The (Pregnant) Slut Wife - Chapter 18

32 Weeks.

I was 32 weeks and my belly had gotten so much bigger. It was a harder to get around and move freely. I was so horny. It seemed as if I couldn’t get enough sex and it didn’t take me long to cum when I had it but I seemed to crave it more and more. I knew it was my hormones but I couldn’t stop myself. I always carried an extra maternity thong or two in my purse because if I saw someone look at my belly or my boobs, I’d get wet instantly. My boobs, they were big before but they had gotten even bigger, filling up with milk. I hadn’t started lactating but I knew it wouldn’t be long.

I loved being looked at and spent most of my time in maternity short-shorts and a halter top to make my boobs look big and show my belly. I showed my belly off as much as I could. I was proud of how I looked and at how some men would see me and get that lustful look in their eyes. I loved the attention.

All of the clients that Barry had sent me to, they were obsessed with my belly and boobs. I never knew how some men lusted after pregnant women but they were obsessed with my belly and would caress it and kiss it and tell me how beautiful I was. These clients were different than Rick’s. They weren’t rough with me and I thought it was because they weren’t as into me but I soon realized that they were but they were different. A pregnant woman to them was like a treasure to caress and enjoy. I was limited in the positions that I could be in but these men mostly just wanted to fuck my pussy and suck my big boobs. Sometimes they would fuck my ass but they were gentler than the men I had before and they seemed to always want to cum on my belly and rub it into my skin or in my pussy. The bigger I got, the more Barry wanted me and seemed like he couldn’t get enough of me and would always say how he knew I’d be hot. But, the men that were hiring me now, they didn’t have that look. That lustful a****l look that Rick and his clients had. That one that meant they had lost all control and became a****ls, using me as they wished, like a sex toy. Part of me missed that and wondered if men would ever look at me like that again.

But even with all the newfound attention I was always worried that when I had the baby that these men would find another pregnant woman and I’d be forgotten. I didn’t want that to happen, I loved being a slut and couldn’t think of being any other way. The only exception to these men was my hubby. As Barry and his clients were more gentle with me, hubby got rougher. He would bend me over and take me from behind and spank my ass or pull my hair while fucking me. He would squeeze my boobs and tell me how much he was looking forward to milking me and fucking me like a whore. Last night he had me on my knees and grabbed my head and throat fucked me as well. I did love that as it made me feel like I did before the baby but, as much as I love him, his cock seemed so small. I had begun to attract very large men and that’s what I was used to. Even when he fucked my ass it didn’t stretch me out like I had been used to. But he did want me and knew I was a slut and that turned him on, but he didn’t know about being a prostitute, being paid to have sex with strange sex for money. I wondered what would happen if he found out?


At home I had been trying for weeks to get Claudia out of her shell. I knew she was turned on by me and I was so happy to have her with us. She was sweet and great with the little ones, I depended more and more on her each day. I would walk around the house in nothing but a bra and panties and I’d get close to her, trying to look for a sign of weakness but she always found an excuse to do something else, like she was scared to be with me. Why, I wondered. But just like the men that now wanted me, I wanted Claudia to be with me too.

One day, I walked outside in a bikini and she brought me out some ice water and as I talked to her I began to rub lotion onto my belly. I didn’t want stretch marks so I did this every day. One day I asked her if she could do it for me as it was getting hard for me to reach down to the lower part of my body and she did. Her hands felt good rubbing lotion on my body and I became instantly wet. She seemed to enjoy it and as she reached the top of my belly I undid my top and exposed my boobs to her. They were huge and my nipples had enlarged and darkened. I didn’t say anything but I looked at my boobs and at her, letting her know I wanted her to rub oil on them too. She hesitated, as I could see her staring at my boobs and I thought she would touch them but then she said she remembered something and went inside. I had had enough! I got off of the chair and undoing my bottom, followed her into the house completely naked. I found her in the kitchen and approached her.
“Claudia” I calmly said. She turned around and her eyes grew wide as she saw me standing there, naked. I moved toward her.
“Miss Ann…I..what are you doing?” she stammered in her slight Spanish accent. I took her hand and placed it on my left boob and said to her “Claudia, let’s stop pretending.” I then held her hand and squeezed my boobs with my hand and she looked at me then slowly moved her mouth to my nipple and began to suck on it. Gently, lovingly sucked on it and my pussy began to spasm as I held her head gently and looked at her sucking my nipple. She knew what she was doing and her other hand slid to my right boob and began to caress it. She then pulled back a little and I looked at her and she smiled. “Let’s go” I said as I took her hand and walked to my bedroom and I laid on the bed. “Come Claudia” I said, and she slowly began to take off her nanny uniform and I was surprised by her fit, tight body. She had small boobs but they were firm and her pussy was trimmed but had dark hair and her tan covered her whole body. I couldn’t believe she hid this figure from me! She then laid on the bed next to me and began to suck on my boobs again. Then I felt a hand slide to my pussy and it didn’t take long for me to gush and cum! After I came she moved up and, reaching over, kissed me deeply and I her.

The only other woman I had been with was Amber and at first it started out special and sweet but she became as big a slut as I and it wasn’t the same. I missed that sweet and special feeling. Men…god I loved men and their cocks. But the more I fucked them the harder time I had gaining any emotional connection to them, even my hubby. It seemed more like when it came to men, we were a****ls having sex without caring. I needed intimacy and as Claudia kissed me I felt that again. She then lowered her mouth and slid her tongue down my boobs to my belly and began to kiss it, slowly lowering her kisses to my pussy where she began to lick it. It was hard for me to shave down there and it was hairier than I liked but she licked at it gently, tonguing my wet pussy and clitoris, sending sparks through my body. It didn’t take long before I came hard again. She then moved back up to me and kissed me. I could taste my juices on her lips and we kissed softly for a few minutes. Then I whispered. “It’s your turn” and she sat up and carefully moved herself so her knees were on other side of my head and I could see her wet pussy inches from my face. She slowly lowered it onto my face and I began licking. It was the first time in so many months that I had tasted another woman and I had forgotten how good it was. I licked her pussy as she rocked herself over my face and I reached up to feel her firm boobs and she moaned and I licked faster. After a few minutes she quietly squeaked and moaned as her pussy gushed it’s juices all over my face. She then lifted herself off of me and laid next to me on her side, with her arm around my belly. After a few minutes she began to speak in that slight accent of hers.

“In Colombia, when I was very young, I was a nanny for a wealthy f****y. The wife was pregnant and…..and…..we became close. It was our secret but one day her husband found out. He slapped her for being with another woman and I ran from the house. I knew I could never get work as word would spread so I left to stay with my aunt here in the United States. I swore that I would never let that happen again as I like it here and don’t want to move again.” She then looked up at me. “I…I don’t want to leave your f****y, I’ve become close to your little ones and…you….I don’t want your husband to find out.”

I looked at her and said “don’t ever worry…as long as you want to stay with us you can stay with us.”
“But what about your husband?” Claudia asked.
“We have an….open relationship.” I told her. I like to have sex with men and he likes to watch. But men…men are pigs. They just see us as pieces of meat to satisfy their a****l urges. Even my husband, he sees me more as a sex toy than as a wife and a mother. I….I need someone that wants to be with me for me.” She smiled and she kissed me.
“We have in-law quarters outside the home. You…you could stay with us there if you want.” She then kissed me again and before long was licking my pussy and making me cum again. We laid together for a while then when I got up, I said to her “you know, you don’t always have to wear a nanny uniform. You can dress with regular clothes if you want.”
She looked down and said “I…I don’t have many clothes. I send much of my money to my f****y.” I walked to her and lifted her chin so our eyes met and said “then I need to take you shopping!”

Over a couple of weeks she moved in to the in-law quarters and I had gotten her a new wardrobe and took her to the salon to get a little makeover. Her prettiness really began to show through and her clothes accentuated her slight curves well. One day, we had a little pool party for the k**s and they wanted her to join in. She wore a conservative one-piece but you could tell she had a good figure. I saw my husband looking at her and I began to get mad because I knew he was thinking of fucking her. But she wasn’t for him, she was for me.

That night, I was on my knees sucking his cock and he said to me that “Claudia was hot, we should show her a good time.” I pulled back and I looked up at him and said “she’s not for you, she’s for me.” He smiled. “Oh, really, so that’s what’s going on? Come on baby, she’s be great to share.”
I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I grabbed my husband’s balls and began to squeeze slowly. “Hey! What..ow!” he yelled when I said “I said she’s not for you, she’s for ME!” and then I let go. He sat down holding his balls and looked at me shocked. I said “I mean it. Now if you want your cock sucked then shut up and stand here you fucking bastard.” That was the end of that.


Everything was routine, Claudia and I would spend an hour or so every morning during the week with each other, talking, having sex, kissing. Barry and his clients gave me lots of sex and things were settling down. That is, until a couple of days ago when I got a text from Barry saying to come over tomorrow to his place. The next day I showed up and I thought it was strange I didn’t see Barry’s car. I let myself in…he had been calling me so much for sex lately that he gave me a key. I walked in and it was quiet. I wore a pair of short shorts and a exercise top because I knew Barry liked to get down to business. “Barry?” I called out. This was strange. I walked into the living room and yelled out “Barry? Where are you?”
Then I heard a voice say “Barry isn’t here…slut.” and I knew that voice…I turned around and it was Rick standing there, completely naked with that magnificent cock of his, rock-hard sticking almost straight up and he had that look on his face. That look that told me I was in for a rough morning.

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