Story I made many months ago

So I’m just gonna create some random fantasies. You can love it or hate either way it passes the time.

So exams are finally over, today is finally done and now I can go home and play and do fuckall till tomorrow. As exhausting as it was I think I did fairly well on that test hopefully i’ll pass something for once. At that moment I got hit with something from behind, I turned around to see my best friend running at me in her always ridiculously short clothing. Let me describe her to you, she’s 5’3 brunette decent sized breast, rocking body and great ass. But since I’ve know her most of my life I really haven’t picked up on this since the ending of High School at graduation. But I digress, she’s always been my best friend and closest girl that’s always been in my life ever since we were little. “Ryan” she yelled, I was in my own head at that moment “Ryan” she yelled again. At that moment all i could see was a short girl in tight clothing running at me. At that very moment she jumped onto of me without hesitation I held her up by her ass, she squeezed me tight and rubbed her cheeks on my face. “Well hello there little lady” I said, she looked up at me with those big hazel eyes of her’s. “So how did your test go”? “I don’t know honestly, I knew most of the questions then started daydreaming the rest of the test”. She giggled “daydreaming about big boobed girls huh”? I started to turn a little red, she didn’t notice thankfully. “No, I was daydreaming about big boobed girls in bikinis” she looked at me with her usual Oh Boy’s face. She sighed “you boys and all the sexual deviance you run through your minds”. I was thinking of a response but she got called away by her friends. She skipped off to see her friends looking back at me with a smile and wave. I don’t know what i would of done without that girl in my life, but I was wasting my day, more importantly my now open weekend of staying in my dorm and playing Xbox. I looked up at the sky in my head i had a off feeling that something was going to happen someday soon.

3 hours and 20 Mtw Dew cans later, my thumbs were starting to feel a bit sore from constant playing and my tummy was starting growl at me like a fierce dog. “Well” I said aloud “guess its time for some dinner”. I grabbed my wallet and my phone and headed out the door. Many options for food and snacks started to swarm my head, I felt like my brain was being overloaded. So i decided to walk to the nearest Burger King, guess you can’t beat a whopper when you hunger as can ever be. I sat down with my meal when my phone vibrated, a new text message from Bri “hey hot stuff guess what I’m doing” the message read. She always seems to do this to lead to some sort of sexually tease. So as usual I texted back “Umm masturbating” and like usual she text’s back “Omg how did u knw :D”, I shook my head and chuckled to myself. I finished up my meal around 7, it started to get dark outside and I figured it be time to head back and finish up my night at the computer with some porn. I entered my dorm and was greeted by a few friends who told me that some girl was looking for me. I asked who she was but they didn’t know, they told me it was important that she talked to me. My brain started to race through the possibilities of who would be looking for me. I started walking back to my room, the hallway was so quiet and the rooms even quieter. I got closer to my room and I heard a feint noise coming from one of the rooms, I stopped moving and listened to figure out where the noise came from. The noise started getting a bit louder the closer I got closer to my room, my heart started pounding, thoughts were processing through my brain on who could be making this noise. I got to my room and I could hear the feint noise I heard a few seconds ago, I put my ear to my door and started to listen. The noise I was hearing wasn’t what i imagined it would be, there was a girl moaning in my room quietly at times then louder then back to being quiet. I grabbed the doorknob and slowly started to turn the knob hoping to not make to much noise. I opened enough to let my head through, my bed faces my door so I could see who it was. It was Bri, with a hand down her girly panties moving slowly while she was rubbing one of my boxers across her face and breast. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, my best friend masturbating to me with my clothes. I opened the door a little more to move my body in a bit more, I looked around the hallway to see if anyone was coming I was lucky I was alone. I started to get erect my bulge was showing through my shorts, I kept watching Bri move her hand fast for a few seconds then move slowly while moaning my name softly telling me how badly she wants me. I started to feel a lot of pressure in my cock it started to become even harder watching my best friend masturbate. I opened my door a little more to let myself in and gently closed to door behind me trying my best to not make any noise. I clinged to to the wall and started to rub myself attempting to mimic Bri’s hand movements as if she was rubbing me and not her pussy. she started to get louder and I could how wet her pussy was when she put her fingers inside it. I couldn’t control myself anymore, I pulled down my shorts and whipped out my cock I slowly started my rub myself and watch Bri. After a minute or two I started to breath heavy and was starting to sweat from the body heat in my room, Bri pulled off her panties after so many years of wondering what was under those tight clothes of her I could finally see her glorious body part. it was small and tight she could only fit one of her finger’s she was shaved completely no hair to be seen from my view. She started to get louder I figured she was going to cum, I started to get closer and I finally couldn’t hold it anymore, I shot my load and the only thing that I heard after that was a gasp from Bri. I don’t think she was expecting me or my man juice….

This is my first fantasy post, so love it, like it, hate it, tell me I suck at fantasies whatever. This keeps my non-bored so I’m prob gonna keep writing this type of stories. I know this was long and a bit dry but I can write more dirty/interesting stuff. But again any feed back is nice. :D
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2 years ago
I thought this was pretty sexy, ande I hope you continue to write this kind of porn!
2 years ago
Don't waste your dreams! They are Great! Thanks!