The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 19

Rick walked slowly towards me and I was a little scared. He was so angry when I told him I was pregnant I was scared he would hurt me or the baby. I felt myself back up until I brushed up against a wall, covering my belly with my hands.

“What’s the mater slut?” he said. “You didn’t expect to see me?”
“Rick, please, I know you’re mad but please don’t hurt me.” I said.
He walked up to me and his face was inches from mine. “You dumb slut, you don’t even know what you’re talking about” he said as he lifted a hand and began to rub my belly. “Take you fucking hands away” he ordered and I slowly did. I thought if I placated him he would go easy on me. He began to rub my belly and I could see his cock jerk up and down. It did that when he was really turned on. “You are so fucking hot. Look at you, all knocked up and looking hotter than hell.” He then reached up and began to massage one of my boobs. “Look at these fucking things. They must weigh 10 pounds each. You’re gonna be a milk machine”.
I was confused. I thought he was going to slap me around. “Rick..what…?” I began and he said “you’re so dumb. I was madder than hell when you got knocked up because I had a lot of clients unhappy that they weren’t going to get to knock you around.” Then he looked up at me and said “I was also mad because you….you are the hottest piece of ass I’ve had in years. He then moved his hand from my boob to my face and held it. “No matter how much like a pig I treated you, you always came back for more. You can fucking swallow my whole cock and take the whole thing in your ass. I have a lot of sluts on the payroll, but you’re the only one that can do that and ask for more.”

“You…you missed me?” I said. “Dumb slut, I missed fucking you, that’s all.” But I didn’t believe him. He then gave me a light slap on the face. “Don’t get all on your high horse, you’re just another piece of ass, just better than most.” I don’t know where I got the courage to do this but I said “Bullshit. You miss me.” He then held my face in his powerful hand and looked at me. “You got a mouth on you” he said then spit on my face. “Yeah, I missed your ass. You fucking slut, I made you a slut then you get knocked up on purpose to work for Barry. After all I did”.

Oh my god, I thought, he really did miss me! I just wanted him to tell me he liked me. I didn’t want to leave my f****y for him, I just wanted to know that he liked me. Really liked me. “You should have told me before” I said. “Now it’s too late.”

He let go of me and began to laugh. “You dumb slut, as soon as you pop that baby out Barry is going to get tired of you. He only likes women when they’re knocked up. The bigger you are, the more he’s hot for you but it goes away once you have the baby.”

Could that be true? I thought. Rick then started “After he gets tired of you, you’ll be yesterday’s news. The only one that will be there is me. I tried to tell you but you wouldn’t fucking listen.” He then moved up to me again and slapped me on the face lightly again. “You seem to have forgotten what I taught you. What do you fucking do when there’s a hard cock next to you?”

I reached down and began to stroke it. It was SO hard and long and stiff. I missed it. Jake was good and some of the clients of Barry’s were big but no one ever had a cock like Rick’s. “Good slut” he said. He then did what I least expected him to do. He reached over and kissed me! I hard deep kiss and it felt good. My pussy began to soak now and he began to tweak my nipples. I could feel pre-cum dribble out of his cock onto my hands and I stroked faster. He finished kissing me and said “it’s been months since I’ve fucked you, you’ve been denying me you slut.” He then looked at me and said “Get on your knees and do what you were born to do slut”. I knew it was an order and I was so overcome with lust and happiness. But, before I did as he asked I said “I want you to tell me how you feel about me” and he looked angry and squeezed my boobs hard. It hurt and he said “you sure are mouthy today” and I said “I don’t care, I need to know!”
He leaned in close and said “Okay, slut, I like you, you are the best piece of ass I know, none of these other sluts are as good as you in the sack. I missed having you around. You fucking hurt me and my wallet, you’ll never leave my ass again. Understood?”

I smiled and said “that’s all you ever had to tell me and I reached up and kissed him. For whatever reason, I just wanted him to show affection to me. I didn’t care how rough he or his clients were, I just wanted affection. He then led me by the upper arm to a couch and said “sit your ass down” and I did he grabbed my head and said “suck my fucking cock.”

I grabbed his cock and began stroking it, looking at it, enamored with it. I missed his cock too. And I opened my mouth like a greedy slut and began to slide my mouth over this long, stiff pole. I had been sucking a lot of cock lately so I soon had most of it in my mouth and slowly worked the last two inches down my throat. He held my head as he moaned “yes…fuck yes….you dumb slut…why did you leave me?” as I finally got it all in my mouth and he held my head there and slapped the back of my head, not too lightly but not too hard. I knew Rick needed it rough and that was fine. I hurt him and he was so horny for me, I deserved it.

I pushed back when I couldn’t breathe and then he simply said “Open!” and I opened my mouth and he began to slide it down my throat and, holding my head, began to throatfuck me. “You fucking hot slut, you’re ready to pop and you’re all knocked up but you still fuck and suck like an 18 YO slut. Fuck!” He began to pick up speed thend pulled back, leaned in and spit on my face then slid his cock into my mouth again.

I missed this so much. I missed being with a man that was so turned on that he just treated me like a sex slave. He didn’t care if I was pregnant, I was there to satisfy his urges and he didn’t treat me special because I was pregnant. I was a slut no matter what.

He then pulled out and said “sit back on that couch” and when I did he jumped on the couch and, one leg on either side grabbed my head and said “Open!” and as soon as I did he began to throat fuck me hard. Really hard. He kept at it an sometimes I spit up and he didn’t care, he just kept at it. For five minutes he did this then pulled out and moved his body so his balls and asshole where next to my lips and he said “lick my ass” I hungrily licked his ass and tried to stick my tongue up as hole as much as I could. I wanted to make him happy. He then pulled back and said “Open!” and he began to fuck my mouth hard again. Making me gag and spit up but he didn’t care. He had that look in his eyes and there was no stopping him. He then pulled back and had me lay on the couch. He moved between my legs and yanked off my shorts. “Fucking sluts should be naked when I’m around, understood?” he said and slapped my thigh hard. “Yes sir” I moaned as he slid his large cock into my soaking pussy and he began to fuck me hard. He then put his hands on my belly and I tried to hold onto my huge boobs as they flopped from his fucking. “Look at that belly…you should have had me knock you up slut.” He said as he fucked me hard. “I got your baby in my hands slut, it should have been my baby!”

It wasn’t long before I came and came again. He then reached up and began to squeeze my boobs. “Fucking udders, they’re gonna be full of milk. Sluts should always have milk ready to drink, you understand that slut?” he said as he slapped them. “yes” I whimpered as I was in heaven. This was so wrong, he should have been gentle with me but he wasn’t hurting my baby, but he was making sure I remembered who was in charge.

It wasn’t long until I he began to really pump hard and he pulled out and began to stroke his cock, aiming it at my face. “Fucking slut!!!” he grimaced as he spurt forth a huge load of cum! It was like a fountain! He came on my face and neck and it felt so hot and thick on me. When he finally stopped I reached up and began to stroke his cock again. I knew him, once wasn’t enough.

“Good slut” he sneered as his cock went from semi-hard to hard in a minute. Such a perfect cock. I loved his cock.

When he got hard again he helped me up and then bent me over the side of the couch and said “you know what I want now, don’t you slut?” I knew…it was my ass. I wasn’t sure if I had enough room for all that meat with my belly so big but I wouldn’t dare deny him. He bent me over and began rubbing my asscheeks. Then he began to spank them hard. “What a fucking ass” he muttered as he spanked it harder and harder. My pussy was spasming with each slap and I could feel my asscheeks get red. He then slipped a hand to my pussy and began to finger fuck me hard, then slid thos fingers into my ass. He was lubing me up with my own pussy juices! He did this a few times until he moved into position behind me and I could feel his big cockhead probe at my ass and push in.

“OOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!” I moaned as his huge cock entered my ass. It was so big and stiff, I tried to control my breathing and reached down to rub my pussy to relax myself. He slid some more of it inside “Fuck, that baby made your ass tight again. I can’t wait till you pop so I can really go to town on it” He kept sliding more and more inside and when he was about 2/3of the way in he paused and then slid back and began to fuck my ass. He spanked my ass hard as he began to fuck it. It felt good. Tight, a little painful but good. He then reached up and pulled my hair back and said “You fucking dumb trash whore slut, you love my cock don’t you?”
“Yes, God Yes!” I moaned.
“You love my cock in your ass, don’t you?”
“Yes baby, please don’t stop fucking my ass!”

He began to fuck my ass harder and eventually slid all of his meat into my ass and I felt like the complete whore that I was. I was a pregnant mom of two, soon three, married, respectable, the wife of a VP, and here I was having this 12-inch cock in my ass while my face and neck were covered in cum and I was being treated like complete trash and I was in heaven.

It wasn’t long before he sped up his fucking and I could feel him dump his entire load into my ass, deep into my ass. “Fuck, fuck fuck!!!” he yelled as he emptied his balls into my ass. He finally pulled out and I slowly got on my knees and turned around. I saw his cock and I scooted over to it and looked at it. I took it in my hands and, opening my mouth, began to suck it clean. Rick always taught me that a slut is supposed to suck the cock that fucked her clean, especially if it was in her ass and I didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Good slut…goddamn you’re the best slut ever” He moaned gently as I sucked his cock clean. I then pulled back and looked up at him. “Can you help me up?” I asked and he did and I reached up and kissed him. He didn’t care where my mouth was either and he kissed me hard. I pulled back a little and said “does this mean we’re…you know….”
“We’re good” he said and smiled a little. He was so drained that a gentler side peeked through. I realized that if I drained him enough his gentler side might come out more often. I wanted to see that side.

I went and cleaned up the cum off of my face and neck and got dressed and he was dressed too. It was awkward for a moment then he walked up to me and said “You hungry?”
I was surprised. All I could think of saying was “Sure.”
“Well, let’s get something to eat.” He said. I said “are you asking me out on a lunch date?”
He looked at me and said “don’t push your luck, slut”. I could see that he wasn’t as drained as he was earlier. I had to drain him more. I liked the gentler side of him.

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