The Slut Wife - Chapter 23

I grunted as sat on Frank’s lap facing him as his cock pumped in my pussy and Rick’s pounded my ass. Rick was pulling me back by the hair as Frank roughly squeezed my boobs. They were leaking milk from being squeezed so much and drops landed on Frank’s torso.
They had spent the last half our taking turns fucking my mouth and fucking my ass and pussy, sucking milk from my boobs and slapping my ass and boobs but now they were past the point of being able to talk. They were a****ls now and it had been so long since I was with men who were at that point…part of me was ashamed but the true me, the slut, welcomed it. I loved it when men were like this with me, even if they treated me roughly.
Rick let go of my hair but then Frank put his hand around my throat, squeezing just a little bit to let me know that I was in their total control. I came again and again, loving that I had two big, hard cocks in me, using me, wanting me. Rick slipped his cock out of my ass then pushed me down hard on top of Frank and I could feel his cock beginning to probe my pussy and squeeze his cock in while Frank was inside me as well.
“AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!” I cried out as both of their cocks were stretching my pussy.
I then felt a smack on the back of my head as Frank said, “Shut up and take it!” I was beginning to despise Frank and myself for letting him fuck me. Rick knew what kind of a****l he was, why did he let him be so mean to me? I thought he cared…but I really didn’t know.
They pounded my pussy hard, stretching me and making cum again. Frank grabbed my face and our eyes were inches apart when he said, “We’ll do any fucking thing we want with you bitch” and then spit on me and smiled. That smug smile that I was beginning to hate.
Soon Rick pulled out and grabbed me by the arm and had me kneel on the floor and began to stroke his cock. Frank got up and stroked his too.
“When you make my videos, you’re gonna get cumshots on the face, better start getting used to it” Rick said and a moment later his cock erupted and a big glob of cum landed squarely on my cheek, then another one. He was stroking his cock fast and was grunting as he was got every drop he could out then Frank turned my head and then grabbed me by the hair as he came on my forehead and hair, huge amounts of cum! Wave after wave, more than Rick, more than anything I’d ever seen. He was growling as he stroked his cock hard to get every drop out and I could feel the cum on my forehead, begin to drip down. He had that smug smile again, the bastard.
“I’m gonna take a shower, get yourself cleaned up. We start shooting in two weeks tops. I’ll let you know when we’re ready and with that he went upstairs and I was there on my knees, so upset…he could be cold then so warm.
Suddenly Frank pulled me up by the hair and it hurt. “I’m not done with you yet!” and he led me to the couch where he put my hand on his cock and ordered me to stroke it. It was still half hard, he was a bull but he was a bastard.
He then held my hands above my head with one hand and began to squeeze my boobs again with his free hand.
“Look at these big fucking milk tits!” he said as he began to slap them. “Fucking huge natural tits,” he muttered as he began to slap them back and forth. Again and again he slapped them and I began to stroke him faster, hoping that as soon as he came he’d stop. I could feel the cum dripping onto my cheekbones. The son of a bitch was enjoying this. He then began to squeeze my boobs and milk began to spray out, like a sprinkler. Again and again he did it. He didn’t even bother drinking it; he just liked to see it.
“Fucking milk bags, I bet Rick likes these,” he said as he squeezed them again and again, more milk squirting up in the air then alternately squeezing and slapping them.
“Rick is kind of sweet on you but you’re nothing but a piece of crap slut, I’ll make you do anything. Shit, maybe I’ll take you to my uncle’s farm and see how far you’ll go!”
The sick son of a bitch, he wasn’t joking and I knew it. I had to figure out a way to get him to leave me alone, but now I was powerless. All I could do was sit there and stroke his cock while he had his way with my boobs. He enjoyed wasting my milk, the fucker.

After a few more minutes, he then let go of my hands and told me to open my mouth and he pumped his cock inside before letting go another flood of cum. So much again! “Swallow it all slut!” he ordered and I did, every drop. After a while he pulled out and then moved his face in front of mine and said “everything you swallow is in your milk, so now you got my cum in there too.” He then let go of me and said “I’ll see you at the gym” and walked away. I sat there, naked, my face covered in cum, milk all over me. I enjoyed it but I was tired of him. Something needed to be done.


The next day I went to the gym. Rick had told me that he hired a trainer for me because I needed to be in better shape. I was angry but I couldn’t deny Rick and, secretly, I wanted to be more tone, I wanted to turn heads again and make men want me. I loved that.

I was surprised. I thought it would be another pig like him but it was an attractive woman in phenomenal shape, about 35 or so. We sort of looked alike in the face but were different in the body tap.
“Hi, I’m Ann, I’m looking forward to working with you” I said. “Hi, I’m Michelle, Michelle Curtis.” She replied.
“Curtis…do you know a Jake Curtis?” I asked. “About 19, tall, really handsome?”
“Yes…he’s my son” Michelle replied and there was an awkward silence for a moment until I said “Oh, he’s done some work for my husband and I, he’s a really nice young man.”
“Thank you!” Michelle replied. “It’s a small world, isn’t it?”
I thought to myself “Oh my god, that’s Jake’s mother? No wonder he feels the way he does, she’s beautiful.” I wondered if he had finally got the courage to let her know how he felt. I hadn’t heard from him since before the baby arrived. Maybe they both gave in? At that moment, I felt an awkward spasm in my pussy.

Michelle put me through a tough program but I liked her. She was supportive but expected me to put 100% into everything. After an hour we finished and I went home and got in the shower. After a few minutes, I saw Claudia, naked, walk into the shower too. “The baby is asl**p, I thought we could have some fun time,” she said as she began to rub my pussy. Hubby had to travel for a few days and Claudia always wanted to sneak in some sex, she was insatiable. Her hands in the hot shower felt good. She said “how was your trainer today?”
“She was fine…she gave me a good workout”.
“She?” Claudia said. “You didn’t tell me it was another woman” and she began to rub me faster.
“I…didn’t know…” I moaned, as her fingers felt so good. “Is she pretty?” she asked and I could tell she was jealous. “Claudia, there’s…nothing to worry about…” Claudia then got on her knees and began to lick my pussy.
“I hope not…I don’t like to share my women with other women” she said and began to lick my pussy more.
That’s when I truly realized that this was my life again. Wife. Mother but most of all a slut. I was insatiable too; I craved sex and the attention of men. And women. My life was now centered about satisfying my desires and those of other people.

To be continued in Michelle’s Story, Chapter 4

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1 year ago
Thank you! Keeping it interesting is hard, LOL.
1 year ago
Great stuff. Keep up the wonderful writing.