass. When I said that I began to work that dick with my pussy. He snatched the condom off and he came all over my ass. I could feel the heat of his cum as it hit my ass and back. That was an amazing fuck session.
Its been two weeks since Ive relocated and moved out of state. I dont think I'll ever forget that sweet big dick. Im glad I finally met Oneal. He was a great guy, better than I expected lol. I get wet just thinking about the night I met Oneal......
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11 months ago
Love this story
3 years ago
very nice
3 years ago
Good story, so hot.Hope you got together again.
3 years ago
Dam girl, this is hot hot hot,,,thanks
3 years ago
3 years ago
Good. Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
Good story