my colleague feet

All that am going to tell you is something that really happen to me

I work for a famous company in my country MAURITIUS. I work on a shift system. That day as usual the picked me up from my house and to my surprise i saw the woman whom i always thinking when i masturbate. She wore a mini skirt her black pantyhose, her sexy shoes and her blouse its her uniform. I sat behind her, while we were driving i ask the driver if the van gonna get full he told that its all that he have for today, and that was really nice for me i could laid on the couch and sl**p for 1hr of driving. i laid on the couch took out my mob thinking thats a good opportunity for me to take some pics of that hot feet. what excite me more is that the woman is older to me by 10 years. she took her feet out of her shoes and try to sl**p a bit. while taking some great pics of the hot and sexy feet the driver apply the brakes in all of a sudden which made me lost control and my mob went just and inch before of her feet. she grab it while giving it to me she saw some pics of the actual moment which i had taken. she said to me in a low tune voice (isnt that my feet) i reply with shy and fear ( yes yes i promise i will delete it and will never repeat the same) she told me ( are you foot fetish) i replied (yes).
priya: would you like to play with my feet
me: i i i would really love if you want
priya: for the moment smell my shoes
me: how you want me to do that here
priya: i push it with my feet, smeel it and tell me if you like

well it does not smell really good but still i love it

me: mhhmmmm priya thats smell really nice

she removed her pantyhose and passed it to me

priya: put that in your mouth i would like you return me it completely wet
me: ok

and she wore it, i still have the taste of the pantyhose in my mouth.

when we arrived at work we had shared each other feeling about the fetish well she is the mauritian babe with a huge fetish

every time when we are in van going to work we enjoy our fetish and i work we act as nothing is

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2 years ago
Thats hot man !!!! Lucky you !